The Pleasure Lord
264 Best Gossip Material!
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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264 Best Gossip Material!


Alex stabbed his sword through the heart of Butler Francis, ending his life altogether. He can't take Butler Francis as a prisoner because the Qi suppressing Pill he had with him will not work on an Elemental Gathering Realm cultivator. Alex needed Qi suppressing Pill of Rank 3, which he didn't currently have with him. 

Alex summoned all of his Demon Beast companions and Plum so that they can feast on Francis's dismembered body after taking all the valuable things on the butler body.





Everyone was happy to get even a little bit of the delicacy lying on the ground.

"Plum~!" The spirit beast jumped on Alex's shoulders and started covering the wounds on his body by a gel-like coating to heal him faster. It wasn't necessary to be engulfed wholly inside Plum's stretchable body for the Spirit beast to treat someone.

"Thank you, Plum! I'm exhausted today. It is the first time I had consumed almost all of the Qi inside my body." Alex said while rubbing his aching body. The Berserk Pill had lost its effect, and Alex had also started feeling weak and sleepy, so he headed back to the Whiteconch city by swapping with a puppet after ordering his puppets to clean up everything until he wakes up.

"Al... Um, Danny, are you alright? What about Francis? Had he gone back?" Nancy asked worriedly. She had been waiting in the study room with Captain Sparrow and Nora. Captain Sparrow suddenly vanished and in his place appeared Danny who looked extremely tired.

"Francis is dead. His men are all captured alive except the ones who unfortunately died inside the tunnel and at the hands of Nora." Danny said while also complimenting Nora for completing her task.

Alex had changed his appearance back to Danny because he didn't want anyone else to know about his presence here. Even in the study room of the Marell's clan, he did not take off his disguise. Francis was just an exception since he was fighting him alone.

Nora was extremely surprised and jealous after seeing Alex's ability to control his skin and muscle mass. This kind of ability would be very suitable for an assassin like her.

But unfortunately, she can't have it due it being an ability that can only be gifted by the Spirit Beast called Plum who is already bound to Alex by the soul contract. Of course, she met Plum in the morning upon arriving at the White Conch City and was instantly charmed by the cute creature like every other woman. Nancy was the same.

"Ah! Really!... That's much better than. Thank You, Danny!" Nancy said before kissing Danny on the lips but then shrinking back immediately like a bunny after remembering about the presence of Nora, inside the room. 

"I... I was just," Nancy tried to explain because she didn't want others to know about her affair with Danny. She was after all a widow and a mother to a child who was only younger than Alex by one and a half years.

Nora smiled wickedly as she looked straight in Danny's eyes. Nora was happy to catch Alex being in an extramarital affair with an older lady.

It was the best gossip material but soon her hopes were dashed when Alex ordered her mentally to not reveal about their matter to another soul and also activating the bloodline bound contract to keep this a secret between them.

Nora's cheeks puffed in annoyance. Nancy thought the female assassin who was stronger than her, became mad upon knowing about their matter.

Nora walked up to Danny and rather than slapping him, she kissed his lips with even more passion than Nancy who became gobsmacked upon seeing the female assassin's bold action and opposite to what she had thought.

"Smooch~... Hihihi" Nora giggled as she winked at Nancy mischievously. 

"Alright! Enough teasing, I'm very tired so don't disturb me until I rest. Nora, go around the city and see if everything is in order. Nancy, you can tell the news about Butler Francis's death to your clansman so they don't have unnecessary thoughts of rebelling anymore and it can also help raise their morals." Danny hurriedly escaped away from the room because he didn't want to get entangled with the two ladies now, he was too tired and sleepy to do anything laborious. 

Sparrow had come back with Danny's soldiers and also the enemy soldiers that they captured from the forest. and the hill. Except for the 134 enemy soldiers that died inside the tunnel and the twelve in the administrative building by Nora, all the others were captured and bound by a rope.

The puppets did not kill any soldier inside the forest, and all those severed heads skewed on the arrows and spears were that of the soldiers who died inside the tunnel.

The puppets had transferred them to the forest using the inventory as the medium and didn't kill unnecessarily in order to only provoke Francis back then.

The citizens of the WhiteConch city were shocked to see the reinforcement sent by Count Nathan to liberate their city from enemy hands were instead defeated, captured, and paraded through the streets with hands tied behind their backs.

People who were siding with Count Nathan were disappointed, and the people who hated General Marce and the Count celebrated in their houses. Of course, it didn't mean they sided with Danny so quickly since they didn't know if he would turn out like the one before him or not. Everyone was going to wait and watch. 

The whole Whiteconch city was still under Martial law and curfew has been imposed since the city has been captured. Civilians are only allowed to move during day hours and are completely banned from forming groups of more than ten people or going out of the city.

Alex slept through the whole evening and the night before waking up the next morning subsequently being greeted by the rising sun appearing on the horizon of the sea that could be seen by his window. 

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