The Pleasure Lord
267 Real Face? - Part 2
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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267 Real Face? - Part 2

"Alright, alright, I know what happened. It depresses me every time I think about it. Now let's get back to the topic. We need the key to get inside that place, but we don't know where it is currently. The only thing we are sure of is that the key is in one of the Traitor' hands. Count Nathan, Baron Regan, Baron Konar, Baron Hasculf, or Viscount Bardrick, any one of these could have the key on them."

"To get the key back, we need to capture all of them, and to do that; we need the help of someone strong and reliable. We can't put our eggs in just one basket this time. You can go to Alex Mordrake, and I will go to meet Danny Glover after finding more about him. We..." Mary told Lisa about her plan. 

"There's a great risk, and we are only gambling that Alex and Danny would help us. If there is a conflict between those two that we don't know about, it won't do us any good. So before that, we need to see if they can form a tri-party alliance; if not, then we can only choose the more reliable one."

"In case they capture us or..." Lisa and Mary planned everything that could happen upon meeting with Danny and Alex; it took them a whole evening to plan their approach.

They forgot that Rea was standing outside as a guard but listening to their plans all along.

Currently, Alex was having dinner with his family back on the Seashell island in his manor. Its the third day since he had killed Butler Francis. Count Nathan had sent people to check on his news, but Alex captured those scouts before hey could even reach near the Whiteconch City. After not getting any response back from his scouts, Count Nathan has stopped sending anyone else. It is as if he had forgotten about the Whiteconch City and Danny altogether.

Alex's spies that had infiltrated inside the City of Nehmor are keeping a close watch on the movement of the Count. If there is a chance and the puppets find an opening, then Alex would swap with the puppet nearest to Count Nathan and kill the son of a bitch who dared to place a bounty upon him.

Nathan does not come out of his castle anymore. Due to tight security, the only puppet that had been able to infiltrate inside the castle is unable to get close to him. But Alex is a very patient man.

He will see for how much time Nathan cower inside his shell before coming out due to the worsening situation back at the border. Viscount Badrick, Baron Hasculf, and other barons had allied with each other.

They are dead set on dividing Nathan's Territory amongst themselves after getting news about his Butler's death. 

They had even sent an envoy who is en route to the Whiteconch City for Danny to join their coalition against Count Nathan. As for the benefits, Alex would only know after the envoy reaches his City tomorrow morning.

Of course, Alex is not planning on joining them as Danny no matter what benefit they could give him.

Instead, he was more curious about the female Pirate Mary Read and her assistant, who isn't just an assistant but a princess of the Slyvia Kingdom. She was rumored to have died inside the royal palace of the Slyvia King when it razed to the ground by the traitorous vassals of the King upon breaking into the Capital city after laying a month of siege. 

Her real name was Lisandra Slyvia. Not much was known to the public about her. She was a mystery and would only be seen on occasions with the King. 

"She looks average. Why would I become head over heels for her after seeing her real face? Is it more beautiful?" Alex could understand from their conversation that Lisa has a seal on her of some kind that needs to be repaired or her life may come in danger.

For that, they need a key that opens someplace he knows nothing about. Alex was not a saint, but he might help them if the reward for getting his support is tempting enough, or if they can convince him with their tragic story before genuinely asking for his help.

Alex doesn't do any sexual favors, that's a big no. Therefore, the reward that those two women could give him should not have anything like 'I will warm your bed for one day, be grateful mortal since you are given a chance to sleep with this goddess in exchange for a little favor.' Alex would 'hate' to do that. The kingdom of Slyvia is no more, but its direct successor is still alive.

If Lisa can agree to cede him the territory of the former Slyvia Kingdom, then Alex would have a legal and just reason to take over all the land, currently divided between the traitors.

Of course, it's not necessary since Alex could also forcefully conquer the land of the former Slyvia kingdom, but the previous method looks more good for his image. People like the prior type of ruler since they are fighting a war for a just cause, while the ones who wage war to grab some land unreasonably are more resisted and hated by the world. It's a universal fact.

Lisa would be visiting him after three days since that's the time it will take her to travel to the seashell island while Mary would arrive at the White conch city day after tomorrow and make an appointment to meet with Danny to discuss allying with them.

"Brother Alex, what are you thinking so deeply in your head?" Anna asked out of the blue when she saw Alex was not participating in the family chatter over the dining table.

"Oh, it's nothing serious. I was thinking about whether we should build a brand new city right in the middle of the Island." Alex said calmly. 

Everyone was looking at Alex weirdly just after he finished his words.

"What?" Alex asked, a little confused.

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