The Pleasure Lord
246 A Dark Creature!
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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246 A Dark Creature!

Nancy felt goosebumps appearing all over her body. She looked down and touched her stomach with trembling hands. The thought of something living inside her body that could take her life... was very disgusting and terrifying at the same time.

James hesitated but seeing that he had no choice, he pleaded "I... I say but please spare my life. I have a family to feed, I was forced to do this..."

"Save your crocodile's tears. You are a bachelor and an orphan since birth, where did the family part come from. If you cooperate with us then I will naturally spare your life. You have my word." A puppy downstairs is 'chatting' with James' subordinate. Alex got this information through his mouth.

"... Okay, I will say but you also have to keep our word. She... she has a Netherspawn Worm living inside of her womanly parts. I had once put it inside her food when she was not looking."

"What!" Nancy shouted in terror.

A Netherspawn is a kind of demon beast that lives in dark and humid places. They usually feed on other Demon Beast by somehow entering inside their body by one of the seven orfice.

They feed directly on the life energy of other Demon Beast or human which they managed to enter. 

It's really hard to kill them with Qi since the dark creature has some kind of resistance to it. The only way to kill it by taking it out of the body somehow and then squishing it to death.

You can't kill it inside the body because it will use the life force of the person it had been feeding on to stay alive and start to spawn eggs immediately if it came under life threat. They are very rare and expensive. The higher the rank of the Netherspawn Worm, the harder it is to detect and kill it.

"When did you feed me the worm, tell me James" Nancy suddenly asked with hope.

"A... month ago"

"NO... It can't be... James, tell me you are joking, please tell me you are joking... James... What have you done, you bastard." Nancy started crying on the spot. A month is usually the time limit for the Netherspawn Worm to start multiplying.

There was no way she would be able to remove the Netherspawn Worm from her body immediately because there is no one inside the Nehmor or the adjacent territory who could cut her belly and take out the Netherspawn worm by surgery without having it feel any threat.

It's a highly complex procedure and only a few people with medical knowledge like grade 4 Alchemist Master can do it. The minimum grade of an alchemist has to be four or the others less experienced Alchemist might not be able to save her.

She also can't travel to the Snow Cauldron sect because it takes half a month to go there.

"Who was the one to give you that worm? Who is the person behind you... let me guess, Marce Marell."

Nancy: "!!!"

"...Yes. It's him. His subordinate once came to me and gave us money and a promise to give me a fief after I kill Nancy using this worm. Young Master Jerome won't be able to put blame on General Marce since his mother died due to the Netherspawn Worm and I would also testify to him about her death to young master Jerome. It would be seen as an accident."

"You only met his subordinate? Did you not meet him face to face? Or were you given a letter which has Marce's seal on it." Alex asked suddenly as if feeling there was more to this incident than he had thought.

"...N..No, I only met with his subordinate. But that person is very close to him. Everyone in the city knows about it."

"Are you dumb! Why would Jerome not target Marce after his mother's death? Even if Marce publicly washes himself of any connection to the death of his mother, Jerome still has the reason to kill him because of his father's and grandfather's disappearance, and his mother's death would only worsen the situation for Marce. Marce is not stupid to create such a situation until he can really protect himself from the revenge of a large sect disciple." Alex's guess was indeed right. Marce didn't want to get rid of Nancy by using such a method.

Jerome could become unreasonable and take out his anger on Marce for the death of his mother since he seems to be their only enemy.

Jerome could also ask for help from the fellow disciples he had made friends at the Sect. That could be really disastrous. The large sect might not make a move on him but Jerome could make use of his fellow disciples.

One of them could use his family's power to suppress him. This is also the reason Marce was eager to marry Nancy or help Nathan to become a king as soon as possible. Only that way would the other party think twice before helping Jerome in executing his revenge on Marce.

"No... It was his orders, that subordinate of his should not be doing so without General Marce's orders. I know for sure."

"... Well, you can leave now. there is no further need for you to be here." Danny said when he saw James losing it. A Qi dispersing pill and Body weakening pill was thrown into his screaming mouth and just after that the puppets standing by his side grabbed James's shoulders and took him out of the private room by dragging him.

Nancy was still crying while sitting down. She was constantly chanting Jeromes's name over and over.

It must be terrifying her to leave the world so soon and her son without getting the chance to see him again. The latter being the real reason why she suddenly started crying.

"Miss Nancy, crying won't help you solve your problem. If you won't live, then stop crying." Danny said while sighing internally. 

Nancy suddenly stood up and grabbed Danny's shoulder. She said, "You... You could detect the Netgerspawn worm, can you also remove it?" Nancy was again filled with hope.

Seeing how the teenage boy with a weird ability, defeated her bodyguard so easily and even found out about the Dark creature the moment they met each other was truly uncommon. He has to be a hidden expert that is disguising as a boy.

"... Yes, I can try to remove it using my ability but..."

"But what? Is it money that you want, I can give it to you... Please help me... I can't think of leaving my son alone in this world. I want to see him grow up to become a man like his father, his grandfather. Please help me!"

Alex frowned a little bit, he can understand that the lady was only saying this because she was in a highly unstable state but the matter of her using money to ask for his help does not sit right with him.

He wasn't such a lowly man to ask for money in order to help a desperate mother.

"Miss Nancy, you misunderstood me. I don't want your money. I'm not charging you with anything. It's just that the procedure that I will try to remove the Dark creature is a little... uncommon."


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