The Pleasure Lord
254 A Night Worth Remembering!
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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254 A Night Worth Remembering!

After exiting his soul space, Alex once again ordered Cyrus, Blackbeard, and Tagor to be present in the study room of his.

Till they came, Alex took a bath, changed his clothes, and got ready to spent the night with Selena, Ciera, and Sierra in separate rooms tonight. He wanted to do it together with them but girls insisted on doing it alone. Even the two sisters had the same opinion.

Guess he had to say up all night finish his work before the sun rises up. Before that, Alex went to his study room and promoted his three musketeers to the Mid-stage of Dantian Formation Realm Cultivator. The stronger they became the more will it ease Alex's heart to leave the security of his family to them? Of course, this time he won't leave it all to them.

"Cyrus, keep a thousand men ready to be moved to the Whiteconch city after I build a Portal gate there. Remember to change the design on their armor so that no one knows of them being related to me."

"As you wish, my lord."

"Tagor, be sure to alert me about the movement of the military camp of the nearby city around the Whiteconch city.

"News about Whiteconch city did not reach their ears. We won't be expecting them for another day."

"Good... Blackbeard, its time for you to shine. Bring your pirate fleet and try to harass the adjacent small cities nearby the Whiteconch city. Don't let them send any reinforcement and if possible, you can try to take over those small towns. Remember not to kill any innocent civilians."

"Taking over those small towns near the coast is of no problem."

"... Oh, yeah. Also, try to act like you are attacking the Whiteconch city too so that they don't relate Danny and you to be together in the same camp."

Blackbeard nodded. After saluting at their Lord, they went on to carry out their orders.

Alex also went down and had sumptuous dinner to get energy for tonight's workout. 

The adults smile seeing Alex being so eager to finish his dinner. Hank and Tom tried to make fun of Alex since they rarely get such chances. 

After getting the elders blessing the girls went to Alex's room. Two of them would wait in the adjacent room before Alex completes the ceremony with the first one and they enter once it's their turn. Ciera would go first since she is the eldest and then Sierra and the last would be Selena.

Alex and Ciera had gone at it till midnight until she couldn't take it anymore and passed out due to exhaustion. Alex had gone all out today. He used his tentacles that he had practiced with Nancy to make wore Ciera out early. Of course, he was very gentle with her tonight and never used any rough play.

The maids were ready outside the gates. They helped in reorganizing the room and the bed and also helped to send Ciera to her own room so that she can rest for the night before calling Sierra.

Alex would stand outside so that Sierra could get comfortable inside his room before entering again and caring out the same procedure. But who would have known the Sierra being the little imp she was, would not admit defeat till three in the morning.

But she was also conscience enough to not hog all the time. Selena was still waiting for her turn therefore she ended their night after feigning her exhaustion even when she could go on for another two rounds. After getting dressed, Sierra staggered to the gates like a drunken girl before a maid came forward to help her walk to her room.

The next time Alex entered his bedroom again, he saw Selena sitting in the middle of the bed with red flower decorated all over it. She looked gorgeous in her bridal dress, and it was the same with the two sisters.

Alex sat on the bed which had been replaced due to it breaking a leg when he and Sierra were trying out an acrobatic position that seemed to have come straight out of Kamasutra book that was very famous in the previous world.

He slowly approached Selena, who was fully clad in a white wedding dress and sat beside her, causing her heartbeat to audibly quicken.

Alex removed the white satin veil covering her face, revealing Selena's alluring appearance, slightly turned red from shyness.

Today, Selena was specially dressed up, enhancing her alluring beauty to another degree, which caused all other living beings to pale in comparison.

Alex's feelings rose to his chest, softly calling her name: "Selena."

"Hm," She answered, barely louder than a mosquito.

As if what was about to happen next flickered in her mind, her delicate face turned red like an apple. Even though they had done the deed with him numerous times before, it couldn't be compared with tonight.

Alex inched closer, placing his lips close to her lips, whispering, "Let's start our new journey together as one from tonight..."

With that, Alex kissed Selena on her waiting red lips passionately. Since she was the last, Alex took his time to make love to her all night. It wasn't until seven in the morning, that he finally let Selena rest with a satisfied smile on her face.

It was not like he would never feel tired, Alex was also mentally exhausted. He also slept by her side until he recovered completely from his exhaustion in two-three hours.

Leaving Selena in his room, Alex went down to have something to eat. He ate some omelets and a big chunk of a Demon Beast meat while ignoring the teasing look of Aunt Meg and the others.

Ciera also came to the table soon after Alex finished his breakfast but Sierra and Selena only woke up when it was time for lunch. There was a bright glow on their faces after their night of lovemaking to each other.

Master Clayton's eyes almost became misty because Selena was growing up to resemble her mother more and more. Granny Umba also looked happy when she saw her grandaughters smiling so brightly today. Even Anna was chatting nonstop with them after bringing them to her room to get the juicy details.


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