The Pleasure Lord
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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226 Missed?

A cloud of dust formed where the spear hit the ground. Trystan felt his heart throb in fear. If he was hit by that spear than his life would definitely be lost. 

But the fight did not stop just because of that. Once again Trystan heard a whistling sound. Two huge stones broke apart the dust as it came in the direction where Trystan has just landed.

"Dammit..." Trystan vanished from his place. He used the minuscule amount of wind element that he had gathered in his body to dodge the stones. Whenever he would land a stone would come at him. Sometimes when he cannot dodge, Trystan has to cut the stones by slicing it with his hands.

Alex was passing the stones to Kerchak one after another as took it out from his inventory. 

Kerchak felt addicted throwing the huge stones at the enemy.

Nora felt like vomiting after being swung in the air by the gorilla and because of the vibration generated when he threw the stones at her senior brother.

The real reason for Trystan to be in such a sorry state was because it hasn't been long since his advancement to the Early stage of Elemental Gathering Realm. He had only absorbed minuscule amount of wind element therefore he couldn't waste it unnecessarily.

But even this much amount of wind elemental Qi should have been enough to kill any Dantian Formation Realm cultivator since they wouldn't be able to follow his speed. And the important reason of all of these is that Trystan is an assassin.

He is an expert at killing people while hiding in the shadows in one strike. If his position is known than he can only use his speed to fight quick melee battle to end his target life as soon as possible or it would become disadvantageous for him.

Alex was different, of course, he had the copper body developed with the help of the unique unnamed Cultivation technique that he got from the heavenly book. His copper body was much better than the copper body developed by Body cultivators of this world.

Making him able to strengthen his senses, power, and body defense much farther than what he could have gained from a normal body cultivation technique.

Not only that, but his spiritual sense was also very helpful in the battle which gives Alex the edge over Trystan's speed.

If his eyes get blocked then his spiritual sense can very well find Trystan's exact location which Alex transfers to Kerchak so that he can throw stones accurately even if the Demon Beast wasn't able to keep up with the enemy's fast movement.


"Time to end things!" For the second time, Trystan attacked as he used all of his wind elemental Qi side his body. As the power of his cultivation base erupted out, it seemed like he would strike Alex down at any moment. Without thinking about any the wastage of his Qi, Trystan sped past the stones nimbly, finally showing his speed and flexibility of an assassin.

'Finally' Alex took a defensive position to use his last two hidden tricks. His eyes shined a little as it met with Trystan's.

Kerchak threw the last stone held by his upper arm at the ground in between Alex and Trystan. With a powerful impact, the ground and the tone shattered causing a cloud of dust and debris of the stones pieces to rise in the air.

Trystan's needed, he moved the wind element and blew the surrounding dust from his path and saw Alex with his demon beast at the end of it. It seems he didn't expect such a situation therefore, Alex looked surprised in the eyes of Trystan.

Alex threw a dagger at Trystan who dodged it effortlessly. To him, it felt like the boy was scared of him coming closer therefore he threw anything to make him fall back. Previously it must be an act put up by the boy when he chose to stab a dagger through his face rather than blocking his attack. A plan to catch him off-guard and use the Demon Beast to land an attack on him.

But this time, Trystan didn't fall back instead he rushed at Alex. the Demon Beast tried to push Alex aside and block the enemy with his body but that only caused Trystan to change his direction and go after Alex as he dodged the punches by the gorilla.

"Hehe, I like that look of fear on your face, Alex Mordrake." Trystan felt satisfied seeing the look of terror appearing on boys' faces when he stabs both of his hands like a knife at Alex's chest and the other on the head.

Alex appeared to be flustered, he also swung his dagger in self-defense but it was deflected immediately.

Trystan's right hand shrouded in wind elemental Qi pierced Alex's head and chest easily.

'No, it's too easy, somethings wrong' With that thought, Trystan felt a stabbing pain in his back and his neck at the same time causing a glob of blood to rush to his mouth. 

The boy who he had killed using his hands became blurry and vanished from the air like a wind or.. an illusion. At the corner of his eyes, he saw someone appearing from his back and walking to his front.

Alex was smiling from ear to ear. 

Trystan wanted to ask how but he could not due to the dagger piercing his neck. Alex's smiling face was the last image he could see before his eyes slowly lost color and his body fell down with a thud.

Nora looked stunned; she couldn't understand why her senior brother suddenly stabbed the empty space while missing Alex by quite a margin. Also, it felt to Nora from reading Trystan's face like he really was able to hit Alex.

"Phew... Thank god, it worked or it would have been me lying dead on the ground." Alex rubbed his temple with his finger while he looked at Kerchak who also appeared to be confused about the stupidity that the enemy had showed at the end.


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