The Pleasure Lord
269 Grand Elder Rey - Part 1
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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269 Grand Elder Rey - Part 1

Alex had to explain about his ability to swap places with his direct subordinates who he had formed and master and servant contract that cannot be broken. Its a lie, of course, but that's what he had told them about his abnormal soldiers that can talk to him directly.

"Alex, I have never heard of such type of ability, but who knows, the world is vast, and we are living on a small island and not even the mainland; it would be better for us if we lived on the Belmont subcontinent, but here is safer. " Master Clayton said with longing.

"Master Clayton, do you want to go and live on the Belmont subcontinent?"

"Who doesn't want to? Alex, you might not know that living on the Belmont subcontinent is much better for the development of our Clan since there you can find Spirit herbs that are a thousand years old. If lucky, then we can also find a spirit vein or a spirit well, which can increase the speed of cultivation if we cultivate near it. Back then, when I was still the third Prince of the Novaria Kingdom, I remember my father showing me a spirit well, but unfortunately, that Sprit Well was not in our Kingdom's hand. I cultivated there for only one day, but my cultivation speed increased by five times. If a Spirit Well can do such a miracle, then what do you think a Spirit Vien can do."

"We will have more opportunities there, but the disadvantage is that we have to face a lot of danger too since the competition for resources is harsh there." 

Master Clayton was right; there are more opportunities on the Belmont subcontinent then on a small island like this.

The highest amount of untapped resources anyone could find in this world should be deep inside the ocean and sea world. But unfortunately, humans aren't equipped to mine this vast area.

"Master Clayton, it's not impossible that we shift our Clan's location to the mainland. I'm also preparing for it. Maybe soon, we will have our place there."Alex spoke as he gave a confident smile. The Novaria Kingdom, Slyvia kingdom are the two places that Alex has his eyes on for moving his Clan's base to one of those places. 

If he gets Lisa to cede him her land, then Alex would choose the Slyvia Kingdom as his future residence because the Novaria Kingdom is, after all, a harsh place due to its environment being a desert. 


A place far away from Seashell Island. A place which is known as the most prominent mountain range of the Belmont subcontinent located in the northern and the western front of the subcontinent.

If someone sees up high from the sky, he would think there is an irregular wall with changing thickness built on the northern and some parts of the western side of the Belmont subcontinent. The north side of the Belmont subcontinent is not the end.

Beyond the mountain is a vast land, which is completely frozen. Its an ice world, covered in thick ice and snow; no one goes there since its too difficult to survive except for Demon Beast that lives in the cold environment.

Between the frozen continent and the Belmont subcontinent, there is a strait that divides them, making it difficult to cross to the other side because of the strong water current.

To the west, the mountain ranges are lower in height compared to that in the north, and they are also continuous. 

Two of the five largest sects have made their headquarters somewhere atop those mountains on the western side. They are the 'Five Elemental Sect' located a little to the south and the 'Riverland Mountain Sect' that is at the junction where the North and western mountain ranges meet each other. Both of them occupy many mountains and arable plains next to the mountain ranges.

Riverland Mountain Sect is the same Sect from where Joseph, the outer Sect elder, originated, and his Master is also an Inner Sect Elder of the huge Sect. Its name is Riverland Mountain Sect because of the unique mountain on which the Sect built upon is surrounded by rapid rivers flowing around it.

Currently, the Riverland Mountain Sect was in the middle of a celebration. All disciples, no matter their status, had gathered together to celebrate the promotion of one of the Inner Sect Elder, Elder Rey, to the position of a Grand Elder that is only one level below that of the Riverland Sect Master. 

Elder Rey had made a considerable contribution to the Sect after promoting to the Early-Stage of the Elemental Master Realm, which comes after the Elemental Gathering Realm. He managed to bring back an ancient recipe for refining a pill that helps in promoting cultivator of Peak Stage Elemental Gathering Realm to the Early stage of Elemental Master Realm.

"Everyone, let's congratulate Elder Rey for his huge contribution that will help the Riverland Mountain Sect to rise above every other large sect of the Belmont continent."

The disciple's clapped thunderously, but Elder Rey, who they were clapping for, was instead standing at the podium while frowning his eyebrows.

An Elder standing to the side nudged Elder Rey to bring him out of his thoughts. It wouldn't look good if the Elder didn't respond to the cheering crowd of disciples.

Elder Rey looked at the Elder beside him, who disturbed him when he was thinking about a grave matter before looking at the disciples who were clapping for him.

Abruptly his face bloomed in a fake smile; the other elders gave each other a knowing look. They knew why Elder Rey was so disturbed in the past two days. 

His disciple, the Outer Sect Elder Joseph, has been missing for quite some time with two of the lesser-known disciples. Elder Rey has been worried since then and didn't even participate actively in the celebration of him becoming a Grand Elder.

"I'm not feeling good today; therefore, I will be taking my leave early. Thank you all for coming." Elder Rey notified the Elders standing beside him on the stage after addressing all the disciples and saying a few encouraging words to them about cultivation and all that stuff.

He seemed to be in a hurry to leave this place.


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