The Pleasure Lord
273 Increasing Battle Strength - Part 1
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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273 Increasing Battle Strength - Part 1

The puppets drew the face in no time and transferred the beast skin to Lord Alex.

Alex saw the picture drawn on the beast's skin and immediately swapped with a puppet in the Whiteconch city to go and see Nora.

..."Nora, wake up."

"Um, let me seep... I'm tiwired" Nora spoke gibberish while still in sleep. Alex found it funny, but he needed to wake her up.

"Wake up, Nora, it's urgent." Alex had to push her off the bed.

"...Wahhh! Alex? What are you doing so late in my room?... Do you want to go another round?" It seemed Nora was still half asleep because she started taking her blouse off.

Two massive jugs dropped down when she slid her blouse to her neck. The scenery would have caused a man to bleed, but thankfully, Alex had formed a little resistance after seeing them so many times. Though he still felt his little Lord waking up from his slumber.

Alex grabbed Nora's hands and pulled it down with the blouse covering her essentials. He then gave her nose a pinch.

"Ahh! Wait, wait, wait... It hurts!" Nora rubbed her red nose looking hatefully towards Alex.

"What kind of an assassin sleeps that deeply? Someone would slit your throat while you are still dreaming of becoming an assassin. From tomorrow onwards, I will train you how to sleep with half eyes closed and half eyes open." Alex chided the defenseless girl. 

"Why did you come?" Nora asked while giant Nora smashed Alex like an ant under her feet.

'Damn, that's what you will get for messing my beauty sleep.' Nora roared in her mind. But her outer facial expression remained calm.

"Do you recognize this man? Is he your colleague?" Alex took out a Beast skin from his inventory and gave it t Nora.

"!!... Who made this picture? It looks so realistic... Its the Branch head of the Three Fanged Shadow Hall, and also the person who introduced me to the world of an assassin. He knows I have a bloodline, but I faked it as a low level that can only transform the body and stay invisible for fifteen minutes at a single time. Where did you get it?"

"My men saw this person meeting with Count Nathan."

"Oh! Master Clive must have gone to get the compensation money from him after we never came back or contacted him... Master Clive rarely goes on a mission because his asking price is too high. This Count may not be able to pay." Nora then explained a thing or two about him. She was never able to win Master Clive in melee combat.

He sounded mighty when Nora talked about him, but it seemed like this Master Clive of Nora had some beef with the Three Fanged Shadow Hall since he has been transferred to such a remote place and never called back again. 

"One night, Master Clive came from someplace very drunk. He couldn't even walk properly to his room. I had to help him. But when I laid him down on his bed, he started speaking about his family. I could only pick some words and lines because he was too drunk to speak clearly. First, he said something about his wife and children, and then he said to avenge them, he said 'I will find you...Three Fanged Shadow Hall... You can't keep me here... long, I will find a way to transfer back... they can't protect you forever...' and then he started cursing his superior for sending him as a branch manager to rot here so that he couldn't take his revenge on him at all. He spoke more words, but it was too difficult to understand, and I also don't remember some of it." Nora said everything she could remember.

Sometimes these little bits of information are very useful in getting to know your enemy and makes it easier to find ways to counter them.

"... Why do you ask all of this? Do you think Nathan would hire to assassinate you?"

"You never know. Since he has met Nathan, I have to be prepared for anything."

Nora's face darkened, and she said hurriedly, "Alex, it would be terrible if he came. I don't know his real strength, but it should be equal to Butler Francis or maybe even more."

Nora thought for a moment and hesitated if she should say her idea.

"... Alex, your cultivation can increase if you dual cultivate with a virgin girl, right? If you want, I can maybe bring some eager ones that want to make money and have them, you know..." It took her great effort to say her thoughts out loud.

"Wait, wait! Hold your horses, Nora. There are limitations to my dual cultivation technique. Increasing my cultivation that way would only be detrimental to my body and cultivation base. I can't do that regularly."

"Then what should we do?" Nora asked. Though she didn't feel any attachment to her Master and also did not regret leaving his side, she did fear him a little.

"We will pass that bridge when the time comes. Go back to sleep. Don't worry, I will think of something." Alex told her to go back to sleep and swapped with a puppet in his manor back home.

Nora saw him disappearing, and then she saw another man appearing in his spot.

Nora: "!!"

Puppet: "..."

"Get out!" Nora shouted before covering her body with a sheet, as she was wearing loose clothing. She threw a pillow at him, causing the puppet to cover his head and rush to the door before disappearing in the corridor.

"I will never allow him to use that ability in my room ever again." Nora huffed in anger.

"Achoo!... Huh? Is someone saying bad behind my back... It must be Nathan." Alex rubbed his nose before going back to the cultivation room that had been built while he was away as Danny in the past few days.

"Now, let's see if I can find anything in the heavenly Book that could help in increasing my battle powers." Alex thought before sitting in a lotus position.


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