The Pleasure Lord
270 Grand Elder Rey - Part 2
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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270 Grand Elder Rey - Part 2

"Sect Master, I shall take my leave now." Grand Elder Rey said after turning towards an old-looking man with a hunched back, but no one dared to disrespect him.

He was the Sect Master of the Riverland Mountain Sect, Aldrian. 

"Grand Elder Rey, don't feel down. Your disciples should be safe and sound. If you want, I can send a few Inner Sect Disciples and an Inner Sect Elder to search for them. Don't let it bother you and concentrate on stabilizing your cultivation realm as soon as possible." The Sect Master said kindly. It was of paramount importance that Elder Rey could stabilize his cultivation and position as soon as possible since the enemy sects might come to their door and ask the new Grand Elder to have a spar with them individually.

No one knew who or when it started, but it had become a tradition of sorts between all the Sects of the Belmont Subcontinent.

Anyone can challenge the elders or disciples of the other sects with an equivalent position, in front of everyone, after putting a wager first.

They did it to increase the reputation of the factions behind them and for their personal fame. The challenger would lose the bet if he losses but gain recognition if he wins.

The challenged Elder or disciple does not have to put anything on the table, so even if they lose the fight, they will only loss their reputation and not personal wealth.

"Thank you, Sect Master, for your kind words. But I will wait for a few more weeks. If there is no news about my disciples until then, I will do as you had advised." After refusing the Sect Master politely, Grand Elder Rey quickly walked away.

His steps only stopped when he entered his personal courtyard given to him after he had become an Inner Sect Elder. Soon, he would shift to another mountain owned by the Sect as it is his duty to protect it. 

After coming inside a room, Elder Rey took out a white jade the size of a palm from his Interspatial Storage ring.

This White Jade is a very rare treasure that is used to transmit messages over short distances. It is generally called a transmission Jade slip. Grand Elder Rey whispered something into the transmitting Jade slip after bringing it close to his mouth before putting it back inside his storage ring.

He had just sent a message to his trusted and loyal subordinate who lives in the Kingdom of Endora. Its a kingdom affiliated to their sect.

" I hope, you are fine, Joseph. Betraying me is not something you can do. You must have faced problems. I regret not sending Dave with you before but now he is coming to you." Elder Rey said to himself before entering his cultivation chamber.


"Hm? It's been a long time since Master Rey needed my assistance." Dave murmured when he felt his transmission slip shaking inside the Interspatial storage ring that he wore on his left hand's forefinger.

Right now he was enjoying his time with a few prostitutes in a brothel.

"Ladies, excuse me. I have a job to do now." Dave said before coming out of the brothel.

He took out the Jade slip when he found an empty alley and transmitted his Qi inside to activate it...

"...Hahaha, Joseph you finally made a mistake, huh? Even if Master Rey is your blood relative and has a Master Disciple relationship with you, he won't spare you for betraying him or messing his plans. Let's hope for the best, if you're captured by someone then I will save you, if you are dead then I will revenge you no matter who killed you but if you have betrayed Master then I will have your fucking head. Master had finally given me the permission, hahaha..." Dave's laughed.

He had always been jealous of Joseph who was untalented but would get more attention and resources just because he was a distant relative of Master Rey. This time he will show who's the real gem between them to Master Rey.

"Seashell Island in the east, huh? Quite a far place it is... It's better to have some fun with the girls before traveling." Dave immediately went back inside the brothel to get a quicky.




"Fuck....Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!.... Fuck!" Nathan screamed while destroying anything he saw in his room. Three naked bodies of girls were lying dead on the ground with their throat crushed.

They died after being brutally raped and suffocated to death by Nathan who had lost his mind after staying inside his castle like a coward fearing that his enemies might send an expert to kill him since Butler Francis is finally dead now.

Nathan panted with rage when he thought about Alex and Danny who made his life miserable. They crushed his dreams, his ambition, and his grand plan of unifying the land and erecting a strong kingdom in order to become its King!

"It's all because of you, Alex Mordrake! Everything has gone south the moment I heard about you. Ahhh!"


Nathan picked up another vase and then threw it behind him without looking back but unexpectedly, he didn't hear it break.

"Nathan Nehmor, get dressed. We need to talk about the compensation you owe to the Three Fanged Shadow Hall for giving wrong information on the target," a raspy voice of a man rang from behind Nathan. The four words 'THree Fanged Shadow Hall, caused his heart to chill.

"You... " Just as Nathan opened his mouth, the man wearing black clothes shouted again.


"Get dressed now or I will fucking cut it." A huge pressure fell upon Nathan's body when the unknown man released his aura of a Peak stage Elemental Gathering Realm.

Nathan rushed to grab his clothes lying on the ground near the corpses of the girls that he had killed just some time ago.

After Nathan was dressed properly, the man who came get the compensation signaled hi to sit down on the bed.

"Nathan Nehmor, you gave the wrong information on the target upon requesting us to kill him. It cost my organization dearly. We lost an early stage Elemental Gathering Realm Cultivator and a talented rookie with the strength of Late stage Dantian Formation Realm. Give the right compensation for our loss or else I might need to dirty my hands." The man gave a naked threat.


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