The Pleasure Lord
250 Tentacle Play! - Part 2
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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250 Tentacle Play! - Part 2

"You should still take care of your son, no doubt about that but you should also take care of yourself. Junior Jerome would also want to see you happy, isn't that true, no son would want their mother to be sad just to keep himself happy. Don't waste this single life which is already too short, live it to the fullest, as you want." Danny said.

All of his tentacles tightened against Nancy's body, and the tips pulled on her nipples.

"So tell me what you want to do now?"

Nancy moaned out, "Yes...I want you to make me cum."

"Are you making demands now?"

"Deals. Make me cum hard. Then I'll beg you to fuck my ass. You would want me to do that, I bet?"

"Deal," Danny said.

Almost immediately everything kicked up a notch. The tentacle that had simply rubbed her pussy as his dick plunged inside and seemed to do nothing but stimulate her g-spot even as it rubbed along her walls.

The tentacles on her breasts fondled them and pinched her nipples deliciously, firing every nerve that fed Nancy's sexual pleasure.

The tentacles in her ass seemed to be twisting, adding the sensations to the symphony of sex. Nancy moaned out constantly. She could tell this was going to be intense; no gentle sweeping orgasm for her.

Her sexual stimulation seemed to be on hyperdrive. Her orgasm slammed into her like a train, exploding from her pussy and forcing its way through her body. She shuddered in the grip of Danny's tentacles and shrieked as it hit her.

Danny drew it out by slowly pumping into her pussy more and rubbing her breasts. Sweat coated Nancy's body as she settled, letting her partner's extra limbs take all of her weight.

The tentacles withdrew from her, and she felt herself lowering down. She hovered there, the anticipation mounting. She knew what Danny wanted, but she didn't know if she could do it.

Then the tentacles teasing her nipples clamped hard, sending painful spikes of pleasure through her.

'Nora would have loved it this way... guess I will also do her like this the next time we get the chance.'

"Please!" Kimberly said.

"Please what?" Danny asked teasingly.

Nancy still hesitated, but she realized her permission wasn't necessary; Danny had said it was happening. Really the only choice Nancy was making was whether she kept her promise to allow Danny to proceed.

If she did, Danny might work with her to make it amazing. Otherwise, Danny would do it by force, which could go a lot farther than simple sodomy or so she thought.

"Please...please fuck my ass."

Danny's little lord was at her asshole quickly. He felt the hot, wet sensation suggesting it was somehow lubricated. 

Nancy thought the tentacles had prepared her, but it wasn't even close. She felt like her ass was being spread apart by a tree limb, even though Danny was being gentle as he could.

The burning, straining pain made it feel like she was about to split in half, but at the same time, the sense of pleasant pressure on the inside of her ass had returned, as had the tentacle rubbing at her clit.

"Just relax, Nancy", Danny said. "Push against it, it'll feel better."

Nancy bore down. The slickness on his cock almost totally eliminated the friction; there was only the pressure of the organ pushing itself into Nancy's ass.

Unable to bear it anymore, Nancy let out a low wail as the monster of a dick penetrated deeper and inhaled in shock when Danny's hips rested against her buttocks.

Danny stroked her scalp and Nancy leaned into the scratching like a cat as she breathed and tried to adjust to the feeling of the cock in her ass.

The pain had mostly gone, now there was just the delicious pressure against her insides and around her ring, and the tentacle rubbing at her clit. Nancy felt Danny's hand at the small of her back, and then Danny began slowly fucking her ass.

Nancy breathed hard at the beginning as the sensation of the moving plunger in her ass was overwhelming, but soon she adjusted to it and began reveling in the sensations.

The fullness was amazing, and the stimulation of all the different nerves in her wet canal and around the ring seemed to flow right down to her pussy and add to the pleasure radiating from there.

"Flood my ass with your cum, make it yours," Nancy begged.

As before, Danny increased his pace, the lubrication on his little Lord allowing for the greater speed without trouble.

Delicious spikes of pain and pleasure flowed from Nancy's ass every time Danny tried to bottom out, and the tentacle between her pussy lips never stopped moving on her clit, creating a feedback loop of sexual ecstasy.

The pleasure suffused through her body and Nancy felt lost in it, not registering anything except the glorious pleasure.

She could tell she was making noise, but she only barely heard her own moans and pleas for more as the sensations dulled her senses until there was only her ass and her pussy, both being gloriously stimulated.

Soon the pleasure overwhelmed her and she exploded in an orgasm. It felt like her body broke, and all her muscles just released their energy as pure pleasure.

Nancy let out a continuous ecstatic moan as her body shivered in orgasm. Soon after that, she felt the pressure in her ass increase, and then a wet sensation spread.

She smiled to herself as she knew Danny had just flooded her ass with his special divine load. The thought sent another wave of pleasure through her and she clenched her ass, squeezing the rod inside as if to force more juice out.

Sooner than she'd have liked, the wet sensation disappeared from the strange behavior of Danny's cock. Nancy felt the tentacles withdrawing from her, but as soon as she could, she reached back and gripped Dany's ass, pulling his hip tight against her ass.

Danny seemed to get the message and laid them both down on the bed even as the tentacles let him unfold.

She pressed her body up against Danny completely, entwining their legs and pressing her back into her stomach and breasts. All the while, Danny's cock stayed nestled in her ass, sending pleasing tingles up from her sphincter.

"I take it you enjoyed that, Maam?"

"That was amazing," Nancy confirmed, "What's next?"

Danny's hands came around and cupped her boobs, pulling her closer again. "Today's your day, you choose,"

"Then another round, please!" She beamed.


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