The Pleasure Lord
251 Change Of Plans
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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251 Change Of Plans

Alex had fun with Nancy the whole midday till evening. They tried many positions over and over again until Nancy couldn't move her body anymore. Of course, they also had to cultivate at the end to refine the Yin and Yang Qi they had exchanged.

Nancy promoted straight to the Late Stage of Dantian Formation Realm from the early stage.

Alex's cultivation base was also pushed to the Late-stage of Body Tempering Realm. It's not even been a whole day and he had his strength increased yet again.

Alex knew he couldn't do it again and again or his foundation would become unstable. He has to use some days to stabilize his cultivation base or it would be detrimental to his growth.

The puppets had taken care of the mercenary comrades of James that he brought with him when coming to the restaurant.

Through interrogation, they came to know that only a few mercenary close to James knew of putting the Netherspawn Worm in Nancy's food.

They were three in total and every one of them had their throat slit at the end. The subordinate of Marce who had given the dark creature to James has been identified. He was an elder who had the most power after Nancy and Marce. 

"That person is very loyal to Marce but why would he do such a thing."

"We will only know that after we take him into our custody."

"What? You want to capture him. Are you mad? He always stays inside the clan mansion. The security inside here is very hard to breach." Nancy immediately tried to stop Danny from having suicidal thoughts. 

"I don't only want to capture him but also take over the whole WhiteConch City. Sorry, for the late introduction but I'm not what you think I am."

Under the astounded eyes of the middle-aged lady, Danny's face started to wriggle. His body changed its shape with his face and it back to normal. 

"You are... Alex Mordrake! The Lord of the Seashell island." Nancy shouted with dumbfounded eyes. She had seen his picture drawn on a sheet of Demon Beast Skin. This person had also given the darkest spot to Marce's military carrier causing him to hide his face when he had been brought back after paying his ransom. 

Alex Mordrake is already the talk of the whole city. There is no one in this city who doesn't know about him.

"Yes, Lady Nancy, my name is Alex Mordrake. Sorry for hiding my face but I had to do it due to my circumstances. Let's go, I have decided to take over this city today itself but not under my real identity. I will pose as Danny, the nephew of Goodwill Restuarant owner. A wannabee who aspires to usurp the rule of Marell's family on this city and then take over the whole Nehmor Clan's county to replace Nathan Nehmor as its ruler... How do you like the sound of that?" Alex winked at Nancy who was starring wide-eyed at him.

"You... you are mad... How can you possibly hope to achieve that? Do you know the strength of General Marce and Count Nathan Nehmor? " Nancy was upset. Why would a boy like Alex whose was only a little bit older than her son would take such risk?

"Did you forget I had already defeated your Clan's Patriarch? Why would I fear him? As for Nathan Nehmor, he is too busy fighting with his neighbors which has more powerful opponents. Even if he comes for me now, he can't hope to defeat me. I'm very confident in my strength."

Nancy didn't know what to say. Alex was talking about attacking her clan, but she wasn't feeling upset about that, she was worried that Alex might not be able to cope up with the Nobles like Nathan whose clan has a huge foundation that has been built over for many years. She knows how Alex had defeated Marce. He was riding a flying type demon Beast the whole time. But there are many ways to take care of that Beast here on the continent.

"You must not believe me now. That's okay. Just sit back and watch how I change the ownership of this vast city to me. Men, there's a change of plan. Activate all the spies and have some of them take over the city gates and the rest of you infiltrate the Marell's clan immediately without giving them the chance to react." Alex suddenly started giving out orders when there was no one inside the room other than Nancy and him.

The waiters, the managers, and even the dishwasher of the restaurant suddenly left their position and started to walk out of the back door. The customers were puzzled seeing this. 

Alex or Danny jumped out of the third-floor window with Nancy in his arms. 

The pedestrians walking on the road were shocked seeing a boy dropping in the middle of the road after jumping from the window of the restaurant while carrying a woman in his arms. 

"Wah!... What are you doing suddenly picking me up and then jumping out of the window" Nancy had only finished her sentence when Danny jumped again without letting the middleaged women step down on the road.

"AAAAAAH!... Put me... Dooooown!" Nancy's scream reverberated around the streets and the alleys as Danny jumped from one place to another, whether it was jumping from the roof of the house to another to suddenly maneuvering through the narrow alley with Nancy in tow, Danny tried to take every shortcut and ran in the direction of the Marell's Clan Mansion.

"Maam, Please stop screaming in my ears... Are you afraid of heights?" Danny asked after it became unbearable to hear the scream of a woman constantly ringing his ears.

Not to mention, people and the guards of the Whiteconch city would always be attracted to her scream and look at him like he was some kind of a kidnapper.

Some guards recognized Nancy and knowing that she belonged to the Marell's clan, they started chasing after Danny and shouting at him to stop immediately.


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