The Pleasure Lord
225 Elemental Gathering Realm
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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225 Elemental Gathering Realm

A person can control many elements and have great flexibility during combat. If they can cultivate to the high realm with many elements then their firepower will not be less than someone specializing in a single element.

The only downside is that it takes a lot of time to comprehend and absorb so two or more elements. Time is of paramount importance for every cultivator. 

Powerful clans and sects may be able to train some disciples with more than one element with the help of resources, speeding up their cultivation. Rogue and normal or even some elite cultivators only focuses on a single element in their whole lifetime.

The next major realm that comes after the Dantian Formation Realm is called an Elemental gathering Realm or Essence gathering Realm or even just the Elemental Realm. All these terms are used in different parts of the world. 

Trystan is at the Early stage of the Elemental gathering realm with the power of Wind element. The azure light depicts the wind element. 

He was not carrying any weapon but the wind element gathering around hands had the same lethality.

Trystan bent his back a little and pulled his hands sideways as if preparing to attack.

Alex's nerves were taut to the extreme. He knows that the wind element is famous for its speed and sharpness. If made a slight mistake that Trystan would slice his head off his neck and he wouldn't even be able to react.

Kerchak also became serious. 

A powerful energy explosion, Trystan vanished from his place. At the same time, Alex also turned his head to the left. His eyes were not having any difficulty in following Trystan's real body.

Trystan looked a little surprised. He immediately increased his speed once again after images behind him. But Alex's eyes still followed his body. Alex was relieved a little bit because his eyes were strong enough to catch a dynamic visual of Trystan moving at such a fast speed.


Trystan left a cloud of dust in his path as he changed his direction towards Alex. Seeing Trystan swinging his arm in a chopping manner. Alex activated the ring on his hand that got from Marce. A barrier appeared at the same time in between them just as Trystan's hand sent an azure blade towards his direction.

The barrier shattered under the powerful force of the blade but it also dissipated after losing its momentum. Trystan arrived in front of Alex by that time. Assassins are known for their melee combat. Trystan attacked, he pushed his hand like a spear with palm and finger straight wanting to stab Alex's chest. Alex could see very well see it coated with wind elemental Qi. Even his copper body would only able to block half of its force. 

But Alex ignored the coming attack, he also pushed his right hand outward when suddenly a dagger appeared being in his hand. The dagger was going for Trystan's face. 

'If I die then you have to die too.' Alex wasn't even looking at Trystan's hands. This kind of mentality shook the Elemental Gathering Realm cultivator. 

'Is this really a sixteen-year-old boy... Why doesn't he fear death?' Trystan didn't have time to about that question. He wasn't planning to die with the boy, therefore, he stopped his attack and tried to dodge Alex's hands. All of this happened in a very short time. 

Alex's dagger cut some strained of hair as it passed by Trystan's head. Just when the assassin was relieved and wanted to follow another attack, he felt the change in the wind around him and saw Alex duck.


The damn gorilla's huge fist came for him just when Alex lowered his body. It hit Trystan's arms that were put up in the front for defending against the sneak attack of the Demon Beast.



Blood oozed out of the corners of his mouth as he flew back, slamming into a tree and simultaneously pulling a dagger out of his chest. He incredulously looked at the bloody dagger in his hands and then at Alex standing up slowly in the distance.

The dagger was stabbed into Trystan's chest by Alex just when Kerchak's fist fell upon him. He used that time window and plum's ability to form an arm to do that as its reach could be extended to a certain degree.

"You... how did you do that? You shouldn't have that kind of strength." Trystan said after spitting up the blood from his mouth. For an Early-stage Dantian Formation Realm cultivator to have this much strength, speed and reflexes were impossible. their speed almost matched to each other. Where is his advantage of using wind element?

"Nothing is impossible in this world. You want to kill me, then do your work, why the needless chatter. I won't give you time to stabilize your wounds." Alex sneered as he made a dash towards Trystan whose face changed upon hearing him. Kerchak followed just behind him. He might not be able to keep up with Trystan's speed but he could definitely take some attacks on his body for Alex. 

"I underestimated you, Alex Mordrake. You are also a Body cultivator." Trystan said as he looked at the three rings that Alex wore on his fingers. One of them was an Interspatial storage ring, an inscription ring with the ability to put defensive barriers and the last was a silver wedding ring with no ability. Trystan felt greed rising in his mind because a storage ring was too precious.

"Everyone does that, it happens all the time to me," Alex spoke back but his speed did not fell.

A long spear appeared in his hands. It was the same spear that Ragetti was carrying with him.

Alex didn't use it as spear but threw it like a javelin towards Trystan who had just taken some steps towards him.


Trystan felt the threat, his body flinched as he jumped back. The moment he did, the spear arrived at his feet.



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