The Pleasure Lord
224 Women“s Resentment and Ugly Face
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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224 Women“s Resentment and Ugly Face

"Stop!!!" Three people shouted almost at the same time.

Nora shouted in fear of getting her had blown away, Trystan shouted unconsciously.

Alex shouted because he had many questions to ask her and also because he didn't want to kill a beauty in such a way not to forget he still needs to punish her in person.

Kerchak stopped his fist just an inch away from Nora's pretty head. The wind-generated due to the movement hit Nora causing her Black grey hair to flow in the opposite direction.

the faint-hearted, it could kill them with a heart attack but Nora only fainted as her eyes rolled back or so she acted to see if she can get out of this situation. She was a natural indeed.

Alex ordered Kerchal to hold her upside down with his one hand. Nora's hands have to confined, therefore, Kerchak only left her torso above the abdomen out in the open. Her Chest fell down due to the gravity almost reaching her face.

They almost slid out of her skin-tight clothes but the two cheery on top of them managed to hang onto the clothes.

Alex gave Kerchak a thumbs up for showing such beautiful scenery. he hurriedly took out a Qi suppression pill and stuffed it inside her mouth. A look of horror finally appeared on Nora's face. She opened her eyes and looked at Alex as if he was a devil. It was clear that her fainting was just an act.

Nora was not expecting Alex to have a Qi suppressing pill on his body. He had just come from a wedding. Who would store such a thing on his body at that time? 

Trystan's face contorted greatly. He made a mistake of revealing himself in the heat of the moment, guess he needs to go back and train some more. And seeing the boy making Nora swallow something, his face became even darker. 

Alex turned around and looked deep inside the dark forest in a certain direction. He said, "Come out, come out, no need to hide your ugly face, no one will laugh here, I promise."

Trystan: "..." 

"... Don't feel shy. You are not a girl. And it's okay to have an ugly face, your mother has already asked for forgiveness from the god for giving birth to you."

A heavy bloodlust gushed out as if a water dam has broken apart.

The killing intent was heavy enough to know that the person was angry, extremely angry.

Alex smiled at first but to his surprise, Trystan took back is killing intent and had a deep breath feeling his lungs to the full. 

'He is an expert indeed. Calming down an angry mind is a skill that not many can train... ' Alex thought. 

"Wow, you are really a woman, only they would have such strong resentment. Tch, Tch..."

Nora felt her nails itch, she was having an urge to use them and slice Alex's tongue because of his statement on women.

A person walked out from behind the trees and came out in the opening.

Alex might look relaxed to others but he was very alert right now. He cannot afford to lower his guard in front of this person.

"Alex Mordrake, you can stop now. Your words cannot make me lose my mind in anger anymore."

"Really? Then why are there veins popping out from your forehead! Then forget what I said, your face must be like this from infancy. Don't worry, I will find you a girlfriend. Rejoice, you don't have to use your hands anymore and beat out stress from your puny stick like that, see even your body look so thin because of that." 

"ALEX MORDRAKE! SHUT YOUR FUCKING MOUTH" Trystan yelled in anger. He had enough of the boy and his stinking mouth.

Kerchak flinched a little because of Trystan's aura but he was a Demon Beast after all. K

Kerchak saw it as a challenge to his dignity therefore, he burst out all of his demonic Qi in anger. If not for Alex, Kerchak might have forgotten about Nora and bash her head on the ground like a gorilla would do to show his might.

Alex turned and said to Nora "See, resentment of women can make them unreasonable.

Nora rolled her eyes at him. But she didn't deny what he said. Even she felt a little disappointed for her senior brother to lose control like this just after hearing some words. He was disgracing the assassin's profession that she adored so much.

"YOU!..." Trystan heard Alex clearly. He was instantly shrouded in a tinge of azure light. Some trees and branches were sliced and fell down because of that. 

Alex knew it was the power of the wind element. It means the person in front of him is not in the Dantian Formation Realm but in a higher realm than that.

After a person cultivates to the peak of Dantian Formation Realm, he or she has to find their elemental affinities and differentiate between those elemental Qi particles in their surrounding. After that, they can start absorbing the Qi particles respective to their Elemental affinities.

People can have more than one elemental affinity, they can choose to cultivate using all of them or chose a single one that has the highest compatibility with their body. There advantages and disadvantages in both the paths.

Focusing on a single element can speed up their cultivation process and can even make them achieve high degree of understanding about that particular element which will help them immensely in the future during the different cultivation stages.

The disadvantage is that the person can only use that one element and cannot have variety in his attacks.

The second path is to specialize in two or more elements with great compatibility with their body. The cultivation also becomes faster than before but it is time-consuming to focus on many elements at the same time and absorbing the required amount inside their body to promote to the next realm also wastes a lot of time.

These are some of the disadvantages but the advantages are also great.


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