The Pleasure Lord
256 Butler Francis
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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256 Butler Francis

Bang!.... Bang!

Vases, paintings, and anything that could be broken were smashed onto the walls, breaking them into countless pieces.

"Count Nathan! Please calm your mind"

"Tell me, how can I keep my mind calm, butler Francis? I have lost the city. Not some villages or towns but a whole goddamn city. What do you think General Marce would do once he comes to know about this matter. He would leave his post to take back the Whiteconch city or continuously annoy me for giving him permission to go back but then who will fill his post at the border. Huh?"

"Your worries are genuine my Lord. But you can't lose your cool. It's detrimental when you're planning the next step which is to take back the Whiteconch city."

"... Hah... You're right, butler Francis... Whiteconch city is a strategic place and is too much of an important part of our territory. We can't lose it. That's the base for our Naval army, or whatever is left of it. It's also the place for trade." Nathan took a deep breath to calm his mind as he continued.

"General Marce won't be able to concentrate at the border if he knows about losing the city... But I don't understand, how can we lose the city in just a single day. Did General Marce not place any security around it. What were his clan members doing? What were are people doing when this Danny blower suddenly comes to capture the city under our noses."

'Its Danny Glover' Butler Francis mumbled but he didn't dare to correct him now.

"... First of all, Count Nathan, you need to understand that most of our army that is usually stationed inside of that city has been captured by Alex Mordrake and they have still not come back yet. Thus the security around the city should only be at the bare minimum. It's also the same for the cities and towns around it."

"They can't reinforce the Whiteconch or else they would be sitting duck if they attacked. This Danny should be quite powerful, or he should have a powerful helper and an elite team that had infiltrated the city long ago. They should be planning to do this for years or else its really impossible to capture a city without giving us a chance to react as you had said." Butler Francis tried to say each point which could have been a nail to the coffin.

"There's one more thing you forgot," Nathan said suddenly as he turned to face his old butler.

"... Is it about the Marell's clan, Nancy Marell? Yes, she could be involved in this... " Francis could guess easily what his lord meant.

"No, she is definitely involved. I'm sure of it... Butler Francis, I can't leave here. Therefore, I need you to take the city's reserve army and immediately rush to the Whiteconch city to take it back. "

"That's impossible my lord. I can't leave you here unprotected."

"I will be fine. This is my order, Butler Francis. Please go and bring me his head. I can't tolerate another brat giving me such a huge blow." Nathan couldn't help but think of the Lord of the Seashell island. 

"... Then I will go and come back as soon as possible. Please don't leave the castle's protection at this time, Count Nathan."

"As I mentioned, Butler Francis. Don't worry about my life! I will not be able to face my father if I keep on losing even after he left me to complete his half-complete legacy. To become the King, he faced numerous challenges and assassination attempts. If I cower myself inside my castle and relied on you to feel safe then it's better you kill me here and now...I will be fine, Uncle Francis. Please go now. I can't afford to lose now." Nathan had never referred to Francis as Uncle. He must have been hit quite hard or he would never lower his arrogance in front of a servant. 

"...As you wish, my Lord." Burler Francis said after sighing inside his mind.


"Anh~... Mmm... Anh... Yeah... right there. Oh, fuck... that hit the spot" In the study room of the previous Marells Clan's mansion. Sounds of flesh pumping and lustful moans and grunts were ringing all around the big room. A mature woman well over thirty years of age was currently positioned as such that would make any man feel the heat rush to their loins and even nose. While bending forward and using the steady table as support, Nancy was trying her best to endure her ass being rimmed by a young boy half her age, carrying a monstrous tool down between his legs pistoning it inside of her at an incredible pace.

Alex was absorbing the sight of Nancy's bountiful buttocks rippling with each of his thrusts similar to undulating waves appearing on the surface of the water. He caressed her smooth back from waist to her shoulder's and then again bringing them down to fondle her abundant ass. 


"Ahnn~" Nancy felt her body having a mini orgasm when she got spanked on down there.

A red handprint beautified her white asscheeks. All there love juices were flowing down Nancy's quivering legs.


With a powerful thrust, Alex grunted as he unloaded his divine seed inside her ass filling it to the brim.

"Ahn!...I'm....cummmmingggg!" With a loud scream that even echoed through the hallway outside the study room, Nancy's orgasmed again with her body shaking like crazy. 

"Huf...huf...huf..." Nancy huffed while intaking a large amount of air to fill her lungs because she forgot to breathe through electrifying orgasm.

Danny took out his little lord with plop from her velvety tunnel and helped Nancy to come and sit upon his thighs as he sat down on a chair.

"You... little devil... I almost suffocated even with my mouth and nose uncovered." Nancy slapped lightly on Danny's chest, before placing her head on that same spot. When she listened to Alex or Danny's heartbeat, it magically had a calming effect on her.

Danny smiled seeing her falling to sleep in his arms. But his face gradually turned grave as a spy puppet from Nehmor City narrated the news of the oncoming danger.

It was a little out of Danny's expectation but well within his thought out worst cases.

"Butler Francis, rumored to be late-stage Elemental Gathering Realm with Earth element being his attribute of choice... a very powerful enemy I will have to face," Alex knew he can't defeat this enemy as easily as the previous ones.


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