The Pleasure Lord
243 Nancy Marell
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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243 Nancy Marell

Elaina and her family should be living in the adjacent Kingdom to the west, where the Eberhart Clan resides. 

Alex roamed around the restaurant and sat on an empty table by the window. Well, there was no empty table before, it's just that the puppet didn't let any other customers sit on it and said it was reserved already.

The puppets quickly brought some snacks to his table so that Alex could pass the time and scan the whole WhiteConch city with his Spiritual Sense.

Like how he had one time looted the hidden treasure of the different gangs back in the slums of the Mordrake city, Alex was marking such location around WhiteConch City so that the puppets can go and make use of this money that was being wasted underground and under the chests.

"Wow, the gangs here are even richer than the previous gangs on SeaShell Island. Sorry, guys, this money is wasted on you people, let my men use it for the betterment of the people... Tagor, mark all the location that I have scan just now, send the thief and the assassin legion's tonight to get all the hidden money and the treasures of these gangs.

Alex stayed for a while inside the restaurant looking at the streets and the pedestrians on it by the window.

He scanned everything from a dilapidated house to the Mansion of the Marell's Family and the other important people.

All Information whether small or big, of little use, everything was noted by the puppets like they had been told.

'White Conch City is more than twice as big as the Mordrake city. It also has a larger population of common people and cultivators... and also a strategic place to gain a foothold in the Belmont Subcontinent in the future...' Alex thought. He immediately went on to mark strategic location inside and outside the city which can be used to breach the City with minimal effort.

The warehouses near the gates, the already made underground tunnels used by gangs to smuggle goods in and out of the city, and also the places if controlled, he could take over the city anytime he wants in the future.

There was even a secret tunnel that leads straight from the hill outside the city to the inside of the basement connected to the study room of Marcel Marell in his mansion.

"My Lord, thank you for your help. We are now ninety-nine percent sure of completing all the tasks in this city." Tagor said telepathically.

Alex smiled, he knew that his puppets were not bootlicking him. They were serious about everything and would not leave any chance to praise him if he does some good deeds or help them.

Just when Alex wanted to switch with the puppet owner of the restaurant to go back to the coral reef Island, a carriage of the Marell's family stop in front of his restaurant.

 Alex's focus was not on the carriage or the people inside of it but it was on the horses tied tot he front of the carriage.

"Yeah... how can I forget the horses. This is something much needed for speeding the transformation around my Island... Tagor wasn't the task of bringing a batch of horses back o island given a long time ago. Are you having difficulty in doing so?'

"Yes, Lord Alex, there is a ban on trading horses with the islands and even if people smuggle these horses to their island, these horses would die during the journey or would become too sick. We were preparing to transform a ship into a special cargo boat that transports domestic animals like horses, cows, etc across the sea tot he Seashell island that would put only a little burden on them during the journey."

"The ship is going to be completed soon, and we have already purchased a batch of horses and kept them outside the city on a farm. After five days, we will be ready to transport them by the special ship to the Seashell island." Tagor explained.

"Oh, that's good then. It will help a lot to have these horses introduced on the Seashell island. The time of transporting goods and traveling from one city to another would also reduce a lot. the people of my island would surely be happy to see them." Alex said to Tagor in his mind.

But while he was having this conversation, Merell's family members had already entered the restaurant and were being taken to a private room because they asked to have a chat with the owner of the restaurant.

"They want to talk with the owner, did they not come here to eat... Are they finally here with the intention of buying the restaurant. You got to be kidding me..." They are too late now. We could have cooperated before but they have lost this chance when their patriarch came with the intention to attack my their patriarch came with the intention to attack my home.

To gain a proper foothold inside the city, Alex had opened a restaurant because that's quite a good place for gathering precious intel.

To make people with high status to come and eat there, Alex ordered his puppets to release some new dishes. He knew it would attract the sharks but if the Marell's family cooperated than no one would think about having any though about the restaurant.

"I will go instead of the owner. Tell them to wait."

"As you wish, my lord"


Nancy Marell was a cousin sister of Marce Marell. She was the daughter of Marce's uncle who at one time was seen as a loyal supporter of Nehmor family but he was said to have disappeared suddenly after the start of the civil war which led to the disintegration of the Silva Kingdom. 

Some said he was assassinated on the King's order to weaken the forces of the old Count Nehmor who was the leading figure at that time of the civil war. Some said he developed cold feet and ran away when the old Count Nehmor expressed his intention to topple the throne.

Some even said that he was backstabbed by his fellow General's under the old count so that they could gain more merit and have less competition. There were many variations to the rumors but no one knew which one was true since Nancy's father suddenly vanished from the face of the world without leaving a trace.

Even Nancy wasn't sure what happened. She had just been married to a man who had been raised by his father after he saw his talent in cultivation. Of course, the other family members were quite opposed to it.

They did not want a person outside of their family to become the patriarch after marrying Nancy who was the sole child of her father. Everyone wanted her cousin Marce to marry her since he was the closest to young count Nathan and also very good in cultivation.

But against the wishes of the majority, Nancy was married to her father's adopted child, the one who was seen as the outsider. After Nancy's father suddenly became a missing person, Jerome went out to search for his adoptive father while leaving her wife and a month's old boy alone at home. He also never came back and was ruled the same as Nany's father by the family members, dead.


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