The Pleasure Lord
272 Domain Key! - Part 2
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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272 Domain Key! - Part 2

The branch manager of the Three Fanged Shadow Hall assassin looked at Nathan but found nothing from his face.

"Haha, Its the servant key that is given to the most loyal servant of the house, Nehmor. My father gave it to butler Francis when he was still the Patriarch of the house. I never took it since he was still the most loyal servant, but alas, now that he is dead, I have to appoint another one now." Nathan explained. He knew not to fuck this up, so an explanation about the Key came tight off the bat. He did ask for the Key so that he does not look too eager.

"...Hm," The branch manager placed the Key to the side of the table while Nathan also acted like it was nothing worthwhile, so he never took another look at the old rusty Key. It was because he believed Nathan's words. Nobles had some weird tradition that could never be understood by him.

"... Alright, the compensation for my assassins is cleared. I'm taking these things as an advance for killing Danny Glover... Since you don't want to kill Alex Mordrake anymore, I will cancel that task, but the investigation still needs to get carried out for the disappearance of my men. I shall take my leave then."

"When will you go after Danny?" Nathan asked. He needed to concentrate his attention on the war at the borders until then.

"I can't tell you. But know that the task will be completed in five days." 

"Five days? That's good too... Ah, wait, what's your name?"

"You can only get my code name; it's Moonwalker."

"Moonwalker!... Are you that Moonwalker? Weren't you also hired back then by my father to aide him in killing the Slyvia King? How come you are alive, anyone that had gone inside the palace died because of that mad king."

"Why don't you ask your father about that after you die? Want me to send you there? It's free." Moonwalker's face seemed to be annoyed.

"No! I was just curious."

"Keep your curiosity in control, it might get you killed," Moonwalker said coldly before jumping out of the window. Nathan immediately rushed to the window, but he saw that the Assassin had vanished by then. 

"Moonwalker... you should have also died in that palace. Why are you alive, and my father is dead?" Nathan asked this question to himself. But couldn't find its answer.

After clearing the table, he left the Key as it was and called some guards to throw the bodies of the girls he killed upon losing his temper.

Even then, he never looked at the Key for fearing that the Moonwalker was still near and watching him; its how all those assassins are. You never know.

"Hm? Oh, I should place the Key in the locker, so I don't lose it. After all, it needed to be given to the next servant." Nathan intentionally said it out loud before picking the Key and taking it to the treasury.

Only after he entered the room where the wealth of the Nehmor family was stored, Nathan breathed a sigh of relief.

His face changed, and a massive smile on his face upon looking at the Key in his hands.

"Domain key of the royal Slyvia family. Its the reason why my father dared to rebel and took the risk to start a civil war. Haha, I finally found it. Who knew Butler Francis had it all along with him. He had also gone with my father that day to kill Fing Slyvia but never entered the palace because he was keeping the royal guards busy outside. He must have been the first person to go inside and pick the Key from the ruins of the palace after destruction. What a bastard! To think he hid it from me for all these years, Butler Francis must have known the value of this Domain key and wanted to use it for himself...."

"No!... It doesn't seem he used it at all. Or why would he stay in my family for this long?... " Nathan thought hard. There must be something else he doesn't know, which is making it difficult to deduce the truth of the whole matter.

"Ah, why do I care? Now that the real thing is in my hands, I should prepare for the journey. Once I take the treasure of the Slyvia Kingdom, no one would be able to stop my rise in this whole subcontinent. HAHAHA..." Nathan laughed maniacally inside the closed door of his treasury room. 


"My Lord, we saw someone sneaking inside the Nehmor family castle and saw an unidentified person, dressed in black clothes, enter the Count's room through the window after scaling the wall. We believe the person was a powerful killer assassin, and he also seemed to know about us spying on the Count, but he didn't hurt us and went by without contact. We didn't go after him because our level was too low." A puppet didn't inform immediately because their lord has been busy spending nights with his wives and had ordered not to disturb him in the meantime.

"Hm?... He might have alerted the Count about you all. Did you change your places and identity?" Alex spoke in his mind as he carefully made sure not to wake up the two sisters, Siera and Ciera, sleeping beside him on the same bed, tiring themselves out after spending a wild night with him.

"Yes, my lord. We have swapped with our position, and the men on the lookout have also been changed with a new face. We see no movements from the guards showing signs of being issued any orders from the Count."

'Does Nathan want to send another one after me... or is it for Danny?' Alex thought, but he could only guess.

"Did you see the face of that unknown person?

"Yes, he did not hide it upon leaving the Count's room, and right after that, we saw Nathan arriving at the window to see that person leaving before going back inside while shaking his head."

"Tighten the security even more and keep your eyes glued on the movements of Nathan. I will think of a solution in the meantime, draw me a picture of that person." Alex ordered.

---------------------------------------------------------(Read Authors Note: Important)

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