The Pleasure Lord
232 A Wild Night! - Part 1
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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232 A Wild Night! - Part 1

There is a little difference between Demon Beast Contract and Bloodline bound contract. The former can make the Demon Beast follow his human master's every single word. They are like servants. The contract can be broken by the Demon Beast if the human master is weaker than it but that occurs rarely and only when the human master is not treating the Demon Beast right.

The Bloodline Bound Contract between the Leader and the fellow bloodline clan members offers greater freedom.

The initiator who is also considered the patriarch of the Bloodline clan cannot make his clan members go against their basic will but he can stop them from divulging certain things to outsiders and also stop them from killing a fellow clan member.

If a certain Clan member does something that violated the rules set upon the bloodline Bound contract, then that member will feel his bloodline weakening until he loses all its power. It can also lead to death in cases where the bloodline members try to kill a fellow member. 

Alex can now be considered the nominal patriarch of the Night goddess Bloodline Clan since he got the acknowledgment of the Night Goddess. He has only set a few rules like no harm to him and his family members, keeping the secrets of the Clan to her grave, if he outlines a piece of information as such forthwith or in the future.

"Good, now we are considered as something like a family. Nora Nightshade, I hope you never betray me in the future and I will also try my best to keep you happy and fulfill the promises I made to you." Alex smiled. 

"Yes, Patriarch " Nora bowed humbly.

"Call me by name when we are alone. The word Patriarch makes me feel old. Also, loosen up, we are now a family." Alex wanted to hug her but then remember he was not wearing any clothes and Nora was also naked above her hips.

Nora smiled. She liked the word family a lot. Her real parents died of illness when she was eight years old. Nora didn't have any money since their family was quite poor.

The only things that belonged to her parents were the bracelet and a diary of one of their ancestors. It was only about his life story and it didn't contain any cultivation method or things like that.

A sudden accident caused her to activate the bracelet and make a change in the appearance of the diary. The accident was for her awakening the dormant bloodline passed on from generation to generation.

She strengthened her weak bloodline power with the help of the primordial blood of the Night goddess.

After that, she roamed different territories until finally she was taken in by a middle-aged man that runs an inn which also provides services such as assassination to powerful people who are given the way to contact them or somehow came to know about them through word of mouth.

Alex who smiling amicably suddenly changed his expression to that of a devil as he said in a wicked tone.

"Haha haha, Nora, now its time for your punishment for ruining my wedding night. Come, atone for your sins by sacrificing your body. Hahahaha." 

Nora knew that Alex was joking because she didn't feel any maliciousness from him. As for atoning her sins by sacrificing her body, she already had made a decision to that but for a different reason.

Nora took a step forward like she was going to hit Alex with a punch.

Alex raised his arms to defend and tell Nora that he was only joking but his words only stayed in his throat when he felt her bosom pressing onto his chest suddenly and a pair of sweet and soft red lips fell on his lips.

Alex: "!!!"

Alex was in bliss because of the kiss. His hands instinctively took hold of Nora's slim waist while he showed the inexperienced Nora how to really kiss. After tasting the sweetness of each other lips, Alex started to explore Nora's mouth with his tongue.

Now that Nora has been bounded with the contract, Alex is not afraid of Nora doing anything harmful to him. Who would say no to a beautiful girl falling into his arms without any 'ulterior motive to harm him'? She might have a motive but it shouldn't be harmful to him or Alex would have felt it through the connection between them. 

A warm feeling ran all through the lady's smooth, curvy body. Her nipples pulled up into hard knots and her pussy began tingling even more. Nora was shocked at the intensity of her feelings, and even more so at the thought of what she was just about to do.

Soon the onesided exploration by Alex came to a halt as Nora's imitated him and started using her own tongue amaturely but her proficiency changed with the passing of time.

Kerchak stood at his place dumbly. He scratches his head with two of his arms starting at the two humans eating each other out suddenly. Alex used one hand to shoo him away and sent a mental message to not come here until he is told to come.

With the same hand, Alex started sliding it on the smooth back of Nora feeling the soft skin against the palm of his hand. 

Nora couldn't control the heated ache in her pussy. She fidgeted, her waist moved as if it had a mind of its own, grinding ever so slightly on the now rising little Lord of Alex.

Feeling the new force between her legs, Nora positions the head of his cock between her nether lips and begins slowly rubbing her clit over her pants back and forth above his dick. The feeling was wonderful, and therefore she also starts moving her hands over and around to explore each other's bodies. 

He stripped her pants down making her stand naked like him and started sucking on her glorious tits. Flicking his tongue all over the nipples, Nora looked down at him and beamed flushingly.

"Mmmmmm" She moaned as she begins to bite the lower corner of her lip again. Nora thought her heart was going to explode, she felt her face go hot with excitement.


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