The Pleasure Lord
242 New Sub-Function!
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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242 New Sub-Function!

The puppets went to do their own things after having their strength promoted.

Alex also went to his room, but then he remembered that he is not allowed to enter it until the night. 

Therefore he had to backtrack and find himself an empty room for cultivating. Alex also instructed his puppets to build a cultivation chamber as soon as possible for his personal use because his own room was going to be shared by three beautiful wives from now on.

They would also have their own private room in the manor but Alex's bedroom was going to be considered the common room between them for their nightly activities. 

After entering his soul space, Alex touched the Heavenly book with expectations. 

He searched and searched but he did not see any new function getting unlocked. With disappointment, Alex could only open the previously unlocked function to see if they had upgraded or not. 

Just as Alex opened the Artificial Puppet Personnel function, he was left stumped for quite a while before breaking into a burst of wild laughter causing the Heavenly Spirit floating behind him to curse at him for a while for spooking her suddenly. 

"You... why are you so lucky? Tell me, are you an illegitimate child of the Heavenly treasure of Chaos --The Book of Myriad Universe."

Alex didn't bother getting angry at her remark because he was too happy seeing a small but very practical sub-function getting unlocked in the Artificial Puppet Personnel function.

Alex immediately vanished from the soul space to try out that new sub-function.

Alex concentrated for a moment while sitting on the bed. Suddenly he vanished from the room and in place appeared a puppet in a navy's soldier outfit.

Coral Reef Island.

Alex stood on the deck of a ship that docked at the port of the Coral Reef Island. The puppets that were cleaning the deck and repairing a damaged railing suddenly stood at attention and gave Alex a military salute.

"At ease soldiers. Continue with your work." Alex said before he closed his eyes again and then his body immediately vanished. This time, a puppet who wore a luxurious robe appeared on the deck. 

Belmont Subcontinent, Count Nehmor Territory, Whiteconch City.

A new restaurant had recently opened at the merchant street of the Whiteconch City. Its owner is said to have come from one of the cities in the hinterland.

In just a month's time, he had successfully established his reputation and created quite a few delicacies which caused his business to boom. 

It has slowly started gaining the attention of powerful merchant families residing inside the city and also the family of General Marce who runs the city in the Count's name.

But they had no time to start with the restaurant since the news about their family Patriarch, General Marce getting captured by the Seashell island lord diverted their attention from the restaurant.

General Marce and General Legonal had come back after the count paid their ransom but they had been called to the borders immediately since the situation there was critical. The neighboring territories had started attacking the bordering villages.

General Marce had lost a lot of money, therefore when he came to know about the restaurant he instructed his family member to acquire it by giving the owner a good deal of money or let him keep running his business and only sell ninety percent stake of the restaurant to them.

He didn't snatch the restaurant right away because of his status. He also didn't fear if the owner would refuse because it is known to the public that he is just a 9th Grade Body Tempering Realm Cultivator. 

But what no one knew was that the owner was in fact a puppet who opened a restaurant here under the orders of the Lord of the Seashell Island.

Alex swapped his place with that same puppet and appeared on the third floor of the restaurant where there was a private room for the owner.

Alex came here just to check if the range of changing positions with his puppet was really infinite or not. Yes, the new subfunction of the Artificial Puppet personnel function was to give Alex the ability to swap position with his puppets instantly from anywhere in the world. An ability that could let Alex instantly transfer to the Greenedge island, the Belmont subcontinent, and the places where his puppets had gone to.

It was truly a magical ability with lots of practical uses. It could save his life in a critical moment and he can keep his family safe if he has to travel somewhere far away from them due to certain reasons.

Alex was really happy with the new sub-function. the only downside was that he can only use it ten times a day and not more than that but even that much was enough.

Alex then went to roam around the restaurant after changing his facial muscles and his body shape a little bit.

Currently, the restaurant was working at full capacity. People liked the new dishes created by the owner very much. Most of them would even come on a daily basis here to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

Alex remembered the Red Rose Restuarant that had sat up its base on his island and had three shops in each of the three cities.

The family that ran the Red Rose restaurant chain was actually from the Belmont Subcontinent and it was none other than Eberhart Family.

Elaina's mother, Brenna Eberhart was from the clan of Eberhart who opened the Red Rose Restaurant chain on the Seashell island after she was wedded to Elaina's father Willy Yandell.

The Red Rose restaurant closed after the whole Yandell family migrated to the Belmont subcontinent. Darren Dorbank, Cole Jordan, and the other knew about it therefore they didn't try to take over to it in fear of causing disaster for themselves.

The Red Rose Restaurant didn't actively cover after the Yandell family just because of Brenna. They were only interested in doing business and only shared a little bit of profit gained from the three restaurants with Brenna since she was related to the family and also did not have any important status inside the whole family. 


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