The Pleasure Lord
235 A Wild Night! - Part 4
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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235 A Wild Night! - Part 4

She wouldn't mind becoming his slave now if that's what he wanted because at that moment she forgot everything from her lifelong dream to her having the bloodline of a proud and ancient Demon Beast, the Night Goddess.

"Excellent, be ready because it's gonna hurt the first time but you will be feeling good real soon and trust me I won't stop all night because you have to get your punishment"

As Alex spread her thick legs, he could see the pink petals of the girls glistening lips part slightly as her thighs rolled open further to each side. Alex felt himself salivating as he looked at Nora's beautiful pussy. 

It was bald, the mound of her sex was warm pink, her fleshy inner lips a brighter shade of pink, and they glistened.

They glistened with a fragrant coating of her womanly nectar. Alex could smell her nectar flowing out. The rich vivid scent was sensual and alluring, making Alex want to bury his face in it so bad but this was not the time. He positioned his weapon against the doors of her never before opened gates and gave it a slight push until it reached the hymen.

Nora wriggled her hips, getting the crimson crown settled just inside her, her shiny pink labia circling the huge knob possessively. She rolled her hips, and to Alex it looked like the woman was flexing her pussy, the lips seeming to grip and pull at the invading monster.

"Fuck, you are hot," Alex said as he looked down at their joined bodies. He reached down and wrapped his big hands around Nora's slender ankles, lifting her legs straight up.

Holding her firmly by the ankles, he spread her long legs far out to each side, opening her right up for the assault he knew was coming. With her feet pointed skyward, he shifted into position. "I can't wait any longer, time for you to become a woman."

"Yes, give it to me," Nora hissed, her hands clutching at the sheets in a death-grip.

Alex was not to be denied, insistently thrusting forward, pushing her legs up and further out to each side, spreading her apart like a wishbone. 

With a single push, Alex broke the hymen and slid his already lotioned dick to the oily depths of her pleasurable canal, stretching it to the limits.

Nora bit her lips, she knew the pain would go away soon. At first, she felt her body was going to get split in two but that feeling slowly subsided. The sensation of her insides getting filled to the brim was truly breathtaking.

Alex kept driving forward until finally, his groin almost pressed against hers leaving only a few inches out, his stallion-like cock almost buried to the hilt, the engorged head pressing up against Nora's cervix.

Alex felt his dick had suddenly entered a slimy hot furnace that felt so tight, so warm and so velvety making him want to stay like that forever. The sensation was very familiar to Alex since he had experienced this addictive feeling before with three other gorgeous girls.

"Oh fuck, I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna...ohhhhhhhh~!" Nora groaned loudly, twisting and bucking as her climax hit her. She was thrashing about like a wildcat, her orgasm blasting through her like an atomic bomb. She was panting like crazy, her hands pulling the sheets up from the bed as she shook and spasmed. The cold wing brushing her heated body was like the trigger of the final explosion.

Alex could see the muscles on the insides of the woman's spread thighs quivering like mad as her orgasm shot through her. Her shattering release went on for a long time, Alex slowly punching his cock into her with slow and short strokes, stoking the furnace deep inside her. Before her climax ended, Alex drew his cock back and drove it in again, attacking the cervix once more.

"Oh fuck, yeanhn~!" Nora purred as the two bodies got into a rhythm. Even with him holding her legs wide apart, she was able to flex and roll her hips, making sure his hammering cock rubbed against every square inch of her tight coital walls.

She was panting like a runaway steam locomotive, but still fucked back at the young stud, her freshly inaugurated pussy gripping and pulling at him possessively.

Nora could feel Alex was getting closer himself.

The intensity of their fucking was amazing. He leaned forwards, the female assassin's legs now pressed up against his shoulders as he folded her up like a pretzel.

Nora let go of the sheets and wrapped her hands behind Alex's neck, pulling his mouth down to hers as she kissed him passionately.

It went on for a while before Alex withdrew and then corkscrewed his hipbones as he drove forward, stirring the woman's insides like a batch of wet cement.

"OH, my fucking Night goddess..." Nora threw her head back and moaned loudly as she came, bouncing about like a ragdoll as Alex hammered her deep into the bedding. Even Kerchak who was patrolling far away could hear the bed squeaking like crazy. Neither of the two lovers heard it at all, they were too wrapped up in their own pleasure.

"Oh fuck, I'm gonna cum," Alex said, pulling back one last time before pounding the hard fleshy stake between his legs deep into Nora's velvety love-pocket, getting it to its limits just as he started to go off.

"Mmm," Nora moaned as she climaxed again, her hips twisting from side to side as she used the muscles inside her to pull every precious drop of divine seed out of his overflowing balls.

Alex felt his buttocks clenching and unclenching as he poured his seed into the woman.

He groaned and flexed as he unloaded, grinding his midsection up against Nora's, basting her insides like a Christmas turkey.

Finally, his climax ended, and Alex collapsed onto her body but his fall was cushioned by her two pillows on her chest. Letting her legs slip out from around Alex's body, lying flat on the bed without as if her strength seeped out of her body continuously. 


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