The Pleasure Lord
236 A Wild Night! - Part 5
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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236 A Wild Night! - Part 5

Alex's lifted his body as he pulled his little brother out and placed it in front of Nora's mouth with a dribble of his divine seed still seeping out.

She didn't hesitate when Alex started to pull her forward, eagerly sliding her tongue out of her mouth and running the flat paddle up the full length of his tumescent dick, a huge gob of semen building on her tongue.

When Nora reached the drooling tip, she drew her tongue back into her mouth, savoring the flavor of their mixed juices, feeling her taste buds come alive under the heady combination. The female assassin was surprised that she found herself dizzy with excitement at the heavenly taste of it.

She swallowed, the silky juices skimming luxuriously down her throat.

"Mmmm~," she purred, enthusiastically bringing her mouth back to his sticky loins for more.

Nora climbed on top of him, planted a deep kiss on his mouth, and sat on his rock hard cock. Alex couldn't help but let out a pleasurable groan at the feeling of her sitting on his dick and balls.

He held her around her waist with one arm, and grasped one breast with his hand, gently caressing it, before reaching it to his mouth, sucking on her hard nipple, flicking it with his tongue. She let out a little gasp of pleasure, realizing she had been digging her nails into his back.

"That's a good girl. Get it all," Alex encouraged.

Nora didn't need any coaxing, licking up every drop that she could. She took his balls in the palm of her hand and licked their juices off his satin-smooth sack, and then licked at the warm crease where his leg met his body, and then his hairless groin. Every drop of the divine seed and her sweet nectar was now safely stored in her belly, a glistening sheen of her drying saliva was all that was left on Alex's muscular body.

Alex thought that would be the end of it, but Nora was quickly able to recover as if she gained power after stuffing her belly with his bodily fluids...

Another session started right off the bat. Nora slid his cock inside her and started riding him wildly, like a cowgirl. She grinned down at him with a devilish smirk. Alex gazed up at her, fully believing the wild nature inside of Nora, she would sometime become meek like a cat, let him play with her body anyhow he would want to and at certain times she becomes quite aggressive, making him sit back and enjoy being serviced like a king. 

Sounds of panting and grunts of sex-crazed couple echoed in the surrounding forest continuously without stopping. 

Alex grabbed her smooth silky tits and started playing with them. 

Nora had ridden him for quite a while and Alex didn't think he was going to last much longer because he hadn't cum the previous time when Nora had done it two times already while gyrating hips against his.

His hands trailed down to her bouncing butt and grabbed onto her soft ass cheeks. She continued gazing down at him with that devilish look in her eyes.

The look on her face was almost enough to make him blow his divine load right then and there. But Alex had to hold on as long as he could.

"Ahnnn~... Patriarch, do you like it... want me to play with my breasts that you like so much... Mmm!" Nora said half pantingly as she licks her lower lips and uses her own hands to pinch and pulls her rock hard nipples. Her eyes oozed her sultry desires and her ever-increasing sex appeal.

This is it! This is what Alex was talking about. Nora knows how to act differently to get the best out of the situation. She knows how to grab hold of her target's heart and make him turn around her fingers like a puppet. She has a natural talent.

If Alex sent her to seduce his enemies to get some information out of him or to kill them when they come under Nora's breathtaking body above a bed. She would succeed in taking the targets' life very easily.

But that was just a thought, Alex wasn't going to give her that kind of missions. His female puppets would suffice in cases where it needs seduction of the target. Nora would only take the ones where the target needs to be directly killed under the knife.

Alex could hear the sound of his balls smacking against her ass. He bucked his hips up and down in rhythm with her's. He was moaning with every thrust. Suddenly he felt it, and he realized it was going to happen no matter what. His mind raced with a million thoughts. The look on his face was frantic as his divine seed rapidly raced through his balls and up to his shaft. He could feel his cockhead swelling intensely.

But thankfully, Nora was at her end too. With a sudden jerk, Alex trusted his waist fully upwards to slid his dick into Nora's wet and ever-tightening vagina with a powerful thrust.

"Fuck, I'm gonna cum!" Alex shouted. In response, Nora rode him faster, increasing the hip bucking. His divine seed reached the surface and he was off. An intense orgasm blasted through Nora's body.

Nora's legs started shaking intensely for the nth time as her moans and groans echoed loudly through the surrounding forest. "OHHH!! FUCK!! AHN~! Yeanhhh!!"

Alex violently thrust upward as hot load sprayed out of him into Nora. After a full minute of bucking and moaning, both of their orgasms finally subsided. Nora cuddled him and giggled, planting soft kisses on his jaw and neck as Alex panted heavily...

A while later, Alex was standing over her, his balls on her face. He had always wanted to do this to someone and now he was doing it to his new loyal subordinate or the first bloodline member of his new clan.


A/N: 2 Bonus chapters just because I didn't want to leave you guys with blue balls at the end of two chapters. Sigh... My kind heart really cares a lot about the well being of you, readers... So open the gates of your hearts too and let all the kindness flow out of it, VOTE with POWER STONES and let me feel your KINDNESS TOO! Hehehe...


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