The Pleasure Lord
228 Bloodline Inheritance Item
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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228 Bloodline Inheritance Item

"Quite a dream you have. My mother would have loved to meet you... While your bloodline may sound quite cool and powerful but you should refrain from telling others about it. Bloodline cannot be extracted from a human body, I know that but people can make you a breeding slave to get descendants with that bloodline... but I don't think you are a stupid person. Why do you tell me about it?" Alex asked curiously.

"... You won't let me leave this place alive. I'm your enemy. Therefore, to stay alive, I have to show my value to you." Nora said as a matter of fact.

"That's cute... But I don't judge anyone's value by their potential to become an expert in the future. What I value is the loyalty of the person. If I let spare your life and let you leave the island; then won't you come back after becoming stronger to kill me and keep your secret, a secret that is known only to you. And if I keep you here with me here on this island, you will only try to backstab me in the future and go back to that organization you want to join so much. The only way I can be sure that you do not cause trouble for me in the future is by either killing you or destroying your dantian." Alex said mockingly. 

Nora's body shook visibly. Her eyes misted over but Alex ignored them like a demon.

"...Tch, he isn't lustful as he shows himself to be... is that my only way out of here.' Nora thought inwardly as sighed over her predicament. She does not want to become the food of a Rank 2 Demon Beast or her ancestor would turn in his grave outraged.

Her dream to become an ultimate assassin would just remain a dream if she didn't tell him that information.

"... I have a way that can make me loyal to you for all eternity. Even if I want to betray, you can kill me with a thought."

"Oh... is it a slave contract. But that is not a foolproof solution." Alex knew of such methods as he had seen it in the store of his heavenly book. There were even better methods but each of them is very expensive to buy.

"No... it is much better than that." Nora than looked at the Silverback four-armed gorilla and said, " You should have a Demon Beast Contracting Technique of a very high level."

"Yes, I have it. But it does not work on humans."

"I know it doesn't work on humans but humans with bloodline have a huge secret that is only known to the peak powerhouses of this world. So don't spread it if you want to live to see another day. There is a technique made by a peerless saint to make a contract with humans who had awakened their bloodlines just like Demon Beasts. The contract cannot be made forcefully, both the person needs to be ready for it... But there is also a limitation. Only a person with a bloodline can form the contract with other humans having awakened their bloodline." Nora explained.

"This technique is the hands of the peak bloodline clans so that they can keep their clan members in check and loyal to the family and do not spread the bloodline with outsiders."

"Interesting... Then you must have the solution for that limitation." Alex asked. Nora should not know that he already has a bloodline. She must have said that only if she has a way to provide him with a bloodline to make him eligible to use such a contract.

Alex asked the heavenly spirit in his mind about the authenticity of this type of contract and she answered.

"Yes, there is indeed such a technique but its not foolproof as she says it is. If in the future, Nora passes her ninth tribulation that comes in a certain cultivation stage then she will regain her freedom back and not be bounded by this contract anymore. But you can buy a better method from the Heavenly book by that time so there will be no problem in having her to follow you." The heavenly spirit affirmed that there is no problem.

Alex thanked the heavenly spirit and then looked Nora who seemed to be hesitation if she should tell or not.

"I... I have a drop of blood that can give you the same bloodline that I have running in my body. It's useless to me since I have already weakened my bloodline. It also cannot strengthen the purity of my bloodline anymore as I have already done it one time. I was saving it for my... future husband... but since you will not let me leave then I can only give it to you." After saying that, Nora unhooked the small bracelet that seemed very ordinary. 

She stabbed her thumb with her nails and let a drop of blood fell upon the bracelet before saying some cryptic words. The ordinary bracelet suddenly shined before rune marks started flowing on its surface. 

Alex felt an indescribable feeling in his heart. His blood started speeding up and his heart throbbed wildly. 

Alex saw the ordinary-looking crystal melting away while a dark red colored ruby appeared underneath it.

No, it was not a ruby but the drop of blood that Nora was talking about. But it was still being suppressed by the bracelet or the energy coming out of it would have attracted every Demon Beast and powerhouses near this island to their location.

"This bracelet has been passed inside my family for generation after generations. It carried the last two drops of the Night goddess. I used one on myself to strengthen my bloodline that had already weakened a lot after so many generations. You can use this last one and after that, we will become a part of the same family."

Alex could feel that this drop of blood was real and powerful to the point that his own bloodline was making him hungry for it. That bracelet must be a Bloodline inheritance item. Its value should not quite high.


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