The Pleasure Lord
261 Fight With A Monster! - Part 1
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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261 Fight With A Monster! - Part 1

Francis was having a hard time concentrating on replenishing his Qi. The screams of the soldiers kept on ringing, and his name was called more than a dozen times. 


Suddenly a projectile was thrown out of the forest towards the place where Francis was sitting. The butler Face became taut and got ready to move far away at any time.


A spear fell with a thud some meters away from Francis, which was a safe distance. It didn't explode. But it did more than any attack so far by now to Francis.

At the tail of the spear, a beheaded head of a soldier was skewered at its end. The sight almost made Butler Francis cough out blood. This was not the end of it. A beheaded head would come flying out of the forest every ten seconds, and then something like a spear or an arrow would also come to pierce it in the air and then fell some meters away from Francis, creating quite a spectacle.

'I think this much mental damage is enough. Its time to begin.' Alex thought as he took a Grade 2 Berserk pill to eat it and increase his powers for a short amount of time.

Alex was using the Phantom walk and was currently standing a few meters behind Francis, who was facing the forest.

Alex once again took his High-Grade Black skeleton bow and knocked an arrow with a green sheen on its arrowhead.

He didn't inject any Qi inside because that would attract the attention of Francis as he was standing too near. 

Alex pulled the string of the Bow to the back, stretching it to a full arc. 

He released it after seeing an opening, which was when a string of six head fell in front of Francis at the same time, causing him to roar towards the forest in anger.

"You bastards!"


The sound of the strings of the Bow being released, which was very small, was masked by the roar of Butler Francis.

At the same time, the arrow was released from the Bow, Alex bent his knee and changed his weapon to a sword before rushing towards Francis just as his arrowhead managed to pierce Francis's back.

Alex aimed at the vital point, but Francis moved a little after feeling something coming towards him from behind.

He could not conjure any earth elemental in time because of being a step too late and could only move a little, causing the arrow to pierce his back on the left side instead of the right side of Francis's back.

"Cough!" Francis felt blood rushing to his mouth as an arrowhead from his back while managing to piece his right lung.

The green color was shining bright even though the arrowhead was covered in Francis's blood.

"Poi..son!" Francis just had this thought when he felt a whirlwind behind him.

"Earth Wall!"



Francis stumbled forward when a force hit him just as the earthen wall behind him shattered.

Alex's expression was calm as always, and he didn't reveal even a trace of killing intent from the beginning until the end when his sword hit the earth, making it break. He still needed to work on controlling the sound of his footsteps and the unnecessary change in the wind flow because of his movement.

Sweat densely covered Francis's forehead as he rushed forward to create a distance and look back quickly at his attacker's young face. 


A 16-year-old young man's made Francis to be shocked inside his heart.

"Alex... Mordrake?" Francis found it unbelievable. But the enemy didn't wait for him to have a chat.

Alex used his movement skill and rushed towards Francis while creating a few blurry images making it difficult for his enemy to track his position.

Francis placed his hands together and injected his Qi to the ground. He didn't know what Rank the poison on the arrowhead was, so Francis needed to finish the battle as soon as possible. If even the other person didn't waste his time chatting, then why would he do that? 

The ground erupted, and earthen walls appeared in three directions, blocking his Alex path forward. Francis took out a pink color pill from his robe and swallowed it immediately.

It was an antidote that could nullify many common poisons and slow down the uncommon ones. Franc also took out the arrow stuck inside his chest and quickly wielded his sword to fight the enemy that has finally shown his face.

Alex slashed his sword, breaking the earthen walls yet again. He had swallowed the Rank 2 Berserk pill. Therefore, he was also time-bound to finish the battle as soon as possible.


But when their swords met, blinding light erupted. Butler Francis let out a muffled snort and was blown back. 

He was defeated in terms of strength. Francis felt astonished as he skidded along the ground to absorb the force.

"Boy, you are underestimating me too much" Francis felt stuffy inside his chest. He conjured a few rock thorns wanting to throw them at Alex.

But when Francis looked forward again, he found that his target had vanished.



Francis looked upwards and saw Alex waving his sword at him after jumping above him.

"HAH!" Alex brought his sword down, which was covered in a crazy amount of Qi.

"Block it," Francis threw his rock thorns upward to block the attack. Alex slashed his sword down, shooting a blade-like blue light that was wholly concentrated and made of Qi energy.

Rock thorns disintegrated upon meeting the sharp blade-like projectile sent by Alex. It disintegrated upon touch, but Alex's energy attack also lost its momentum.

Cultivator of the Dantian Formation Realm could send out the Qi out of their body, and using a weapon to do it makes it even more lethal.

But an Elemental Gathering Realm cultivator could use the quality of elemental Qi, which gave even more teeth and power to their attacks.

If Alex can make it a draw with the Rock thorns and his energy slash, then it was as shocking a seven-year-old kid suddenly making a draw with an adult in a wrestling match.

Others would see this draw as the kid's victory since the power and technique gap was too large.

---------------------------------------------------------(Read Authors Note: Important)

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