The Pleasure Lord
245 Your Death Is Imminent!
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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245 Your Death Is Imminent!

"I'm sorry to say, but I think you are not qualified to protect my family's restaurant from those wolves, Miss Nancy," Danny said in regrettable tone. He said it because his spiritual power sensed something quite a nefarious thing living inside of Nancy's body. 

Nancy was taken aback at first. She didn't expect Danny to say such a thing. 

'I'm not qualified? Then who is more qualified than me... Marce? Did his men already contacted him or... is he afraid of Marce since he is currently appointed as the governor of the WhiteConch city.' Nancy thought of many possibilities.

She was indeed lacking somewhat if compared to Marce since he was in power right now but she was also not be taken so lightly.

If she can get the ownership of this restaurant first then Marce won't dare to snatch it from her.

Also, she has the backing of some elders in the clan plus her son had made some money by following that pill master and had bought the loyalty of a strong mercenary group, making them protect and listen to his mother's orders. 

"What do you mean?" Nancy asked without showing any signs of being displeased.

"What I mean is very simple to understand, Miss Nancy. You can't really guarantee to protect my restaurant when you are having a hard time protecting yourself. I regret this to say but... you will die soon in the near future." Danny said in a tone as if he was talking to a dead body.

The amiable atmosphere inside the private room felt like it had dropped to zero almost immediately.

Nancy's face looked gloomy, her eyes turned frosty as she gazed towards Danny. Her bodyguard who was also the leader of the mercenary group was astounded when he heard Danny.

His face became a little unsightly soon after, not because Danny dared to curse her master dead in front of him but because he revealed something which caused the Mercenary's heart to palpitate in fear.

Alex was still having his spiritual sense to scan Nancy's inner body and that nefarious thing moving inside her private parts quite closely but he still caught the change in the bodyguard's expression.

Nancy didn't say a word for some time. She looked at Danny's expression but surprisingly saw that he was not mocking her and it looked like he really meant what he said.

'I'm going to die...But how?... Does he know something?' Nancy felt like she was suddenly thrown inside a whirlpool. Her son's face suddenly flashed through her mind. She was having an urge to see her son's face once again for the last time.

'No... Why am I thinking like an almost dying woman breathing her last breath on a bed?' Nancy shook her head and tried to calm herself down. She wanted to clarify what Danny really meant. She might have misunderstood something.

The bodyguard had instead placed a hand on his swords handle as if he was getting ready to swing it at any moment.

Alex sneered internally seeing him do that.

"Mr. Danny, please be specific. What do you mean by 'You will die soon in the near future'? If its some kind of joke then I will not take it lightly"

"I don't care whether you take my words as a joke or not. You are going to die. That's for sure. As for how and why? You should ask that question to your bodygua..."

Alex hadn't even said the words bodyguard completely when the mercenary behind Nancy suddenly waved his sword at... Nancy!


The sword was stopped just an inch away from cutting Nancy's neck. Four eyes rounded in shock.

A hand or something similar suddenly stretched out from Danny's back, holding a dagger in its fist and blocked the sword in midair with the sound of metal hitting each other.

Nancy was shocked to see her bodyguard trying to kill her and the mercenary was also shocked when he saw his attack getting blocked by that weird thing.

The mercenary felt a huge force transferring into his hand, he almost lost his grip on his sword because of that.

Suddenly he felt his hands being grabbed by something and a sharp edge pressing against his throat which caused his body to become immobile.

"James!" Nancy screamed in anger but the mercenary completely ignored her.

"Who... No, What are you?" when the mercenary uttered those words, even Nancy found the weird hand like things extending out of Danny's body. The sudden feeling of death closing in on her had forced her brain to ignore how Danny saved her completely.

"Before I answer your question, why don't you tell miss Nancy the truth about her imminent death." Danny's counter-question made the mercenary to sweat. He saw Nancy turning to him with the same question flashing in her eyes.

"Wha... What are you talking about? I waved the sword after seeing that you were attacking, my lady, Nancy." James tried to show innocence.

His goal was to kill Nancy before she finds out the truth and put the blame on the boy, the mess after that can be taken care of by the Marrell's family.

"Your half-assed excuse won't cover up the truth now. I think Miss Nancy had already seen who the attacker and her protector was. Tell the answer to the question that I have very nicely asked, don't make me use the rude way,... it's a method that even I'm scared of applying. I feel like throwing up even when I think about that method." 

The mercenary was now truly shivering in fear now. He didn't know what that method was but listening to Danny it should be a very terrifying method that will get him to talk.

"I will talk but you must let me go out safely from this restaurant."

"I don't think you have any power to negotiate with me, James. Don't waste my time, I'm only asking you to tell her something that I also know. I can also tell her about that thing crawling inside her lower abdomen. But it would be better if you say it directly or else you don't have any worth living in this world anymore." Danny put some force on the dagger touching the Mercenaries throat which caused it to bleed a little.


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