The Pleasure Lord
229 Acknowledgement - Part 1
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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229 Acknowledgement - Part 1

"Gulp... Before that tell me that contracting technique you were talking about." Alex did not lose his cool because of that.

Nora nodded and then started narrating the whole technique from her mouth. She thought it would take a while before Alex could remember and comprehend the whole Bloodline bound technique but it wasn't so. Alex surprised her by repeating the technique to her without any mistake.

It only took him an hour of time which caused Nora to feel inferior. She had to take a whole month to just remember the Bloodline bound technique. Comprehending it fully took another two months.

"Now give it to me and wait till I assimilate it into my body. Kerchak, you keep an eye on her and the surroundings too. Tagor, Cyrus, and Blackbeard, you all fan out and completely seal this area. Don't let any Demon beast to intruse this place." Alex said to the gorilla first before shouting at his surroundings."

Nora was shocked to see people coming out from the shadows of the trees and bowing towards Alex before going back and vanishing between the trees.

She thought of something and looked down at her body. Her hands frantically tried to cover her bare breasts from all those people that might still be hiding behind those trees.

Alex almost had a nosebleed when he saw the shape of breasts changing as she covered them with her hands tightly.

"Nora, give me the bracelet," Alex spoke again while shaking his head to clear those messy thoughts.

"You know that right, you can only ever have two bloodlines in your body... Are you sure you want this one?" Nora asked while hiding her red face. She seems to still have some hesitation in her heart over handing her bracelet to Alex.

"Why would I worry? Tell me, is it easy to get bloodlines. No, right. Therefore I don't have to think about it. With that drop of bloodline, I'm also getting a chance to get the company of a beautiful lady like you for free." The sweet talk did not make Alex lose anything so why not flirt with a pretty girl.

Nora looked at Alex dumbly, she hesitated once again after Alex said that line. Maybe regretting to have Alex becoming part of the same clan.

"Come on, I don't have time to waste."

Nora threw the bracelet at him before covering her breasts with her hands again.

Alex smiled at her before taking out a huge boulder with a square platform on top.

He jumped and day on it cross-legged before putting the bracelet in his mouth and touching the drop of blood with his tongue.

That blood drop melted and fell into his mouth before sliding down his esophagus like hot mercury.

It literally felt like a small lump of molten lava was sliding all the way into his stomach. But Alex didn't feel like it was burning his body or anything. It was just an illusion that he felt.

On the outside, Alex's body started giving off steam. His skin started becoming red. Suddenly black lines extended out from underneath of Alex's closed eyelids and started covering his body. This phenomenon had happened previously when Alex was awakening his primary bloodline. 

"Oki!" Kerchak suddenly fell to his knees, trembling. The other gorillas were the same. 

In the basement of the Mordrake family manor. Luna tucked her head underneath her paws. Her small was trembling in fear. 

"Luna, what is it?... Why are you shivering like this again." Anna asked seeing the abnormality of her Demon Beast companion. Last time she couldn't ask but now she was able to communicate with the baby fo and understand her meaning a little bit.


"Danger! what do you mean!"

"Anna, what happened?" Donald asked worriedly. Everyone's attention was attracted to her.

Before Anna could explain, a soldier standing beside them opened his mouth first.

"Sir, Lord Alex is going through a bloodline awakening. Lady Anna's demon Beast companion is feeling threatened because of the aura emitted during lord Alex's awakening his bloodline or assimilating another powerful one."

"What do you mean by that? Did Alex contact you? Is he alright?" Aunt Meg asked. 

"Don't worry? Lord Alex had killed one of the enemies and captured the other one. He has obtained a drop of a powerful Demon Beast from that enemy, therefore he has to stay in the forest for some days to assimilate the bloodline into his body, don't wait for him. Since the threat has been eliminated, Lord Alex had said it is okay to leave the basement and go back to your rooms." that soldier explained.

Everyone's face looked relieved. They were worried about Alex's safety before but they also couldn't go out to check without soldiers stopping them. They only listen to Alex's orders and no one else when there is a dangerous situation.


Nora peeked through her fingers covering her eyes towards the stone platform where Alex was busy assimilating the bloodline into his body.

At first, Nora was shocked when she saw those black lines appearing on Alex's face because this has not happened during her awakening or when she consumed that drop of blood to strengthen her bloodline. She couldn't why it was different for Alex. She even felt her bloodline being suppressed.

After some time passed, suddenly Alex's body started releasing Qi uncontrollably which caused his clothes to tear and falling of Alex's body. Now the image of a naked boy sitting cross-leg with black lines covering all over his body appeared in Nora's eyes. She looked at the divine rod between Alex's legs proudly raising its head and facing the sky like a hero among masses.

'P..P...Pervert.' Nora screamed in her hurt blushingly. She covered her eyes from getting defiled but her fingers slowly parted a leave a gap so that she can peek a little.

'Why am being shy and all? It's just a body apart of a human being, nothing special. How can I become a full-fledged assassin if I can't even get over this ordeal? I shouldn't let anything sway my emotions so easily. What if an enemy suddenly flashes his pee-pee out during a life and death battle?" 


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