The Pleasure Lord
231 First Bloodline Clan Member
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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231 First Bloodline Clan Member

Alex calmed a lot after hearing that. All well, when it ends well.

Alex looked at Nora and then said.

"Well, let's forget about that too. I will give you just one last chance to rectify your mistake. In your eyes which is more important. The Night Goddess vision, your freedom, or that assassination organization. Choose which one is more important... Let me help you a little in making your choice."

"First, I can give you everything that you expect to obtain from the Three fanged shadow Hall. I can train you to become a world-class assassin. Your say that Night Goddess acknowledges me. I don't know why, but she must have a reason, therefore, you who have obtained your bloodline from the Night Goddess should know better than me what this acknowledgment means. As for your freedom, you will get more then what the Three Fanged Shadow Hall could have given you. That I guarantee."

"Anyway, the Three Fanged Shadow Hall is the enemy that I will take out from its root. They destroyed the kingdom of my Father in Law and now one of their assassins takes a task to assassinate me. You should better know who you want as an enemy." Alex said. He was really giving her the last chance. It was not that he wasn't angry when the girl conspired against him but ultimately he obtained a good bloodline because of her. So he will give her only one chance. Either choose to become his loyal subordinate or be killed.

Nora had calmed down a lot after hearing all the choices. She thought seriously for a few minutes. 

She felt Alex was right. Her ultimate goal was to become a world-class assassin. Even if she had gone with the Three Fanged Shadow Hall then she would have to stay loyal to them and if they found about her bloodline then it might have become even more dangerous. Freedom would already be lost when she joins that organization. Therefore, it was not that important to her, or she had not thought much about it because of her ultimate dream.

Atleast Alex has the same bloodline as her, and he also has the acknowledgment of the Night Goddess that is worshiped as a god in her clan. Her ancestor must want her to choose Alex. 

As for being trained by Alex in the way of Assassin... she doesn't know if the boy younger than her could have the qualification to teach her. But since as the loser of the battle, she could only suck it up.

'No, maybe he has a teacher or why would he say that. It should not be said casually or his words would go into a dump when he starts training me in the way of an assassin. He must be able to train me.' Nora thought hopefully.

After calculating her gains and losses, Nora decided to become Alex's subordinate. They are now only two people carrying the Night goddess bloodline of her clan.

"Lord Alex, please accept my allegiance," Nora said aloud. her sound resounding around the empty ground.

Alex nodded with satisfaction. He took a step forward and placed his hands on Nora's smooth shoulders.

"I'm happy you made that decision... Oh! Sorry!" Alex took a step back when he saw Nora face getting red as an apple.

He didn't remember that he was having an erection right now and that he was naked. Nora's face was beet red. She felt the hot iron rod like a member of Alex suddenly poking her uncovered navel. 

'Calm, calm, Keep it calm Nora! An assassin cannot get distracted by such mundane things.' Nora may have been repeating that sentence over and over but her virgin soul still couldn't adjust seeing a man's reproductive organ up so close. The cold wind brushing her exposed pink nipples made it harden again. Nora felt heat rushing below her navel causing her to close her legs tightly. A wet spot appeared on her black skin-tight pants. But since it was a dark night, Nora hoped Alex won't be able to notice it. 

Alex's nose twitched, he smelled something very familiar which made his blood rush to his already hardened dick. 

"Um... assassin does not mind a little exposure of skins and mundane stuff like this, therefore, steal your heart. Lets quickly form the Bloodline Bound Contract and we will get over this awkward situation like its as normal as wearing clothes."

A giant Nora formed in Nora's mind, she raised her right to stomp on the tiny image of Alex but after hearing his words, she hesitantly lowered her legs back to its place. The word assassin had a great deal of meaning and importance to her. 

Alex once again stepped forward, he used his powerful Qi and muscles to make his little brother go to sleep by stopping a part of the blood to flow into him.

Now there was nothing between them... maybe Nora's uncovered breast but that's okay, Alex wasn't planning to hug her for the contract ritual. 

Alex bit his thumb for a little blood to seep out of it. He then placed a palm on Nora's bright forehead and concentrated to excite both of their bloodline power. Alex's blood then started seeping into Nora's head without any blockage. Blood like groovy line extended on Nora's forehead and covered all her face. 

Unlike how a contract is made with Demon Beast, the same thing happens during the Bloodline Bound Contract.

The spirit of Nora formed in Alex's soul space. It was illusory and not visible enough but that was enough. 

Alex used a rune created by his blood to imprint on the illusory spirit of Nora.


A powerful bloodline connection was formed between Alex and Nora. They both felt each other existence much better than before since they have the same bloodline of the Night goddess. 


In runic characters, the word 'One' appeared above Nora's left breast in dark blood color which then slowly disappeared from the surface of her skin.


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