The Pleasure Lord
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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Soon Alex entered the gates of his manor where he found his family already waiting for him. Nora was standing beside him in her invisible state or more accurately, she was in her shadow state, invisible to the naked eyes of the cultivators.

Nora had told him about the Count who had given them the task to kill him. The price was really expensive and Nathan must have been really angry after his defeat for him to pay the expensive fees of hiring Three Fanged Shadow hall assassins. He might have thought of recovering the loss of his wealth and his ships from the Seashell island itself after Alex dies.

Alex explained all of this to his family and what really happened back inside the Swamp Marsh forest.

Jack cursed Nathan and even his ancestors for being a coward and using such underhanded means to harm his son. Everyone felt the same as Jack. 

"Guys, no need to get so worked up. I will give him a just reply to the wedding gift that he had sent for me. I will surely make him regret being born in this world. Anyway, meet Nora Nightshade. She has the Bloodline of the Night Goddess of the Demon Beast World. She... " Alex introduced Nora who lifted her ability and became visible to his family but he didn't say anything about their relationship beyond that of a Lord and a loyal subordinate. It was requested to be as such by Nora herself. 

Alex also wasn't in a rush to marry her just because they consummated. If it's fated, then that will also happen or she can keep being his secret mistress and have regular intercourse... No, in her words, it's a training session to strengthen her mind and body. How? Only god and she knows.

Everyone was shocked at first but Alex's puppets had already told them about one of the assassins submitting to Alex. But they didn't know she could turn invisible. She would be a great help to their family if she was really unable to betray them as Alex had said.

Also, the matter about the bloodline powers and how Nora had given him a drop of primordial blood of a powerful ancient Demon Beast with a human form, Night Goddess, it was even more shocking. This made Jack and the others even happier.

The more Alex becomes stronger the more he can live safely in this dangerous world and also guarantee the safety of his people.

Everyone was relieved seeing that Alex was safe and sound as they entered the main hall sat around the long table. 

"Ahem... Alex, even though you had completed the wedding ceremony in front of the guest, there is still a last ritual you need to do for the wedding to be considered as completed." Suddenly Aunt Julie said to Alex.

Her meaning was crystal clear to everyone. Alex still had left to consummate his marriage with Selena, Ciera, and Sierra which had unfortunately been postponed due to the incident on the wedding night.

It was thus decided to happen tonight. Nora was invited to eat with them. It would not be possible for common subordinates to eat on the same table with Alex and his family, maybe on a special occasion but not every day.

Nora and Alex were related to each other by bloodline now and so they can be considered as one family. Of course, Jack, Donald, Meg, and the others would not mind an extra person at the table. Who knows they might warm up to her in a few days.


In the study room of the Seashell Island Lord, Blackbeard, Cyrus, and Tagor were waiting for their Lord to appear. 

The doors opened and Alex entered the room.

"Blackbeard step forward."

Blackbeard came forward as ordered. Alex looked at the bearded guy that could scare the hell out of every kid in the city. He had the natural look of a fearsome pirate. For now, Alex had given him the task to command his naval forces but that was only temporary.

Blackbeard still has to live with his pirate identity and cause trouble for other island Lords and the full eastern coast of the Belmont Subcontinent, to make it easier for Alex to do certain things that cannot be known to the masses and his enemies.

Alex took out ten Spirit stones with the size of an infant's fist. They were low-grade spirit stones that are quite useful to Dantian Formation Realm Cultivator in speeding their cultivation progress.

Alex pushed those stones in Blackbeard's body as the heavenly spirit had told him. The spirit stones melted the moment they touched the puppet. They were then absorbed in the Blackbeards body. That's it, Blackbeard promoted to the Early Stage of Dantian Formation Realm just like that without any sound or visible Qi swirling around him. 

After promoting to the Dantian Formation Stage, the puppets can start making use of Martial art skills received from the Heavenly book like the Roaring Tiger Fist. They don't need to train in it since they can already use it to its full proficiency the moment Alex let them touch the original book.

"Cyrus! Tagor! Come forward." Alex found that promoting his subordinate's cultivation strength was too boring but he had to do it his hands or it will not work unlike before.

Without any problems, those two also promoted to the Early stage of Dantian Formation Realm. This makes the Seashell island to have five cultivators with Early-stage Dantian Formation realm.

The other two are Jack and Donald. Meg, Julie, Selena, and also Dan, the butler of Master Clayton would also promote to the Early stage of Dantian Formation Realm this month which would raise the numbers Dantian Formation realm cultivator to fourteen.

Nora, Violette, Norman, Master Clayton, and himself are included in that number. If Alex included the Demon Beast of Violette and his own than there were three with the strength of the Late-stage and Peak stage of Rank 2 causing the numbers to shoot to eighteen.

It can be crowned as the most powerful force in the whole eastern islands archipelago of the Belmont subcontinent. 


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