The Pleasure Lord
253 Bronze Bell Body Cultivation technique
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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253 Bronze Bell Body Cultivation technique

Just as Alex was checking out the treasury of Marce Marell's private collection. A puppet sent a message about the colorful crab appearing on the Seashell island and it's now being cornered by Kerchak and Godzilla. 

'There's seems to be no rest for me today and it feels like I'm forgetting something important.' Alex sighed before appointing a puppet to take over the command. Since he had already promoted to the Late stage of the Dantian Formation realm, Alex upgraded six of his puppets from different departments like Thief, Spy, Assassin, Archer, warrior, and Sailor department to the Early stage of Dantian Formation Realm. He gave each of them some specific orders to complete before he comes back.

He also informed Nancy that he will go out on a tour around the city to see if everything is alright.

After entering an alley, Alex concentrated and switched with a puppet that was on a lookout near the battle of the Demon Beasts.


Kerchak and Godzilla were too strong for the Colorful crab to take on single-handedly. They were not attacking the Crab continuously nor were they letting it go.

"Blob...Blobblob" The colorful crab tried to communicate but Kerchak and Godzilla were not interested in talking to him. 

Just then Alex rushed out of the forest and immediately ran towards the Crab cornered by his pets.

"Good Job, guys. Let me take it from here," Alex shouted before engaging with the crab who tried to threaten him with its pincers as if saying he should not come near it.

It was not much of a battle. Alex used his fast speed and completely suppressed the crab with his strength. With few hits, the crab knew it was not the opponent of the human. Alex was able to stand atop the overturned crab and having its ten legs tied by his tentacles.

"Stay still and let me make a contract with you. only then will have the chance to stay alive or else I will roast you and have a feast together with my family today. Seafood is actually favorite."


Alex didn't understand but that didn't stop him from making a contract with the crab having different colored spots all over its body.

Like always the contract was successfully made.

"Welcome to the family. Your name will be... Kraby. Its the only name I can think of currently." Alex didn't have to worry much, Kraby liked her name.

"Blob...Blob(I'm... Kraby~)" Bubbles came out whenever she opened her mouth and showed her joy by making sound with her pincers.

"Kerchak you will stay hear and protect the ruins. Cultivate and try to break through to the next realm as soon as possible. Godzilla and Kraby, you will come with me. I need your help in protecting Whiteconch city." Alex said before sending them inside the Demon Beast space.

"... Am I forgetting something?"

"Plum~!" Plum came to save the day.

"... Oh right, today I had to consummate my marriage with my three wives. Gotta go, or I will be killed."

Alex appeared at the gates of his Manor by swapping with a guard there. The ten-time limit seems a very low number when Alex had to travel long distances numerous times. 

When Alex entered the main hall, he saw that the hall had been decorated again. 

The dinner was being made while the whole family was sitting together and playing chess or card games like poker. Theses games were quite easy to make with the help of puppets having carpentry skills and other artistic skills. 

"Ah, Alex you came in time. The dinner is just going to get ready. Get fresh and come down to eat with us." Jack said when spotted Alex entering through the door.

Alex nodded and went up the stairs towards the empty room where he had first gone to in the morning.

Getting into his soul space, Alex searched through the whole book to see if anything new is unlocked due to him having a promotion in his cultivation.

But his luck seems to have run out last time. There was nothing new. But there was no need to be disappointed. He still hasn't made full use of the things he got from the heavenly book last time.

There was an increase in the number of portal gates he can use at least. Every month he would get a new one to buy but if he upgraded his cultivation level then there will also be given some portal gates as freebies. He only got one this time but that was okay.

This one can be installed at the Whiteconch city so that he can at least send reinforcement there when it's needed. Alex looked past his Currency, Merit, and Faith points. They have gone up and had crossed thirty thousand marks each which are a lot.

But that's also understandable since he had done a lot of things in the past few days which caused his points to increase tremendously.

Alex had the urge to use Random roll but now he needed to save the points to buy a Body Cultivation Technique for Hank and also some alchemy recipes to increase his Alchemist level from Grade 1 to Grade 2. Master Clayton is currently a Grade 2 Alchemist Master, he's going to catch up to him very soon.

Buying the useful and the rare ones were Alex's priority like the recipe of making pills that could heal a hundred kinds of Rank 1 poison and ten kinds of Rank 2 poisons.

There was also a new kind of a pill that Alex had never read or heard from anywhere before. It was a Rank 2 pill that can let people breathe underwater for more than an hour.

The only inconvenience is that its ingredients are almost all found inside the vast sea. These kinds of medicinal herbs are usually the hardest to harvest. Humans are not suitable to go deep inside the water, there is too much risk.

"Bronze Bell Body cultivation Technique should be good enough for Hank. Its a Peak grade Black Ranked Body Cultivation Technique that can make Hank achieve the Bronze Body when he promotes to the Early stage of Elemental Gathering Realm. It also has subsequent parts that go all the way till the Heavenly Ranked Body Cultivation Technique. That is why Alex chose it for his brother. 


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