The Pleasure Lord
233 A Wild Night!- Part 2
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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233 A Wild Night!- Part 2

When Alex lowered one of his hands towards her naval, Nora did not felt nervous but excited. The mere touch of his palm felt better than she ever imagined. 

She instinctively let her thick, smooth legs fall open wider. Then Alex slid his hand and directly touched her wet nether region. It was dripping wet with all the rubbing, but with Alex touching her slit she began dripping fresh dew.

Alex's fingers began pressing into Nora's pussy and rubbing along her slit.

Just when Nora thought she was going to climax, Alex took a step back breaking away from their heated engagement.

Nora looked at Alex with confusion, but it all went away when Alex waved his hand and a large king-sized bed appeared on the open space to their sides. 

Alex smiled lightly and said, "We can continue with the rest on the bed comfortably if you want but can you tell why you suddenly became so... eager to mate with me."

"Eager to mate with you... Hmph, don't overpraise yourself. I just want to let go of all the worldly bindings that make me unable to follow the path of an assassin. When I saw your oversized p... I mean body without clothes, it made me turn my eyes away due to the inherent shyness I have,... most of the girls have towards such things."

"If it had happened during life and death battle than one mistake from my side could give my enemy the chance to slit my throat in the next second. Anyway, you won't understand such high-level thinking. Just know that I will get rid of my vi...virginty to break away from these mundane things that could degrade or even slightly affect my mindset during battle."

"You are just lucky to be here when I made that decision. Anyway, what a kid like you know about such things. Let big sister take your virginity and we will be equal, and it still feels like I'm on the losing end of this great deal. You can thank me later." Nora's mind was reeling at a fast speed. She said anything that came to her mind.

But some things she said were true and was the reason for her sudden action, such as the change in mindset during the battle can be very life-threatening so for able to achieve her greater goal, Nora decided to become free and come out of her cage.

She chose Alex because he had gained the recognition of her Bloodline Clan's worshipped Night Goddess and also become someone like a family to her but the most important reason for Nora was that droop of Night goddess bloodline that she was going to give keep safe for her future better half. But that plan had now all gone to the drain.

To save her life, Nora had to exchange the bloodline of her clan and her eternal loyalty to Alex. Now that Alex had become the 'nominal Patriarch' of her bloodline clan, she can only live on further to complete her own primary goal of becoming the greatest assassin in this world and the secondary goal of continuing the bloodline of her clan which can only happen with the help of Alex who is now the holder of the same bloodline.

"Puff... Hahaha," Alex laughed unwittingly. 

"Wha.. What? Why are you laughing?" Nora felt she might have said something stupid.

"Oh, nothing. I just laughed when you talked about taking each other virginities. I'm sorry to say, but I'm not an inexperienced person like you. If not for you and your senior brother thrashing my wedding night, I would be sleeping in the warm arms of my wives with whom I have already consummated. Anyway, I won't say no to a beautiful girl asking me to take her virginity, let this Lord, your patriarch, have the honor then, 'big sister'." Alex stressed the word, big sister which caused Nora's face to blush. She quickly diverted the topic.

"Why is there such a big bed in your space ring? How big is it anyway?" Nora asked. 

"It is very big. You don't have to care about its size. Remember to not divulge this information to anyone," Alex used the contract in his mind when he said that. Nora nodded with understanding. She is now on Alex's side. Why would she make unnecessary enemies for Alex?

Nora had regained her bearing by now, she slowing moved backward while cupping her tits in her hands, enticing Alex to come after her. She was standing at the edge of the bed when Alex walked to her and pounced on her like a predator with them falling onto the bed together.

Soon, two bodies entwined like vines that were impossible to separate. With four hands caressing each other bodies, the heated liplock, and the struggle to get on top of each other would make anyone nosebleed.

The whole moon was shining bright above the sky.

Alex kisses her deeply and caresses her right breast, his right-hand starts to try to probe her pussy lips. Nora squirms a bit but continues to make out with Alex. She was playing it hard to get. After a while, Alex's persistence pays off! She is all worked-up and her legs begin to naturally open up.

"Mmh~!" Nora's hand also slid down and grab hold of the bulging little brother being suffocated between their two bodies without getting any space to breathe.

A current went through Nora's body with the first touch of Alex's manhood. 

The touch of her fingers also caused Alex's body to give out an equal reaction, kissing her more passionately and thrusting his tongue down her throat, grabbing her jugs and squeezing them as if he trying to milk the life out of Nora. 

Alex found that she liked it more when he got a little rough with her body.

Nora suddenly pushed Alex to the side and got herself on top of him. She currently had a sensual expression on her face and while taking her time, she slowly starts to slide her body across Alex's towards his legs. Alex could feel his little Lord was in for a treat as he saw Nora's move.


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