The Pleasure Lord
249 Tentacle Play! - Part 1
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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249 Tentacle Play! - Part 1

"Ye... YES!"

Nancy nodded, and Danny leaned over and gave her a gentle peck on her jaw. She leaned into the kiss, amazed at how the tender show of affection could cause so much pleasure. Since the worm had been taken out of her body, her body relaxed even more.

Her breasts were big and perky, her abs were chiseled in the way that only training daily could get them, and her butt was taut and elevated. She was an Early-stage Body Tempering Realm Cultivator.

Alex or right now Danny, being a man of his word, stood and leaned over to her. He reached up and began playing with her gorgeous breasts. He sucked and pulled on her nipples as she squirmed and squirted buckets.

Then he released her and decided to give her a little extra pleasure while fueling his own. He grabbed her tight butt and squeezed it greedily as she collapsed into him. It felt really good to do this to a woman twice his age.

After Danny got his fill of her, he stepped away. But Nancy wasn't finished. "Please, more."

Danny smiled. He was already raging an erection from all the moaning and feeling her inside's during the treatment. He removed his robe and threw his pants aside and immediately placed his exited little Lord above Nancy's face which stated his intentions cleary to her.

Without hesitation, Nancy sucked his oversized shaft into her mouth. She was spellbound the moment she tasted the precum that his little Lord was leaking. It was so big now, that she could only get a quarter of it in before it hit the back of her throat.

Nancy suddenly felt small, cool tendrils pinching and twisting her nipples. She moaned appreciatively as her blouse was removed and she lifted off the bed. The tentacles kept her legs in a "sitting" position but spread her thighs wider.

Her skirt rode up but still hung down to cover most of her essentials. She gasped as the stimulation continued on her breasts, then the thigh, tentacles stretched and circled her back. They pulled, bending Nancy at the waist even more. She smiled.

Danny had her held by his tentacles upside down. He was licking her pussy before sending her wormhole. The sweet smell of her mature pussy was breathtaking. Nancy kept sucking on his dick like it was her only lifeline. 

"Time for something else new," Danny said as his tongue retracted.

Nancy suddenly felt two fingers or was it the tentacles probing at her asshole. They felt wet and slick, but Nancy clenched, feeling a spike of fear. She was again turned with her head up and ass down.

Nancy cried out as a fleshy tentacle suddenly slammed into her. Fiery pain exploded in her ass and she clenched around the invaders, but the shaft of Danny's Little Lord had moved to her pussy and rubbed between her nether lips, lightly brushing her clit.

It made sure there was a constant stream of pleasure even as Danny's warm tentacles dug into her ass. Nancy pushed back against the pressure of her fingers.

"Yes, that's it Maam. Bear down," Danny encouraged, and Nancy felt the tentacles made of pure fibers move faster and go even deeper. The initial pain had given way and now the sensation of the tentacles pressing against her tunnel and the rubbing of her asshole was sending tingles through her that mixed with the stimulation of her clit.

"Can I ask you a question?" Danny said casually.

"N... Hah... now?" Nancy said.

"Why you stayed unmarried until now?"

"I..ooooh fuck that's feels so good now," she said, "Is that a... question you must ask... now?"

"Nah, actually it's not important because I can guess the reason, but I just wanted to get to know you better... " Danny asked.

Nancy nodded; talking without moaning was getting difficult. "My husband...Jerome was a fine young man who I had a crush on since my childhood. Well, he thought of me as his little sister but I always thought of marrying him. After he disappeared like my father... I also wanted to kill myself but our son was only a month old."

"He needed me, so I lived on. I feared if I remarried again, my son Jerome would not be treated well by the new father and in fact, I was fearful and also hopeful about something else too. I hoped my husband would come back one day so we can live happily ever after that... I was also fearful, that if he comes back... and see me married to another man, what will happen then... I didn't even dare to imagine..."

"But as the days passed by, months passed by and years passed by... I lost the hope of him coming back. My son is still hopeful, you know... but I know its impossible... and I'm way past my prime now. People only want to marry me for my son, Jerome, and his connection to the Snow cauldron large sect... But after so many years I have already adjusted to my single life... so why bother, now I only want to think about my son's future nothing more... and today, it's just because... I... don't know why... but I wanted to experience it again..."

"The feelings of being a woman... Can't I be selfish for just one day... Danny, would Jerome hate me for what I'm doing now?" It wasn't known if she asked Danny about her husband or son or both.

"No you didn't do anything bad, nor would Jerome hate you. Mmmm, you're definitely a good mother, Nancy, and also a good wife to Jerome, I'm sure he knows it too... But you forget that you also have yourself."

"Do you understand? Living for your son, is your duty as a mother, living all these years as your late husband is enough to show your love for him, but you also have to live for yourself. From what you told me about Jerome, I can tell he would never want you to bury your wishes, your aspirations, your dreams just because he had left you."


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