The Pleasure Lord
237 A Wild Night! - Part 6
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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237 A Wild Night! - Part 6

She was on her knees on the bed, while he stood over her. Her head was in between his legs and his balls were completely covering her face.

"Right there. Just hold it right there," Alex said gazing down at her. His rod was harder than it had ever been, pointing up at the shining moon as his balls smothered Nora. Her hands trailed up and down his thighs. He never wanted this moment to end.

This was the best view his eyes had ever had the pleasure of taking in.

"Oh, yeah, hold it right there on your face," he said, running his fingers through your hair. She let out a moan from underneath all the sack flesh. He was about to blow again...

Even after several hours, Alex and Nora were still going at it with their bodies being sticky, sweaty, and glistening due to long hours of crazy sex.

Nora was pushing his meat stick against his stomach, running her tongue along the tip of his cock, while sliding one hand under his balls, slowly caressing them, gently.

She then slid his dick between her two milky white, perky breasts, and slowly started sliding him in between the soft and smooth valley of her jugs and flicking the tip of his cock with her tongue.

Nora looked up at him and knew he liked that, she could see the pleasure in his eyes. Alex always wanted to do that.

Nora told him how much she wanted him to cum all over her face, her tits, and her mouth, how much she wanted to taste his sticky mess.

Nora pulled the little lord from between her breasts, and fed him back into her mouth, sucking him vigorously, with desire, with a hunger for all the juice he had stored in his dick.

She sucked and had her hands at the root of his cock, and felt him throbbing in her mouth. She knew he was about to cum, and pulled him out of her mouth, jerking his dick until he came all over her breasts and her hard nipples.

Nora slid his still hard and throbbing cock between her tits, slowly sliding him up and down while trying to lick his juice that was still leaking out of his dick.

She slid her hands around in the sticky mess on her chest, while he watched with a completely satisfied look on his face.

Nora asked him if he liked her playing with his cock, and he just nodded, smiling with his arm folded and under his head. She told him she wasn't done with him yet, then she sucked him back into her mouth drinking every last drop he had to offer.

Alex had ended up feeding her loads of his divine seeds during the night. She lost track of the number of times she'd climaxed herself. She stopped counting somewhere around nine.

"Did you enjoy your first time?" Alex asked as he fell on the bed with Nora snuggling to his left and resting her head on his shoulder.

"Couldn't you tell? It was wonderful. I loved feeling your mouth on me and the feel of your fingers inside me. You made me feel incredible. I cannot wait to feel your little lord, as you call it, inside of me again and to feel you cum inside me again... but its already dawn!" Nora said ecstatically but regretted why morning had to arrive so early.

Her body was tired but she didn't want their night to end so soon. She hadn't felt this good and happy all her life. Who would have thought her first task as an assassin would take such a turn like this? 

Alex smiled. He could have tired her much earlier and made her feel even more pleasure if he had used his secret card but why show all his talents in just one night. 

But it wasn't long when Nora felt her body heating and something bubbling with extreme force inside her body.

Alex smiled perceiving that and knew it was time for them to cultivate and if lucky then one or both of them would have a breakthrough in their cultivation today.

Without Alex notifying her, Nora sat cross-legged and immediately tried to suppress and process the foreign yang Qi to assimilate it into her body.

Alex sat beside her in the same position... Almost an hour after, Nora opened her eyes in extreme surprise and joy. She had promoted to the Peak-stage of Dantian Formation Realm from the Late stage.

If she cultivated for a few more days regularly, then the early Stage of Elemental gathering Realm was not far from her and that was not the only benefit.

Even her bloodline powers had progressed further, or you can say it awakened notably and strengthened the power and time of her ability to turn invisible and strengthened her body transformation.

There were more invisible benefits gained by her but she didn't know about them yet.

Suddenly the Qi around her swirled and flowed to her side where Alex was sitting. It poured into his body while creating a whirlwind around him. It went on for a few more minutes before Nora felt Alex's aura swelling rapidly until it matched that of a Mid-Stage Dantian Formation Realm Cultivator.

Alex's eyelids opened slowly and his blue irises sparkling like two pearls of an azure color fell on Nora's body. Nora felt a powerful attraction when she looked at Alex's spiritual eyes.

She felt they contained a world of their own, making her heartthrob uncontrollably.

It was then she came to know that the nominal Patriarch of her bloodline clan was no ordinary boy and he deserved being recognized by the Night goddess.

She vaguely felt her destiny changing in an uncontrollable direction the moment she made the Bloodline Bound contract with Alex, it was now she came to know and felt how life-changing her decision would be to follow the young Lord of the Seashell Island, Alex Mordrake!


A/N: 2 Bonus chapters just because I didn't want to leave you guys with blue balls at the end of two chapters. Sigh... My kind heart really cares a lot about the well being of you, readers... So open the gates of your hearts too and let all the kindness flow out of it, VOTE with POWER STONES and let me feel your KINDNESS TOO! Hehehe...


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