The Pleasure Lord
257 Trap!
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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257 Trap!

Alex thought about the powers wielded by Elemental Gathering Realm Cultivator. They can use the forces of nature in their attacks like how Trystan was using his wind element, but he was a newbie, so Alex can't take his level as the base for Early-stage Elemental gathering Realm Cultivator. Butler Francis should be quite an expert in using his element of earth.

'If only I had a silver body, I could have easily knocked his teeth's before the battle even started.' With the help of the Phantom walk, Alex could have easily killed Nathan's Butler by assassinating him, but it's not possible if Francis cover's himself in his earth elemental defense. A gap of Major Realm is quite huge, and Francis should be able to react when Alex tries to kill him.

The only thing Alex could do now was to wait and see if he can find a solution until the enemy arrived at the front of his door...

A night passed, and the morning came. Butler Francis was rushing towards the Whiteconch city with a thousand elite troops in which the highest level cultivator was at the Early stage of Dantian Formation Realm, and the lowest was at the seventh stage of Body tempering Realm.

It took them another half day to reach their destination, which was a kilometer away from the Whiteconch city. It was a hill covered with excessive growth of bushes and trees. Butler Francis told some of his men to rest and some to go and scout the surroundings. 

'There should be an entrance to a tunnel here that goes straight inside the city. Even General Marce does not know about this tunnel.' Butler Francis thought to himself before ordering his men to search for the hidden entrance...

"Lord Alex, they have arrived. Butler Francis and his men are currently trying to dig for the entrance of the 13th hidden tunnel. It leads to the administrative building of the Whiteconch city."

"Ready our prepared gifts for our guests and place them in the tunnel. Be sure to make it explosive."

"All preparation had been done as per your instruction," Sparrow replied as he stood behind Alex on top of the City wall. All the puppets were ready to take out the enemies except the primary target. Alex was going to take care of him. 

Nancy and her expert from the Marell's clan were also present on the wall. If they did not see the confident look in Danny's eyes, they might have changed sides immediately and leave Nancy to fend for herself. 

"Will you be okay?" Nancy whispered to Danny so that only he could listen.

"I will be fine, so don't worry," Danny said assuringly.

Inside the range of his spiritual sense, Alex could see that Francis's men had found the entrance a group had gone inside to check whether it has been blocked or are there any traps placed by the enemy. 

Butler Francis was carefully listening for the signal of his men, who had gone inside to check if the enemy had set any traps or an ambush. After an hour, two of his men came back and said everything was alright. They did not find any traps on the way. 

"Good, listen, we will go inside in batches first. I will go with the first batch of two hundred men to secure the other end. You all have to come in the same order and leave two hundred to defend this exit in case things go south." Butler Francis spoke before heading inside the tunnel. He didn't have to worry who will go with him because that's the task of the captains and the commander of the thousand men army.

Alex smiled when he saw the butler entering. On the other end, inside the administrative building of the White conch city. A dozen men were waiting inside a storage room on the ground floor. One of them was peeking out of the room to check the situation outside. He appeared very nervous. Francis had sent the soldiers with the lowest strength to scout the tunnel ahead for the rest. Even if they died, Francis would only lose the weakest soldiers as casualties.

Another man was standing beside the hidden entrance to the tunnel and was holding a bell with runic symbols covering its Body. It can send a unidirectional sound inside the tube that can be heard by the people on the other side even if they are a kilometer away.


Suddenly, the person holding the bell felt the world turn inside down. His comrades looked at him in horror. 

Nora appeared bedside the soldier. She had just beheaded him and grabbed the bell in his hand immediately. 

There was no time to chat; therefore, Nora transformed her Body in front of the soldiers and immediately waved her strengthened claws at the nearest soldier.


"Mo...Mo... Monster!" A soldier who had never seen or heard about bloodline users screamed in horror upon seeing the ghostly transformation of Nora. 

But the next second, his head flew away from his Body.

In a matter of four seconds, Nora took care of all the soldiers of the enemy group. She had been called by Alex to help him in killing his enemies. Alex let her use the Portal gates to come from the Seashell island to the Whiteconch city as soon as possible.

Nora was, of course, shocked by the portal gates and wanted to use them once again, but Alex stopped her by saying, "Help me kill the enemies as I take care of their leader, and after we win, I will let you freely use the portal gates, how about that?" 

Nora had been super excited since morning till now. She was waiting for the signal to start taking out Alex's enemy one by one.

After killing all the soldiers, Nora jumped inside the tunnel and vanished into the dark tunnel. Even if someone used a torch, no one would be able to see her.

She happily placed the talisman scroll, which would trigger ones the enemy passes through the location that was strategically chosen before the start of the battle.

Listening to the footsteps of the incoming enemies, Nora giggled like a female imp waiting to watch her trick becoming successful and immediately turned to escape the tunnel as soon as possible.

Butler Francis was behind fifty soldiers who were walking in pairs of three as they slowly made their way through the tunnel.

There were some twists and turns because the tunnel was not dug in a straight line at the time of constructing it. Therefore, a blind spot would appear every time they saw the turn under the light of their torches.

Just when the first three people turned to the right at one of the bends, the soldier to the rightmost felt like he stepped on a something that's was different than a stone. When he looked down, he almost saw his soul flying away from his mouth.

Crackle!... Boom!

The talisman scroll on which he had stepped on burst into flames and exploded with a huge sound. 

Boom! Boom!...Boom!Boom!Booooooom!


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