The Pleasure Lord
223 Stop!!!
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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223 Stop!!!

Alex made a decision, he has to punish Nora sand Trystan severely for making him burn so many of his brain cells. Especially, Nora, she has to pay for disturbing his night with his newlywed wives. He might even have had the chance of getting a juicy foursome with Selena, Ciera, and Sierra.

His perfect night and the wedding day was ruined because of Nora.

Alex was feeling for the first time that nothing was in his grasp after obtaining the puppets as his subordinates. He always had the advantage and lead in the fight. 

The puppets are not invincible. They can also be made to sit duck if an expert like Trystan and bloodline user or Spirit Beast user like Nora appears.

How can he be relaxed and sit back with just the puppets and hand all the safety of his family to them? Alex had to make some changes in his thinking. He not invincible and his puppets also have many limitations that can easily be breached by experts in this world.

Alex cannot completely rely on them anymore. It was like a wake-up call for Alex, a thunderous call for him to get stronger and be alert of his enemy using means that are never seen by him before.

Nora slowed down her speed. She didn't turn into an invisible state, maybe because she thought it was unnecessary because of the cultivation difference between her and the target or because she couldn't be in that state for a long time. 

She arrived at the location where she heard some sounds of fighting.

Alex didn't want her or Trystan to find about the ruins therefore he changed his location immediately and to tell about this new location to Nora, Alex started fighting with Kerchak making loud sounds to attract them here.

When they were close enough, Alex took out the dead body of the Centipede and threw it on the ground before telling Kerchak to act as if he is defending his kill from Alex. 

Alex stayed far away, walked around to act like he was looking for an opportunity to steal the kill of the injured Silverback four-armed Demon Beast. Because the wounds have not closed fully on Kerchak's body and the blood could still be seen, the act looked very real.

Nora hid behind a tree and saw an injured Peak stage Rank 1 Demon Beast trying to intimidate her target as if to beware him of the consequences if he came near.

Alex acted frustrated and put on a greedy look when he looked at the dead and injured body of the Centipede and the Gorilla. 

Nora didn't make any move for a long time and Trystan stood even farther.

"Oy, you dumbass. Move away, if you don't want to die. I, your father, owns this motherfucking island and everything in it. Get lost."

He barely dodged a huge boulder coming for his head making him sweat all over.

"Okiii!" Kerchak might have forgotten that this was just an act and nothing more or else he wouldn't have thrown a stone at Alex as if he meant to hit him. Maybe he was too great of an actor. But Alex knew it was the former. He immediately told Kerchak using the soul connection between them, "Don't get angry, I do not mean that, it's just an act. Remember its just an act." Alex repeated again.

Kerchak, fortunately, didn't nod is head physically in front of Nora, and Trystan or else Alex would have regretted forming a contract with him.

"You piece of shit, wash your neck because I, Your father, will cut it in one slash of my High-Grade Black ranked Double edge sword."

A trace of disdain appeared on Trystan's face when he saw this. He looked at Alex as if he was mental and a retard.

Nora looked a little puzzled, she couldn't see one bit of that handsome boy in Alex that stood at the stage to wed three beautiful girls in such a gentleman like a manner. 





"Ouch... you bitch, that hurts."

"Oki! okiiikiki...Oki!(I, your grandfather, will break your head like a stick)"

Alex's whole face twitched. Nora and Trystan might not know what the Kerchak meant but Alex could understand due to the soul connection between them. He felt even angrier when Kerchak made an act of breaking his neck in two.

'Anyone can understand that action, they must have too... this idiot is actually good at annoying me' Alex thought.

Fortunately, Alex didn't have to beat Kerchak for real since Nora made her move. Through plum's eyes, Alex couldn't see Nora at all. He could only see her with his unique spiritual sense.

Nora was slowly making her way in his direction as he was fighting Kerchak.

She didn't run or make any fast movement. Alex could guess, she was trying to find the right opportunity or that ability was difficult to maintain.

Kerchak and Alex were fighting each other and looked like they were only focused on their fight.

A change in Nora caused Alex to become extremely shocked. He saw her nails growing and turning into the claws of a ghost. Her eyes also turned grey. The same thing happened with her black hair. 

Some of them turned a little grey.

Alex felt his hair stand on his neck. The feeling of danger was very real.

Just when Alex was swinging his sword towards Kerchak and the gorilla was swinging one of his fists at Alex. Nora made her move.

She moved fast like a ghost. Her transformed nails, sharp as the edge of a sword, came for Alex back wanting to pierce through his heart directly.

Trystan couldn't see Nora when she was using her ability, but as professional he could tell that this would be that moment when she would take action. The target won't be able to dodge the sneak attack. He will die. Trystan relaxed greatly and even started thinking on killing the injured gorilla and taking the dead centipede to make extra money.

The time seemed to have slowed down for Nora, Alex, and Kerchak. With a single transfer of command from Alex to the Gorilla through their soul connection, Kerchak suddenly changed the direction of his punch as it passed Alex by a slight margin and went after the empty air behind Alex.

At the last moment, the fist opened and made an effort to grab the empty air. Alex's sword vanished just when it was going to hit the gorilla.

With the help of inertia, his body turned around. He saw Kerchaks big hand grabbing something in the air. Through Spiritual Sense, Alex saw Nora being trapped inside the Gorilla's hands like a small barbie doll.

Her face looked incredibly confused, she might not have been able to process what was happening to her. Her invisible state was instantly canceled because she lost concentration.


Kerchak swung his other fist with the intention of smashing Nora's head when Alex fall to his knees and got out of the path of his punch and the head of Nora.

"Stop!!!" Three people shouted almost at the same time.


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