The Pleasure Lord
101 It“s Time
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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101 It“s Time

"Ah, you almost killed me, old man. Fortunately, I had erected a barrier using Talisman scroll in time to counter the one that you had used. But it's still me who came out on top in the end. Now you know whats the difference between the Riverland Sect Disciples and rogue cultivators like you people. Keep that in mind when I send you the afterlife". Joseph nonchalantly rolled and stood up from the place he had been blasted away to and then started walking towards them while dusting his battered clothes with his hands because of the explosion earlier.

Joseph seemed fine externally but only he knew that he had suffered some internal injuries from the battle and didn't come out unscathed completely. Also, he had spent two-third of his Qi to defeat the old man.

"Darren, run I can't match him...go and save the rest of the family. I will keep him occupied. Go!" Darbon said that hastily as he tried to gather his strength to stand up but he dropped back again on the ground. Unfortunately, the old man's fragile body was not even able to stand up after losing so much of his blood. His death was only a few breaths short.

"I fear you can't do that anymore..." Joseph sneered. 

Darren's heart sank into grief. He looked to the man who'd taken care of him ever since he was a little boy with a desperate expression. Unlike his own son Darien, Darren loved and respected his father and his forefather, the founder of the Darbank clan who is not in this world anymore. 

Joseph indifferently took a few steps forward, his voice cold as ice, "Darren, accept your fate."Pausing for a bit, Joseph once again smiled, making Darren despair even more as he said, "Don't worry, I won't kill you. Cole wanted me to capture you alive if possible as he wants to settle some score with you in private." 

Precisely at this moment, a polite voice rang out. "Oh, there seems to be a party going on here. Can I join you guys!" Alex stepped out from behind a house, grinning at the two men.

But sadly Alex was completely ignored by Joseph and Darren only looked at him in surprise and confusion as to why he was here but it was just that.

"Don't ignore me you knuckleheads" Alex shouted.

Joseph had originally ignored Alex's existence. In his eyes, such a youngling was not worth fearing whatsoever and therefore unworthy of any attention. Darren remembered Alex but he didn't say anything now as his whole attention was on his father. However, only when Alex spoke up, did Joseph finally deign to take notice of him.

"Who are you?" Joseph knitted his brows and looked at Alex with displeasure before saying, "Well, regardless of who you are, since you're here, let's just say, you're out of luck!"

With a wave of his hand, Joseph signaled a guard beside him, "Kill him!"

From behind Joseph's back, two guards suddenly rushed out, charging straight at Alex, who never took a glance at them from beginning to end. Only when they arrived right in front of him did Alex casually caught the two swords being thrusted at him with his bare hands.

The advantage of achieving the stage of the Copper body is that normal iron weapons are no longer effective against him, no matter how sharp their edges were. Only graded weapons can do any damage to him.

The swords shattered with a loud bang as Alex broke them easily by putting force in his hands.

"Wh...What!" Both the guards were dumbfounded. 



Alex didn't give them time to react as he sliced their neck with the broken shards of the guard's swords he destroyed before. Those two guards didn't even get a chance to react as Alex's hands sliced them at an impeccable speed. They collapsed onto the ground with a thud each while holding on to their own bleeding neck in their hands.

Everyone on the scene took in a breath of cool air.  

Everyone saw was the two guards rushing at Alex, they also saw the scene where Alex blocked two sword attacks with his bare hands but what happened after that was what made them gasp.

In their view, they only saw Alex casually bypassing the two guards after breaking their sword. They couldn't register the action fast enough in their heads when Alex killed their comrades with the broken shards. Only some people could saw a shadow like a blur for a moment. 

Alex's speed and strength forced Joseph to raise his eyebrow's in surprise. Darren had the same reaction. Darren knew that Alex was just a villager before and only became Master Clayton's disciple in recent months after his family had to leave their previous village because of Cole Jordan.

Joseph signaled the guards again and this time a dozen of them decided to rush towards Alex to kill him and get revenge for their comrades.

Alex smiled at the guards that came shouting at him. He then suddenly flung the sword shards in both his hands like a slingshot in the direction of the guards. 

The soldiers in the front were caught off guard as the sword shards pierced their heads instantly.

Alex stomped the ground and immediately reduced the distance between him and the remaining five guards to just one meter. He immediately showered them with a punch. The power behind Alex's fists was so great that with each of its contact to a guard's head would make it explode outwardly like he was smashing watermelons.

Seeing so many of the elite guards that Cole had trained tragically died in the hand of a teen, Joseph took another glance at Alex. His gaze had now changed into a dignified and solemn look, continuing in an imposing manner, "Who on earth are you?"

Joseph had become apprehensive after Alex had displayed his prowess. From start to end, Alex seemed as if he barely used any of his strength.

Although it seemed as if he was taking a leisurely walk around his own courtyard, he had still killed so many people in such a tragic manner and that also alone.

From the aura that was emanated from Alex's body, Joseph perceived that Alex was actually still in the Body Tempering Realm but the power that he had shown just now did not match his cultivation level at all. Thus, Joseph immediately felt that Alex was somewhat enigmatic.

With Alex's age and cultivation, it did not make sense of how he was able to have this much strength. Only a Sect or a powerful clan could afford to train such a young man.

"Oh, now you want to ask who I am. You should have asked that question in the first place at the beginning. But since you have asked, let me introduce myself. My name is Alex and I don't like you guys at all."Alex lectured Joseph with displeasure, staring at Darren as he spoke. He obviously wanted to irritate Joseph.

"And before I forget, let me tell you that your employer is dead now. Yeah, I am talking about Cole Jordan. He is not in this world anymore as he died in my hands. That's why he couldn't attend the party in time. I am sorry for your loss." Alex lied through his teeth but it's not that they will ever know if Cole is alive or not.

Joseph's face changed greatly when he heard that, as did the look in his eyes when he looked at Alex. 


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