The Pleasure Lord
239 Godzilla!
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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239 Godzilla!

Nora activated her ability and immediately went invisible after arriving at the outer circle of the huge lake. 

The sea Iguana had already sensed her when she arrived, therefore, he was ready to teach her a lesson for entering its territory but then it got confused when the aura approaching the lake suddenly vanished altogether.

Alex had his spiritual sense scanning the lake. He had located the Demon Beast which was submerged inside the water and waiting for the right time to attack the intruder.

He saw how it behaved when Nora went invisible.

The bloodline ability of hers was really good. It could even hide her leaking aura for a short amount of time. 

Alex was able to suppress his aura completely therefore he didn't need to activate the same ability he got from the Night Goddess as Nora.

 When the sea iguana surfaced it looked around but couldn't find the intruder with that powerful aura but he only spotted a human who seemed to be as weak as small fish.

Peak stage Rank 2 beast are quite intelligent therefore the Sea Iguana waited to see if there was an ambush. Alex didn't give it any chance. He materialized the Crescent Bow and shot an arrow towards the Sea iguana having only its head out of the water surface.



But the arrow was destroyed midair. The sea iguana used its tongue to break the arrow by stretching it out of its mouth and accurately striking the flying arrow coming towards it.

Alex was disappointed. He once again shot an arrow one after another. The Sea Iguana destroyed them numerous times but it just kept on coming at it. Alex was standing out of the Demon Beast attack range therefore he wasn't targeted.

After a few more shots, the Sea iguana finally snapped and paddled towards the edge of the lake. After exiting the lake, its home territory, the sea Iguana suddenly rushed towards Alex to attack him once he comes under the attack range of her tongue.

Alex backed off a few more meters until he baited the Demon Beast far from the lake.

With a thought, Kerchak materialized in front of him and immediately faced the oncoming attack of the Sea Iguana, its barbed tongue.


Of course, the amphibian was shocked seeing one of his enemies suddenly appearing from the air between the human and her own. Just when she wanted to retract her tongue back, Kerchak grabbed the tongue using all of his four arms without carrying if the poisonous barbed tongue pierced his skin or not.

"Good! Keep a tight grip on it don't let the Sea iguana retract it back." Alex praised Kerchak.

Alex rushed at full speed, releasing his cultivation pressure on the Sea iguana who tried to back off. Suddenly, the Iguana felt a threat from its behind causing it to freeze.

A sword pierced her tough skin on the back and stopped just an inch away from her heart. With just a slight push, the sword could kill the sea Iguana immediately. 

Nora kept her sword steady so that the Sea Iguana stays obedient and doesn't make any movement that might endanger its own life.

Alex arrived. He was quite happy that his plan worked. Without wasting much time, Alex jumped the Sea Iguana's head causing it to flinch a little. But it stayed still because the Demon Beast felt the humans did not want to hurt her or the sword would have not stopped just an inch away from its heart.

"We don't mean to harm you so stay still and don't make any movement or else you die". Alex spoke aloud. He didn't bother if the reptile understood his speech or the meaning behind his words or not. Alex quickly placed his hand on its head and poured his Spiritual Energy inside.

There was a tremendous resistance from the Sea Iguana unlike when Alex had done the same thing with Kerchak. His spiritual energy was being resisted fiercely by the Sea Iguana from getting near to her Demon Beast core.

But Alex's spiritual energy had the ability to bypass the Qi barrier put by the Demon Beast. When the Spiritual energy reached the Demon Beast Core and touched its surface, The sea Iguana suddenly calmed down and stopped fidgeting anymore.

Like Kerchak, the Sea Iguana also stopped resisting anymore in front of his spiritual energy. Soon, Alex made the contract with reptile Demon Beast at the Peak stage of Rank 2. 

Nora recovered her sword on being told by Alex and Kerchak also released the tongue immediately but then it went on jumping around because of the pain from the cuts on his arms caused due to the barbed tongue. 

The sea Iguana became as docile as a dog. She even wanted to lick Alex's face to show her joy but was stopped by him due to understandable reasons. Who would want to get licked by the Sea Iguana's tongue with countless small poisonous spikes covering its surface? Alex remembers getting hit by it on the day he entered the ruins, it hurt quite a bit.

"I have to name you like Kerchak... how about Godzilla, it was essentially a mutated Iguana. Do you like it?" Alex asked.

The Sea Iguana motioned her head up and down. It means she likes it very much.

"Godzilla? Sounds quite domineering... but is it okay to keep such a name for a Peak stage Rank 2 Demon Beast?" Nora spoke while rolling her eyes.

"It sounds domineering because I expect she will make the cultivators around the world fearful of her in the future, therefore she had to have a name suitable for her achievements."

"Oki!" Suddenly the Gorrila arrived and shouted pointing all his hands towards himself. He was asking why his name was not as domineering as the reptile. What mistake did he do to be treated with such partiality?

Alex didn't want to tell him that he only named them after thinking of the famous characters back in the Modern world. He could have named the gorilla as King Kong but the name Kerchak came first to his mind. 


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