The Pleasure Lord
238 Familiar Lake
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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238 Familiar Lake

Alex blinked. The aura around him submerged into his body like a receding tide.

Nora was surprised. She wasn't able to do what Alex had done. Just after a breakthrough, the Qi inside the body is usually in turmoil and to fully gain control of it takes many days of regular cultivation and practicing martial arts.

If they met any cultivators, then their promotion could not be kept as a secret because of the aura or a kind of a Qi breath that can be sensed by the cultivators.

Alex did it almost immediately. It ever felt like he had any kind of a breakthrough in his cultivation. 

"Congratulate Alex!" Nora didn't forget to wish. Her inner joy of promoting to the Peak Stage of Dantian Cultivation Realm has died down as she suddenly thought of Alex's age and his cultivation level.

"I should be also congratulating you. Peak Stage Dantian Formation Realm cultivator is kinda like a boss in this region. Good job! There should still be some my yang Qi left inside your body. Try to refine it as soon as possible. It may push you to the next major realm." Alex's body can recover his Yang Qi at an ultra-fast rate but normal people aren't able to do that.

Once they lost their virginity, the accumulated Yang Qi or Yin Qi from their infancy to their adulthood gets exhausted with the first night of their lovemaking with their partner.

Mostly it goes to waste since they don't have any dual cultivation technique to refine it. It then takes a long while to accumulate that much of Yang or Yin Qi inside their body.

But no one does that since, after the day of their first night, people start having sex on a regular short time basis. Whatever little amount they might have generated goes to waste again.

Fortunately, Alex does not have this common problem due to his cultivation method, or maybe due to his primary bloodline, he doesn't know which one of it causes such change in his body. But there is also an unfortunate disadvantage of his cultivation technique.

If Alex again has intercourse with Nora the next day, he cannot give all of his Yang Qi to her and cause her to break through again and again because the dual cultivation part of his technique works on something like the law of equal exchange. 

Nora's body may recover only a small amount of Yin Qi in one day, therefore, the next day when they mate, Alex would only be able to take that small part and give her almost exactly the same amount of his Yang Qi in exchange. He can't control it.

And since his Yang Qi is very pure or you can say it the purest in the universe, the girls can refine it without having the need to know something like a Dual cultivation Technique.

Their body will be able to refine it just like a Normal Qi they absorb from the air, actually much easier than that.

Because of all these reasons, Alex's and his partner's cultivation speed drops when they dual cultivate on a bed. But it's still worth a lot. Who wouldn't want to see an increase in their cultivation through coitus? It is not only fun but also stressless and easier than actual cultivation.

Nora naturally asked about the reason for the breakthrough and the specialness of his Yang Qi. Alex explained to her about the Dual cultivation and other stuff related to it. Even on the Belmont Subcontinent, dual cultivation is not well known and the techniques for dual cultivation were even rarer. 

There was such an amazing thing. Nora would have forced Alex to have another round immediately if not her being tired mentally and spent out. 

The sky was brightening with rays of the sun. 

"Here, wear this. You should also be hungry, lets eat snacks on our way as we travel back to the city." Alex said to Nora as he handed a pair of clothes to her.

Nora nodded and started to wear clothes unblushingly. She liked the design of the clothes very much. 

"Kerchak. You stay here to help my subordinates in exploring the ruins... I know, they will not enter that chamber, since you have already told me about how dangerous it is..."

"Oh yeah, first come with to the lair of that Sea Iguana. I want to subjugate it and make this island less dangerous for human settlement. As for that colorful Crab, you and the Sea Iguana can stop it from escaping back to the sea when it comes over for that mysterious blood found in the ruins. I will arrive shortly after." Alex said. He told Nora about the Sea Iguana and his plan to make it his Demon Beast companion. He also told her about the ruins but he will not take her to visit that place for now.

Nora didn't even ask about its possibility since she can see the Four-armed Silverback Gorilla which is a Demon Beast of Peak Stage Rank 2, obeying the orders of Alex like a real subordinate.

Alex, Kerchak, and Nora went in the south direction along the mountain. Since Nora couldn't suppress her aura, for the time being, Alex absorbed Kerchak inside his Demon Beast space so that the Sea Iguana does not run away after sensing two powerful aura's similar to his own strength.

Demon Beast usually doesn't try or aren't able to suppress their aura since they use it as a weapon to intimidate their enemies.

Alex arrived at a huge freshwater lake. Sea Iguana Demon Beast was an amphibian. It could live underwater for some hours and on land too.

Alex immediately recognized the lake as it should be connected to the cave of that snake he killed back then with his Jack and the other and got her eggs which hatched Fiona and Laila.

The powerful aura he sensed back then should have come from the Sea Iguana. But now it was not a problem for him to fight the Peak stage Rank 2 Demon Beast at all. He got Kerchak with him and his strength has also upgraded another level. It should be much easier to subjugate the Demon Beast without a long drawn battle and giving each other any serious injuries.

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