The Pleasure Lord
266 Real Face? - Part 1
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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266 Real Face? - Part 1

Were Alex Mordrake and his men chasing after her pirate group to cleanse all the pirates from these waters like he was doing with the others after destroying the Lion Shark Pirate group, or did the heat die down a little bit? It was a question that both Mary and Lisa wanted to know.

"Captain Mary, you won't believe what we heard from the Merchants that had just arrived from the Whiteconch city on the Belmont subcontinent." The pirate said dramatically. He knew that there Captian was always interested in the news about the territories situated along the northeastern side of the Belmont continent, especially the story about the Count of Nehmor and his land.

"Just tell me already!" Mary snapped at the man who was not coming to the point.

Lisa also sighed internally. 

"The White conch city has suddenly changed hands, and a young man had taken it over in just one day after defeating the most powerful force inside the city; the Marell clan, and the city guards."

"What?... Has Alex Mordrake started fighting with the Count of Nehmor? Didn't they sign a peace agreement?"

"No, it's not him. The young man I'm talking about is named Danny Glover, and he looks to be two or three years older than the Lord of Seashell Island. Danny should also be stronger than Alex Mordrake because he killed Butler Francis and captured the reinforcement sent by Count Nathan to take back his city.

The pirate stopped talking because the Captain looked very shocked and dumb after he told her about the death of Butler Francis.

'Was he the father of Captain Mary? Why is she having such a strong reaction?'

"Ahem... Lary, why don't you speak about everything from the start, and this time don't skip on the details." Lisa said as she suppressed her expression to show how she felt about hearing this news. 

The pirate then started repeating what he heard from the Merchant. After hearing everything from Lary, Lisa took Mary with her inside their cabin and told Rea to stand guard outside, don't let anyone disturb them for a while.

"Lisa, Butler Francis is dead, he is finally dead," Mary said as if she was overjoyed listening to the news about the old butler of the Nehmor clan dying.

"Mary, calm down, the news had not been verified. It may only be a rumor, but if it's true, then it's worth something celebrating." Lisa spoke seriously at first, but her lips also formed into a smile when she thought about one of their enemies die.

"The man named Danny Glover, do you think we can ally with him to achieve our goal. There is going to a war between him and Count Nathan. Maybe we can help him." Mary said, hopefully. 

"I'm not sure. Why would someone ally themself with a pirate? We also don't know about his character; he might only use us in the end. But what you said is true; helping Danny might turn out to be in our favor. Alex Mordrake is the same, but... from the things we had heard about him and how he made his people's lives changed for the better, he might be a better alternative to this Danny. Maybe he will understand our difficulties, and the reason we had to become pirates."

"No! Don't you remember how he made fun of me? He must be a lecherous person, and his image should only be a facade to carry out his ulterior motives." Mary fumed in anger after remembering the words written on the Demon Beast skin. 

Lisa didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Mary already has an adverse opinion on the Lord of the Seashell island after that incident. 

"Aren't all men the same since the lust after better-looking women? Even if Alex Mordrake is putting on a facade, you can't deny he really worked for the betterment of his people. Even the Merchants living on other small islands want to shift their residence to the Seashell island for what it has become today under the leadership of the young man."

Rea, who was standing outside, was listening very carefully to their conversation and transmitting all the information back to Alex.

Mary hesitated. For achieving their goal, they had to hold someone's thighs because they are not strong enough. 

"But what will we give him in return if he helps us? Torrento was different, he only needed our help to get him to rule the islands, which were easy to achieve, and our enemy was also common, but Alex might not fight Count Nathan and the others to help us."

"I will show him... my real face," Lisa said after some hesitation.

"What? No! Are you mad? That's the worst thing you could do. I can't let you do that." Mary became agitated and tried to dissuade Lisa from making such a horrendous mistake.

Seeing her unwavering eyes, Mary knew Lisa had already determined to do that.

"What do you plan to do after showing him your real face? Warm his bed and become his mistress, or are you thinking of marrying him?" Mary knew this was the only fate Lisa would have if her real face were to be seen by any men.

"I... can't wait much longer anyway; the seal my grandfather put on me is losing its effect after not being repaired for so many years," Lisa said dejectedly. 

"!!!" Mary felt like she would die with a heart attack after being shocked so many times in one day.

"Why didn't you tell me!? How could you be so reckless?... How much time is left?"

"At most a year or even less than that... If we do not take that key back in time, I won't be able to enter that place and reform the seal."

"... Is it necessary to make such a big sacrifice?... Sigh, why do I even need to ask? You didn't even listen to big sister Adena back then, why would you listen to me." Mary said with a melancholy in her voice when she remembered about the big sister Adena.

"Please don't say that Mary, back then the situation was different... The vassals had betrayed Father, and the royal city was under siege from all sides. As the Princess of the Slyvia kingdom, I had the duty to go back and help him." Lisa tried to explain hurriedly.

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