The Pleasure Lord
268 Heart Of Nature
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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268 Heart Of Nature

'Did I say anything wrong?' Alex thought back to what he said. But it didn't seem wrong to him.

"Alex, you must be joking; its a severe matter if you want to build a new city, and it gets even more serious when the location of that city is in the middle of the Swamp Marsh forest, infested with Deamon Beast. Tell me, how is it not a serious matter?" Master Clayton spoke first when no one did.

"Oh! You all misunderstood. I didn't mean it like that. Indeed, building a new city is a grave matter, and I will pick a day and discuss it with you all, but now it's just a thought. Also, the swamp Marsh forest is slowly becoming safer since the hunting rate of Demon Beast has increased in these months. the hunting team has to go deeper and deeper to find a Demon beast."

"Also, I forgot to tell you guys one thing. I have subdued the Apex Demon Beasts residing on this island. Therefore, we don't have to fear the rest of the weaker Demon Beast. Let's go outside, and I will introduce them to you all."Alex said as he stood up to go outside. The rest of the family members followed behind closely.

Alex waved his hand at the open space to his front. Immediately, two giant Demon Beast, the size of a truck, appeared on the ground.



"The crab is named Kraby, and this Sea Iguana is called Godzilla. You can touch them; they are very friendly," Alex said to Hank, Meg, and the others.

Anna walked to the front before anyone could even come out of their shock of seeing a peak grade Rank 2 Demon Beast. Alex managed to contract such a powerful Demon beast, and that also two of them. It was... not hard to believe since it was Alex.

Anna arrived near the Sea Iguana and touched the Demon Beast head. 


Even if the Demon Beast makes a contract with humans, they won't let other people touch them so quickly, except for the human they became companion off.

But the Godzilla seemed to like Anna very much. She nudged her big head against Anna, and even Kraby walked a little closer to Anna as if she was dying to meet her.

After practicing the druidic technique of Norman, Anna had become more gentle, and the attraction of animals towards her has also increased. Luna, the fox, won't even leave her side anymore.

Norman said it was because Anna was maturing, and her Heart of Nature was slowly unveiling its powers.

As she advances in her cultivation path and matures age-wise, no sane Demon Beast in this world would want to hurt her out of their own choice. Only humans could cause her harm since their greed knows no bounds.

Norman had also informed Alex that he had misjudged the soul inside of Anna as Heart of Forest.

Heart of Forest is a type of soul that exudes the aura of the jungle, but the Heart of Nature is much powerful than the Heart of Forest. There is not much known about it, even to the Druids.

Norman warned Alex to keep Anna safe because some people who recognize the value of her soul might try to take her away to use her as a cultivation cauldron or for other nefarious reasons if they came to know about her.

Fortunately, only high-level cultivators can find that there's something wrong with Anna's soul when she exhibits her powers publicly; low-level cultivators can't do that. But a knowledgable person can still detect it if Anna shows her skills openly.

Alex searched the Heavenly book and found a book in the wisdom section that explained different types of souls. But the price on it alarmed Alex as it was 1 million Merit points, 5 million Currency points, and 10 million Faith points. The price was exorbitant. 

When Alex had asked the Heavenly spirit about this matter, she said that the souls are very profound to understand, and any knowledge about it is rare and very precious. There were lower-level books on souls that were cheaper to buy, but they didn't have anything about the soul called Heart of Nature since its level was too high.

The Heavenly spirit also couldn't help him in this matter, but she said the same thing as Norman. Her tone was even graver and much severe than the druid's; she said it's better to let fewer people meet Anna until Alex can find a way to hide her powers for good or become the strongest person in the world, so no one can dare to even look at her.

These words of the Heavenly spirit and Norman still echoed in Alex's ear.

Still, other than increasing the security around Anna and letting her meet fewer strangers, he couldn't do much except training every day to become stronger as quickly as possible.

"Hihihi, brother Alex, they want to change their master and hop to my side" Anna suddenly said.

It hurt Alex a little but what she said was true, Godzilla and Kraby desired to become her Beast companions when they met her but it was only a thought in their minds and were only trying to curry favor with her, they weren't really going to betray him for her. 

They might not listen to him when he asks them to injure Anna but even if Alex wanted them to leave his side and make a contract with Anna they won't do it because the attraction of his own soul was the same as Anna's or maybe even higher but it was fundamentally different in essence than the Heart of Nature.

One by one, Hank, Julie, Jack, Selena, Siera, Granny Umba, and the others touched or examined the Demon Beasts.

"Ah, wait there's one more Demon Beast that I would like you all to meet, just wait, I will bring him here." Alex vanished from his place and a person garbed in black clothes appeared in his place like a statue.

Before anyone got the chance to be surprised, the unknown person vanished and Alex appeared back once again.

"What?" Alex asked when he saw everyone looking at him as if they had seen a ghost.

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