The Pleasure Lord
244 You Are Not Qualified!
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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244 You Are Not Qualified!

All of that led to Marce becoming the Patriarch of the Marell's family and getting most of the resources to hasten his cultivation speed. Nancy's month old boy was too small to take that position therefore he was completely ignored.

Marce at one time even proposed Nancy to remarry and become his wife. He promised to take care of her boy like he was his own and even make him the young master of the Marell's family if their future offsprings were not male's.

But Nancy refused and said she wasn't going to marry anyone again in this life. She didn't believe him at all and Marce also didn't bother with her again. He also didn't expel her out of the family because that would create unnecessary rumors around the city. 

Nancy also wasn't keen on taking back what was rightfully hers. She was only interested in raising her son and then sending him to the gates of one of the five largest sects of the Belmont subcontinent so that he could become their disciple and like a happy life.

Fortunately, her wish came true. Her son who she named after her father, Jerome, was taken in as a disciple by a Pill master of Snow Cauldron Sect when he had traveled to the WhiteConch city for recruitment of disciples.

Marce and the other family members were shocked but they were a little too late in stopping junior Jerome from leaving the city with that pill master. From that day on, Nancy's status inside the family had been raised to the top again.

Marce also started to woo her again in hopes of becoming Jerome's stepfather and gain the protective umbrella of the Snow Cauldron Sect.

He was also regretting why he left Nancy and her son alive all these years. Maybe, he hoped that someday, Nancy would willingly climb his bed to raise the status of her son and divert some resources to him.

Marce regretted it but what can he do now. Jr. Jerome might try to take back his position as the true heir of the Marell's clan in the future. The only way to stop him is by marrying her mother or by helping Count Nathan in establishing a kingdom.

That way, Jerome won't be able to shake his position anymore. The Snow Cauldron sect or any other large sects usually don't help their disciple in carrying out their personnel grudges. Jerome alone couldn't do anything to him and he has only just started cultivating. 

Anyway, the Marell's clan was now divided into two factions now. One had the intention to side with Nancy while the other still supported Marce. A wedge had been formed between them and it had deepened with Marce being captured by Alex. Nancy had also started to fight for control over the clan after seeing the possibility. 

Marce wanted to acquire the new restaurant because it was profitable, Nancy wanted to do that too. She arrived at the Restuarant a step earlier then Marce's subordinates who were going to come in the afternoon.

Alex entered the private room while he was being informed by puppets about Nancy's feud with Marce. He didn't know this before therefore, his plan also changed a little bit. 

Nancy was middle-aged woman with brown curly hair. She had a good figure with above-average looks. Her stature was also good, with right curves at the right places.

Alex was not interested in her looks and he also didn't want to climb her bed because he had seen prettier women than Nancy so his level of being attracted to girls and women had also changed.

"You are?" Nancy asked when she saw a young teen entering the private room but not greeting her right away.

"Miss Nancy Marell, a pleasure to meet you. My name is Danny, I'm a nephew of the owner who owns this restaurant. Unfortunately, he is not in the city currently. So if you have anything important, you can discuss it with me."

"Nephew? But in my knowledge, the owner didn't bring any relatives with him. Also, I have come here to discuss important business with the owner regarding the shares of his restaurants... You may not be eligible to discuss it." Nancy was a little disappointed after knowing that the owner had gone out.

'Did they know of this matter... Maybe that's why they didn't come here before me." Nancy thought. 

"I have arrived here just yesterday, so you don't know about me. My uncle has left the restaurant in my care and I also own half the shares of the restaurant. I think I'm quite eligible to talk about anything regarding the restaurant." Alex said slowly.

"You also own half shares of this restaurant?

"Yes. You can ask any employee here."

"Young Master Danny is telling the truth. The owner heavily dotes on young master Danny, and this restaurant has also been raised by the hard work of the young master together with his uncle." the manager said affirming Alex's or Danny's made-up story.

Nancy was surprised, she felt her luck was good today.

"Mister Danny, I'm impressed. At such a young age, you can run this restaurant with your uncle is quite a feat. The various new dishes your restaurant offers is quite innovative and also very delicious. I've personally tasted those dishes, therefore, I'm very confident about the future prospect of your Goodwill restaurant." Nancy said many good things about the Goodwill restaurant to make Danny feel happy.

Finally, Nancy expressed her real intention, "You see when an unguarded fat sheep is surrounded by hungry wolves in no time. Your restaurant is just like fat sheep now and I'm sure you must aware of it too. Without powerful backing, you won't be able to protect your business from those hungry wolves and without proper investment, you also can not hope to make your restaurant t progress much faster and higher than before."

"Since you already know my name, you must also know my status in the Marell's clan. I want to buy your restaurant's shares. How many shares, we can, of course, negotiate about it over lunch. I will give also give you an honest price for the hard work you have put into this restaurant." Nancy thought Danny would understand his predicament and hope to get her protection in return for some shares.

"I'm sorry to say, but I think you are not qualified to protect my family's restaurant from those wolves, Miss Nancy," Danny said in regrettable tone.


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