The Pleasure Lord
234 A Wild Night! - Part 3
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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234 A Wild Night! - Part 3

Her long dark hair was in his face, she kissed his neck and chest while slowly moving down his body. Caressing his chest, and moving down the length of his torso.

Her fingers working deliberately, and patiently in front of her tongue. She could feel his dick getting harder with every inch as she got closer.

Alex grabbed her hair as she got closer to his little lord, moaning, fully aroused.

She slid her hands up his legs, and thighs, wrapping her hands around his stiff cock, opening her mouth, slowly licking the head of his dick for the first time. Just one taste of his divine precum was enough for Nora to fully take in the little lord in her mouth.

She ran her hands up his chest while sucking on his throbbing cock. He gasped for breath, surprised, overwhelmed, and thoroughly charmed.

Alex placed both hands on top of her head, pulling her hair back so he could see her face, watch her every move, every expression.

He guided her head up and down, telling her to suck harder and to go slowly. Nora did exactly as she was told, moaning, and enjoying every inch of him in her mouth.

She slid her hands around his hard cock, her lips and hands near each other working in unison, in harmony, pulling and tugging and sucking, he moaned loud and deep as he pulled her hair further back so he could see almost every inch of himself disappear into her mouth.

He knew he wasn't going to be able to last too long, but he was enjoying every moment of it, knowing she was enjoying it too.

Nora was smirking at him, mouth full of cock, slurping away. Her eyes turned in a crescent shape, telling Alex how much she liked servicing the little Lord.

"Arrrr... Mmmmmm... Yeahhhhh~!" Loud slurping noises filled the space, saliva flowed along the shaft with each mouthful of her eager sucking.

"Mmmmmmhmmmmm~!." It became even more intense, obnoxious slurping... and rapid head bobbing by Nora made Alex having difficulty to hold back his orgasm.

The whole length of the shaft was covered in slick saliva, two hands fist-pumped Alex's little lord to make it admit defeat in front of Nora's mouth.

"Oh Fuck... Yeah!" Alex groaned as his little Lord finally shot a load of his divine seed.

"Yum!" Smacks her cum glazed, pink lips off of his fat meat stick with a very loud plop. "So fucking good." Nora groaned with another very loud lip smack.

She was like a wild bitch in heat and didn't have any bearings of a good girl raised in a good house. Her bearing matched those of the thugs who had spent most of their lives on the street.

Well, a person is clearly affected by the surrounding in which he or she lives in. Nora had lived in the streets, forest for a couple of years, and then in an inn that had numerous mercenaries, adventures, and couples entering and exiting day and night.

If she didn't hear the noises coming out of their rooms after some prostitutes enter it than Nora would be really deaf.

She had heard and learned most of her knowledge about the mating between man and women when she cleaned the floors and passed by the rooms of those horny adventures riding the prostitutes while cursing, encouraging, seducing each other in different ways, and tones.

"Just keep sucking, Nora." Alex roughly pushes her head back down onto his dick and hold it, groaning in pure delight, watching her twist and shake her head wildly as she sucks and jerks him off, mouth and hands both a blur the relentlessly bulging shaft.

She swallowed every drop that of that divine seed that entered her mouth but some of it still spilled out from the corner of her lips.

Being conscious of not wasting even such a small portion of tasty food, Nora used her fingers to wipe her mouth and then lick her fingers in pure delight.

By now, Alex was at least able to know that Nora seemed to be liking it rough, not the extreme kind but it has to be hardcore. 

Nora licks every inch of his still hard, twitching shaft and fat breeding seeds, kissing them softly from head to toe after she licks them clean.

"You are... one wild cat, Nora!" Alex said while catching hold of his breath. The only one that came a little closer to her way of servicing her little Lord would Sierra. Ciera and Selena both of their styles are different therefore there is not really a comparison between their skills in the bed. 

Nora felt good at getting praised.

But now it was time for the main course and she knew it was coming. Alex came on top of her and kissed her lips as if they were his only source of oxygen to breathe.

"Are you ready?" Alex asked teasingly as he rolled his hips, rubbing his enflamed cockhead against her nether lips.

"Oh God, yes," she hissed wantonly, her eyes hooded with sluttish desire.

"Great, but once my little brother conquers a virgin soul, it won't let anybody to even think about it. It's quite possessive, therefore promise it first you won't even think about anyone else in your life other than him and will forever worship it like it's your god. Say it!" Alex said while rubbing the entrance of the carnal cave of pleasure with his cockhead.

Nora shivered at his domineering tone, but her pussy was tingling like crazy as she listened to his words, knowing she wanted to be able to taste his divine seed all the rest of her life, she knew there was not any other choice for her but to be loyal to Alex all her life.

"I will forever worship it as if it's my god, may the heaven smith me with thunder if I ever think of anyone else,... now come and make me yours, put your seed inside of me and mark your territory, I'm going mad, please do it, Quickly!" Nora almost shouted the last words, she was going crazy with all the teasing.


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