The Pleasure Lord
255 My Personal Secretary, Nancy!
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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255 My Personal Secretary, Nancy!

"Mr. Sparrow, do you know when Alex would return," Nancy asked the man who was left to assist her.

"Lady Nancy, please remember to refer my Lord as Danny in the presence of other people. He will come by evening. Please rest your worries; Lord Danny has already made the necessary plans to delay the reinforcement of the enemies from the nearby Cities. It would take another three to four days before the enemies can try to take back their city."

"Oh, Sorry... I will remember not to make that mistake again. Thank you for your help." Nancy was relieved to know that Alex would come back by evening. She was worrying that Count Nathan's counterattack would come when Alex was not present at her side. Without him, she didn't know how she will be able to face the enemies. 

She was hesitating to write to her son about the circumstances that had escalated here abruptly. What if he leaves everything behind and comes running here after reading the letter because he worried about her safety? She knows about her son too well.

He had been at the Advanced Alchemist apprentice level for some time and should be working hard to become a Grade 1 Alchemist level. She should not let him worry unnecessarily. It's better if she takes Alex's help to keep the situation under control.

There was only an hour left for the sun to set.

Alex was cultivating all afternoon to stabilize his cultivation base as soon as possible. He can't go everywhere, plucking young girls virginity every day to keep on increasing his cultivation. That would be a disaster for his cultivation base, and it may crumble if not stabilized with the way mainstream cultivation.

After enough cultivation for the day, Alex informed others that he would be going out for the night so that they don't wait for him at the dinner table. 

Rather than swapping his place with a puppet inside the Whiteconh city, Alex went to the basement and used the Portal gates to cross over to his destination.

He has also built one portal gate inside the basement of the Marell's clan Mansion after purchasing the whole mansion from Nancy.

Whatever is left of their family, they will shift from their ancestral house to another house that Alex agreed to make for them. He can't let them occupy the best position inside the Whiteconch city, but he would give Nancy a compensation worth or their troubles.

Anyway, many plots had suddenly become vacant because the previous occupants had either been killed or thrown into prison because of their deeds and whom they are loyal.

"Good evening to you, Lady Nancy. How does it feel to regain that was rightfully yours?"

"Ah, Al... Danny, you are finally back. A smile bloomed on Nancy's face, but hearing his words, in the end, she only gave him a wry smile, "Truthfully, I don't like being the head of the Clan. There's too much responsibility weighing down on my shoulders now... It's better to become your assistant or something like that. At least I might be able to get some reward from time to time."

Nancy was looking at Danny with the eyes of a predator, the meaning of her words were crystal clear to Alex. But she regained her cool almost immediately, much to the relief of Alex. He feared she would push him down the next moment, not that he would hate. Still, he had other things to do now.

"Well, I can gift you an exceptional butler who can help you manage your clan members. I have lots of them."

"That... I don't think other clan members would be happy about that."

"Why do you care? You can't burn yourself out just because of them. The butler will only carry out your will if they are not satisfied with that, then what is the need for you to shoulder their safety and wellbeing of your Clan."

"You are right... alright then, I will accept your gift. But does that mean you are also ready for me to become your assistant since I will have a lot of free time from now on? Hihihi" Nancy was, after all, a middle-aged woman, she liked to tease Danny, her young boyfriend who she has started an affair with just yesterday.

Danny didn't know whether to laugh or cry. But he took her offer without hesitation. Anyway, it would be fun to have her as his secretary. And if she wore clothes befitting her new position, then it would be even more fun.

Nancy then asked what they would be doing now. 

Alex told her that the city and towns are already taken care of near to them. It would take some days before Count Nathan could send some real reinforcements to take back the city, but now he has his hands full with his neighbors.

He is negotiating with them for a ceasefire, but he was facing a wall every time he wanted to do that.

His border troops were facing a lot of accidents, sometimes their granary gets burned or the intel about their position or timing of the counterattack leaks to their enemies quite a few times.

It caused General Marce, General Legonal, and the other Generals to lose many of the small scale fights.

Nancy was relieved to hear it again from Alex's mouth. 

Alex then came to the harbor of the Whiteconch city and released Kraby inside the Seawater. She can help patrol along the coast and give timely help when Whiteconch City comes under attack.

Nancy was happy to see such a persuasive helper and became even more delighted when she saw Danny summoning Godzilla in front of her. Two Peak Stage Rank 2 Demon Beast can easily take out General Marce and will be of great help to deter their enemies from attacking their city.

These two beasts were live having two semi-early stage elementary gathering realm cultivators who were known as a powerhouse of this entire region.

Even Count Nathan was just known to have achieved a Mid-stage Elementary Gathering realm cultivation base, and that also because he had cultivated at a medium scale sect from a young age for many years.

But as they say, things never really go the way you planned them.


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