The Pleasure Lord
240 Upgrading The Puppets - Part 1
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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240 Upgrading The Puppets - Part 1

After instructing Godzilla and Kerchak on the matter of the last Demon Beast, the colorful crab that likes in the sea near the seashell island, Alex started returning to the Mordrake city with Nora. 

"Nora, what happens when you people don't complete your task in a given time."

"... The branch manager sends a person to find what happened to us at the target's location. Usually, they can find from the people if the target, which is you, had been assassinated or someone tried to kill but failed, then if we are not found in fifteen days, we are declared dead."

"The person who had come to investigate will also try to find the difficulty of killing the target, if there is a discrepancy with the customer given information then he will go back to inform the branch manager who will then find the customer and ask him for compensation for giving out the wrong information."

"They will not come to take revenge?"

"No, why would they? You are not their enemy. Its the fault of the assassins for failing the task, and such people are not needed by the organization. If the customers compensate for the losses then it will be settled and if the customer gives another task while paying even more for your death, only then would they send elite assassins after you. If you do not find them directly and try to hurt their assassins or their assets proactively, they will not do anything to you."

"What if they find out that you betrayed them?" Alex asked. 

"It's simple, if they knew that I betrayed them, then the branch manager would try all means to kill me. If they found that Trystan had betrayed them then someone from the organization would come to kill him, they would not bother for a trainee like him who may not even know about their real name."

"Ah, that means, the branch manager will try to kill you if his person saw you alive and following me like a subordinate."

Nora could only nod, she was already expecting such a thing to happen when she failed the task and became Alex subordinate.

"Killing the Branch manager would make the organization to come and hunt for the killers. The usual suspects would be the recent targets and the customers that the Branch manager had dealt with... It's a little tricky."

Alex thought for some time and then turned to ask Nora as they ran out of the forest.

"Are you able to recognize the person who will be sent here to investigate."

Nora hesitated and then said "I do not know, there are many assassins that work for the Branch manager and not all are known to the trainees. I can recognize some of them but not all." 

"It's okay... let's do this, you will not show your face to the public for a few months and even after that you can only wear a face mask. I will declare to the people that someone tried to assassinate me but one was killed by me while the other person had accidentally died when a powerful Demon Beast living inside the Seashell island went on a rampage."

It will create a nice cover for Nora. The person who would come to investigate will not find anything about Nora and her betrayal. As for the future, Alex would have become strong enough uproot the organization so why would he fear their revenge. Now he only has to stop Nathan from putting up another task to kill him. 

'I will let him see his territory being eaten by his neighbor's bit by bit and he could do nothing about it but have his heart bleed'

"Tagor, use every means to let Nathan Nehmor's army lose to his neighbors that are currently having skirmishes with him at the border. Also, delay the shipment of the captured soldiers to at least a week before sending them back.

"It will be done, my lord," Tagor replied.

The puppet had many ways to sabotage Nathan's armies defenses, their food supply, and giving out strategic information to his enemies that are detrimental for his army.

"Ah, Tagor wait. You, Blackbeard, and Cyrus be ready and come to meet me back in the Mordrake manor. I want to upgrade your strength to the early stage of Dantian Formation Realm."

Tagor affirmed while Blackbeard and Cyrus also voiced that they will be there waiting for him.

Alex's return was known to the citizens when entered the eastern gates of the city. Everyone came to him and ask about the Demon Beasts incident or if he was hurt and the likes. 

It took some time to explain about the Demon Beasts fighting each other and the assassination attempt on him when he watching the fight. Alex told them that he had killed one of the female assassins while others died fortunately when he somehow got entangled in between the fight of the Demon Beast. 

The male assassin died a gruesome death and was eaten by the Demon Beast on the spot. The female assassin dead body attracted the attention of those Demon Beast onto him, therefore he had to waste time running around the forest before those Demon Beast of Rank 2 and a Rank 3 stopped pursuing him anymore.

The common people were instantly riled up in anger. They cursed those assassins till their eighteen generations. How dare they try to hurt their Lord who was so good to them? Some calm and knowledgeable people were shocked that there was a Rank 3 Demon Beast living on the same island as them.

It was breaking news to them and all the adventures that go to the Swamp Marsh forest on a daily basis.

A Rank 3 Demon beast could very well wipe out every city from the island if it suddenly went on a rampage.

Alex knew what they thought, he wanted them to think there is a Rank 3 Demon Beast on the far east side of the Seashell direction so that they refrain from venturing deep into the forest and accidentally stumbling upon the ruins.

He had already told Kerchak to cover the gates and the entrance of the ruins with stones so that it's less noticeable but there was still a risk.


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