The Pleasure Lord
227 Phantom Walk of the Night Goddess!
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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227 Phantom Walk of the Night Goddess!

Trystan, an Early-stage Elemental Gathering Realm cultivator was killed by an Early Stage Dantian Formation Realm cultivator. If this news was spread to the Belmont Subcontinent, then no would believe such a joke.

Alex may have had the help of a peak Grade Rank 2 Demon Beast but still, the fight shouldn't have ended like this.

Alex very well knew, if not for illusion ability he obtained from his bloodline, then he would have to fight a life and death battle with only a fifty percent chance of winning and ending the fight with grave injuries.

As for why he didn't use his ability in the beginning, it was because of the cultivation level gap between them. Higher-level cultivators have a higher resistance to soul attacks and the time to keep them in illusion is reduced considerably.

Trystan was not like Merchant Goerge, he was an assassin with a trained mind. He could possibly have come out of the illusion with some extreme methods such as hurting himself. 

Therefore, he would have to let Trystan's guard down and make him lose his temper enough for Alex to use his illusion ability to make only a few changes to the environment like his real position and let Trystan miss his attack at a critical moment which would give Alex the opportunity to kill him.

"Kerchak, good job." Alex praised the ape but when he looked down at the person caged in his hands upside down, his eyes stopped beautiful scenery. 

Nora thought it was now her turn to be killed but she hasn't lost her will to live. She made the cutest and the most pitiful face she could make so that the boy would show her mercy and not kill her.

But then she found something wrong, Alex's eyes were not on her face instead they were a level above. When Nora looked down her body or up in her case, her face flushed red. 

Two pink cherries hanging down on the two large globes were ripe for the farmers taking. Alex's heart and eyes were quite satisfied seeing such a beautiful scene.

Nora's clothes must have ripped around her chest due to the sudden movements of the Demon Beast during the battle. Her bare breasts were left hanging down with her pink nipples hardened due to the cold wind of the night. I, caused Alex's mouth to become watery.

Nora screamed inwardly in her mind. She became a giant and squashed the puny Alex with the stomp of her legs but that was only happening inside her head.

Outwardly, she kept her face calm and even tried to seduce Alex while intentionally bringing a lecherous look on her face.

That and with the mouth-watering scenery of her naked boobs, Nora was sure of capturing Alex's lustful heart. It will definitely increase her chances of escaping out of here alive.

As an aspiring assassin, Nora wouldn't mind showing her breasts if she can stay alive. Anyway, they are out on a full view of the boy, she can only make use of it to her advantage.

"Young Lord, please... could you put me down, it hurts." Nora's voice sounded quite nice and soft to the ears. 

'She is natural indeed...' It wasn't known whether Alex was talking about her acting and change in voice or her natural succulent melons.

"Kerchak put the lady down," Alex ordered. Anyway, she can't run away with her Qi being suppressed. Her bloodline ability is nothing in front of his spiritual sense therefore she cannot escape with that also.

Kerchak put the lady down as he was told but then he said while pointing at Trystan corpse, "Oki...Oki! (Can I eat... him!)" 

Like how it is beneficial for humans to consume Demon beast meat, the same I true in the opposite case. The body of Trystan has been nourished by Qi all these years, for Kerchak, the body of an Early-stage Elemental Gathering Realm cultivator is more delicious than the centipede.

Alex is not a cannibal, therefore, he gave his permission to Kerchak to eat Trystan's corpse, which can help the silverback four-armed gorilla to promote to the next major realm.

Kerchal started beating his chest to show his joy. He immediately picked up the dead body and stuffed it in just two bites and started chewing before swallowing the food completely. 

The sheer horror of her senior brother's body getting tear and chewed by the gorilla fell into Nora's eyes and even Alex felt a little nauseating when he saw a fellow human being eaten by a demon beast been though it was by his own contracted beast.

Kerchak even licked his finger that had some leftover blood on it.

"... Young lady, let's get something straight. You can only get out of here alive if you answer my question's truthfully... or you have the same fate as that person." Alex pointed at Kerchak's stomach.

A shiver ran through Nora's spine. She even forgot to cover her bare upper body, much to the delight of Alex.

Nora nodded her head like a chicken.

"Alright, then the first question. What's your name?"

"Nora Nightshade," Nora said truthfully. Anyway, she had told her real name upon entering the city. 

"Hm, then the next question. On whose orders did you come to kill me."

"I don't know the name of the customer since it was an anonymous request."

"Anonymous request?... What the name of your organization that takes such a request?"

"I don't know... wait, I'm telling the truth. My senior brother knew since he was a formal disciple but I'm just a trainee and this was my first task. If I completed it then I will become a formal disciple like him too and only after that can I know more about... that organization such as its name or location of its branch or the main headquarters. I was only taught by a branch manager that is responsible for recruiting promising talents and sending them to join that organization after the completion of a task."

"Oh! But you don't seem like a person who won't try to find out the name by yourself before entering that organization... don't lie, I know how real assassins think. I can tell you are a natural one, so don't lie. Anyway, I have a name guessed in my mind" Alex spoke half-false half-truth. 

Nora hesitated a little but then she told a name, "Three Fanged Shadow Hall"

'Three Fanged shadow Hall... enemies are bound to meet on a narrow road.' Alex needs to find them to clear the blood feud between them and his Master who is also now his father-in-law.

"You just said that you only a trainee. Why do you want to become an assassin? What your bloodline ability?"

Nora didn't say anything for some time. This fundamental question is about her lifelong dream

"... I want to become an assassin because it's my dream to become one of the greatest assassins to walk this world just like my ancestor. To do that, I have to join an organization that can train me to become one."

"As for my bloodline ability, I'm shocked you even know about such a thing... Its called Phantom walk of the Night Goddess, a bloodline ability of an ancient Demon beast that had transformed into a human form. My ancestor was able to obtain her bloodline and now it runs through me, even if it had become quite thin in my generation." 


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