The Pleasure Lord
265 An Island Hidden Behind Fog!
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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265 An Island Hidden Behind Fog!

Danny woke up in the morning refreshed. His body felt better after sleeping for so long.

He went to exercise after bathing and carrying out other daily activities.

Danny found that Nora was already on the training grounds of the Marell's Clan estate and training with her melee combat fighting. 

"Ah, Danny, you are finally awake," Nora said while taking a hand cloth from a maid to wipe the sweat on her face.

"Yes, are you training? Then let's have a spar after I'm finished with the basic exercise routine."

Danny completed his so-called basic exercise routine, which included a thousand pushes, thousand crunches, and a thousand whatnot. Then he did some weird poses to stretch his tendons and muscles. For Nora, it was the first time she saw such kinds of exercise.

Usually, morning practices only included lifting weights and then more weights or running. Other than that, most cultivators trained their combat skills by sparing with another person. 

Nora tried to following Danny and found it quite fun to try something new. Danny was smiling while he stretched his calves sitting down and staring at her gorgeous booty as she was doing the side reach exercise. 

The morning went by just exercises and then sparring with a beautiful female assassin. 

At the breakfast table, Nancy was accompanying Nora and Danny to eat many exotic dishes that she had never tasted or seen in her life.

The variety of the dishes was even more than what Danny sold at his Goodwill restaurant. She was spellbound upon tasting all the dishes and acted like a kid the whole time.

"My Lord, some merchants from the island nearby want to meet you. They are asking if they can leave for their home." A puppet at the gates of the Marell clan estate, which had been renamed to Glover Clan estate, transmitted the request made by a group of merchants to Danny as he was chatting with the ladies on what to do about the cities adjacent to them along the shore.

"Let them go but give a warning to each of them," Danny ordered because it was not necessary to keep the foreign Merchants locked inside the city. For Merchants, time is essential and sometimes equivalent to gold. Anyway, it does not matter if they spread the news of him and his feats to the islands. It would only raise his fame and Faith points.

Danny had confirmed with the Heavenly spirit if the faith points are affected after he changed his name and face.

Thankfully, it worked the same since the person inside the different cover is essentially the same. The faith points tremendously increased after he captured the Whiteconch City and defeated Butler Francis and the Count's reinforcement.

Danny guessed what will happen after he reveals his real identity to the world in the future someday. Would people be more shocked? He might have an explosive growth rate in his Faith points that day.

The merchants were allowed to go but warned not to be seen anywhere near the Whiteconch city or the other cities along the shore, at least five days. If found, then they would be put inside the prison for at least a year, and all their properties will be forcefully confiscated.


After the Merchants belonging to the different islands were allowed to go, they brought back the news about Danny glover and spread it to the nearby islands in just two days.

The name Danny Glover was suddenly compared with Alex Mordrake because both of them are said to young and powerful and had ascended to become a lord of a city or an island without being known to anyone.

The aura on Danny was slightly more since he captured a city located on the Belmont Subcontinent and defeated Butler Francis, who is rumored to be powerful than any Dantian Formation Realm Cultivators.

Almost no one knew about Butler Francis in the archipelago before, but after the Merchants spread information about him and his strength, the islanders became shocked. 

On an unknown small island located at the northwestern part of the archipelago, which is comparatively near to the Belmont continent but it remained unknown because that part is usually challenging to traverse using the ships.

Whirlpools formed by big and small icebergs that have ninety percent of their body floating underwater, broken away from the shelf of the Northernmost frozen continent, they occupy much of the water in that region.

Humans usually hesitate to venture in that cold region since its very dangerous. Still, to Mary Reed and Lisa, it was a safe haven as they hade made a covert base on that unknown island many years ago due to facing some dangerous circumstances.

Today, they have come here once again to hide for a while until they are sure that no one is hunting them anymore. Most of the pirates in their group had never known anything about this island and had come here for the first time. 

This island only has some sparse trees and a big crater where a rainwater lake had formed inside to fill it. But the weird thing about this lake was that it remained warm throughout the year.

Because of it, the temperature on the island remains warm and not cold like how it is in the surrounding the region just fifty or a hundred meters away from the boundary of the island.

The difference in the temperature on the island and the surrounding sea causes the place to get covered by fog most of the time.

"A small ship came out of that same fog and sailed slowly to dock at a small port on the island shore, which was formed naturally."

Mary and Lisa and the rest os the pirates were camping nearby in huts build by cutting the surrounding trees.

"Captain, they are here." A man came jogging to inform Captain Mary about their companions coming back after going to a nearby island to get food supplies.

Mary nodded and went to the port with Lisa and Rea to meet her subordinates. She wanted to hear some news about the situation inside the Arcphilago of islands.

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Authors Note: My new Novel, 'The Wolf of Aragnar', is out, and it's fascinating. Please do give it a read after finishing this chapter. You can find the new Novels link in the synopsis or search the name. Be sure to add it to your library; I will update it with two chapters every day. 

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