The Pleasure Lord
88 Clovis“s little secre
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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88 Clovis“s little secre

Udale's mother suddenly came in between Alex and her son and begged him with tearful eyes "Please…spare him...he is my only son, please have mercy."

"SPARE HIM! You want me spare this beast who had taken so many innocent lives just because he thought he was above all of them. How can you even come in front of me to beg for him? As a mother have you ever thought what went through with those mothers who lost their sons and wives who lost their husbands because of your son. You had never felt the pain of losing someone very dear to you, right? I will kill him no matter what you say," for a moment Alex lost his cool.

Maybe it was because he was affected by the memories of the previous Alex or because he never liked such animals as they never cared or thought how others feel.

Udale's mother stopped crying after hearing Alex outburst. Maybe it's because she couldn't retort him. She had lived her whole life with Noble's point of view. She thought that even if her dear son kills a slave, it should not matter as she also never treated them as people.

Udale was terrified when he heard this; he even peed in his robes in fear.

Most of the guards who had witnessed their young master's heinous acts at first hand when they escorted him, found themselves getting agitated after listening to Alex's words.

They hated Udale and also his father when they performed such acts in public as there was no one powerful enough to stop them and since they also have to take care of their families and needed to provide for them, the guards and the common people chose to do their work quietly.

Alex thought for a moment and then said "Being a mother I know you don't want to lose your son. That's why I am giving you a chance. Udale Damon has to be punished for his past crimes but I can let him go if you take his place.  If you do so, I will not execute your son, but you will be beheaded in his place that also in front of the public to right his wrongs. Do you agree?"

Everyone was shocked on hearing this. No one expected that the situation would develop like this. Particularly the guards, servants, and maids working for Damon Family wanted Udale to get punished in their hearts.

Even though Udale's mother did not have any good character herself, they still wanted Udale to be executed first. Of course, no one dared to say this out loud as they couldn't make head or tails of the current situation.

A mother's love for her child is like nothing else in the world. It knows no law, no pity. It dares all things and crushes down remorselessly all that stands in its path. A mother would sacrifice herself first if the need arises to protect her child.

 Most people would have expected Udale's mother to agree on the spot but looking at how ugly her face had become after being told to sacrifice her life for her son, the people standing there started doubting her previous actions and thought it was all done just to gain sympathy.

And it was just like that, she might love her son a little but she dear her life much more. Being brought up in a merchant family, she valued her own interest over others than anything else. She also didn't really love her husband, what she loved was the fame, wealth and status that came after marrying him.

"Yes, yes, mother agrees. Let me go, I will not do any bad things in the future, please let me go." Udale suddenly shouted aloud from behind her mother. He was more than ready to save his own life in exchange for his mother's.

 "…"The people standing there were very much disgusted.

"Is this the young master I had been serving for so long? how can I have been so blind?"

"Fuck, he is such a bastard. How low can he get?"

"Even his mother's not ready to save her son. What can you expect from such a family?"

Udale's mother who had been in a state of confusion just now became mad on the spot after hearing such words coming out from her son's mouth.

"You Bastard! You filthy scum!" She turned slapped her son in anger.

Then they started fighting in between themselves.

 Alex couldn't even bear to see such a scene happening in front of him and could only sigh..

Without wanting to waste any more breath on such superfluous talk with Udale and her mother, Alex waved his hand and commanded a puppet, "Throw them both in the prison below their manor for now."

After the mother and son duo were dragged into the prison which Lord Damon had built, Alex finally stood in front of all the people that worked for Damon's family before.

The guards were standing in their place dumbfounded after seeing such a fiasco between the mother and her son. They didn't even know what do now, should they protect their Lord's family or not. Anyway, they all turned their heads towards Clovis because he had the highest authority now if they ignored Lord Damon's family.

Alex instead turned his eyes on the second wife of Lord Damon. Because of this, Clovis suddenly became very nervous and alert.

Alex found this little detail with the use of his spiritual sense.

"Mister Clovis, you seem very protective of this lady. Why is that so?" Alex smiled at him when he said that.

"What…I don't understand what you mean." Clovis couldn't help but stutter for a moment. 'Shit, does he know something? What does he want to do?'

"That little girl, she resembles you lot, doesn't she?" Alex pointed at the little girl that the woman was holding in her arms. Clovis immediately understood his meaning and drops of sweat started appearing on his forehead.

"Well, not that it matters." Alex just gave him a knowing smile. He then turned around and entered the newly built Damon Family manor. He ordered his puppet to deal with the guards.

 Not to kill them of course but to let them join his side. Some middle-level officers in between those guards were his puppets so it was much easier to convince them to take him as their new lord.

 Not that they had any choice in this matter, these people would fight for anyone who would provide them with food and security. Clovis also agreed but that was only after he met with Alex personally in private.

 After Alex agreed with his personal request, Clovis was more than ready to serve under him. Well, the request was not anything big. Clovis and the second wife of Lord Damon had a love affair with each other and the result of that was the little girl in her arms.

This secret never came to light as the consequences of it would be disastrous for both of them and their child. They always wanted to run away but never found an opportunity. 

 But now that Alex had killed Lord Damon and even caught on their secret, Clovis requested Alex to not harm the woman and her child because of Lord Damon.

Alex smiled and agreed. Immediately, Clovis bent his knee and took an oath to take him as his Lord. Alex does not take such type of an Oath seriously as you never know if they mean it or not. Anyway, he only trusts his puppets and his family. 

In the Manor Lord Damon, Alex absorbed everything that had any value into his inventory. He also found the martial art manuals and cultivation techniques that Lord Damon and his family practiced. Other than that he found many graded weapons and many pills.

Now it was time to take over this whole village. The puppets went towards the camp where the main private army of Damon was resting. Alex sent them there to eliminate the other 9th grade of Body Tempering Realm cultivator that commanded the army and was very loyal to Lord Damon.

Alex also sent Clovis there so that he can convince the soldiers to surrender without unnecessary fighting. Some of them tried to escape or fought back but the puppets dealt with them easily.

 No one could pass any information to the other Nobles about what happened to the Damon Family in their own village. The common people were also pacified easily without causing much disturbance.

That same night, Alex immediately left the Damon Family mansion and started his journey towards the village that came under Hestia Family.

 Unlike Lord Damon, the patriarch of Hestia's family was sleeping soundly on his bed when Alex sneaked into his room.

Being presented with such an opportunity, Alex, of course, wouldn't miss it. Alex swung his sword and cut off Lord Hestia's head while he was sleeping without even giving him a chance to fight back or even wake up.

 Being a Dantian Formation Realm Cultivator and a Noble Lord, Lord Hestia never expected an assassin would arrive in his heavily guarded room without being detected.

Alex had no hesitation in killing Lord Damon and Hestia because he knew what kind of people they were.

Since the strongest person has died in this village, Alex commanded his puppets to take over it just like they did with Damon Family village.

 Lord Hestia's family was put into prison for now and they will be judged in public trial that he would organize in the future.

In one night, Alex has destroyed two noble families and had taken over their wealth and managed to take over their people. No other forces on this island were able to know of this event.

The sun had started to rise by now, that's why Alex decided that he will deal with the Cameron Family later this night.


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