The Pleasure Lord
222 Kerchak
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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222 Kerchak

"Oki! Okiokiki... okioki(Stop! Quite down. It is friend. He, my friend too. You all listen to him, too!)" the silverback gorilla yelled towards his subordinates.

Those regular gorillas slowly quieted down and looked at Alex incredulously.

But when their eyes fell on Alex's six arms, they once again fell on their knees and started to worship Alex's six arms like it was something sacred.

From the Silverback four-armed Gorilla, who Alex has named Kerchak, he found that all of them wanted to cultivate and transform into a Six-Armed Sacred Kong, which is divine Beast.

Its bloodline runs through their body since the Six armed Sacred Kong was their Ancestor and the bloodline is quite strong since most of them already have four arms at the time of birth. 

Their development has been stunted due to staying on this island which has little resources for them to develop. 

No, there are plenty of resources on this island but it's of low level due to normal having a normal concentration of Qi.

Alex remembered something because of the talk about bloodline. Unfortunately, the centipede was just a Rank 1 Demon Beast. Alex needs the body of a Rank 2 Demon Beast at the minimum to extract its bloodline using the Bloodline extraction Function.

"Kerchak will your subordinate follow your every instruction and restrain themselves from hurting humans after you give them that order?" Alex asked.

Kerchak hesitated before nodding his head. but he also told Alex that if the humans tried to attack them then they will also become hostile in self-defense and won't consider his order at that time.

"That is okay, too." Alex wanted to form a squadron of Beast Tamers. But to do that he needs to find citizens with their soul space unlocked and should have the talent to tame a Demon beast.

Alex plans to open an academy for cultivation. The construction is already in place. It will be finished in half a month if the puppets help.

Alex can use these groups of four and two armed gorillas to help the beast tamers of his academy and forming contracts with them in a safe environment.

But for that, he needs to wait for a long time. 

For now, Alex needs to solve his most pressing problems. He needs to make Nora and Trystan come here in the swamp Marsh forest after him but the question is how can he do that.

"Informing them that I already know about their identity... Nah, they might use some extreme means because of that."

"Start rumor of a heaven and earth treasure appearing where the Rank 1 Demon Beast has been fighting...Nah, its too risky, what if these rumors reach the Belmont subcontinent, it would attract those powerful greedy dogs and risk-takers to my island causing a disaster for me and my family."

"Making the soldier announce that I'm seriously injured inside the forest. They might take the bait and come see for themselves if they are stupid. If they are smart then they would question why the guards did not bring him to the city... Aghh what should I do? Fighting, inside the city, is too risky"

Kerchak could only watch Alex walking to and fro on the ground while rubbing his fingers across his forehead. 

"My Lord, Trystan is trying to sneak out of the city. We are ignoring him for now. What are your orders?" Tagor suddenly informed the situation with the assassin. 

"What about Nora? Is she still in her room or did she left the inn?"

"We don't know. Maybe she used her ability to sneak out of her room."

"Yes, that is highly possible. Send a maid to knock on the door of her room. If she opens it then it's fine but if there is no one inside then you inform me immediately, okay.'

Tagor affirmed and immediately used his subordinate for the task. Trystan was left alone. He sneaked out of the city but even the puppets in the direction of the forest but that's all they could tell.

In a few minutes, Tagor contacted him again.

"My Lord, she is not in her room or... she is just invisible. We cannot tell." 

Alex: "..."

Tagor: "..."

"Let's just say or hope, she is not in her room, then she must be coming to me. You all get ready and come to my location as soon as possible. I will try to hold them here. If I cannot defeat them only then will you come to show yourself and use self-destructive strategy" Alex said after some thinking. What else can he do? He cannot tell his subordinate to blow up the room to see if Nora is there or not. 


"Kerchak, use the Centipede's Demon Beast Core to speed up your recovery. Don't worry I will get you another one for your breakthrough. We need to be in tip-top condition to greet the uninvited guests."

Kerchak nodded and quickly started to absorb the Demon Beast core of the centipede inside his stomach to speed up his recovery. If he was to use it for his breakthrough than it would have taken a lot of time. At least half a month of preparation was necessary.

Alex instantly shrouded half of the island in his spiritual sense. It was not for long when two people entered the region covered by his spiritual sense. Nora was not in her invisible form. But she looked gorgeous and sexy in her new outfit. The uncovered part of her cleavage would form ripples when she moved through the terrain of the jungle without making any sound. It was a sight for sore eyes.

"Completely offtopic..." Alex slapped his face to get back his focus on the important stuff and not jugs.

Trystan was moving at an incredible speed but he always stayed hundred meters behind Nora as if he was tailing her in secret.

They should be knowing each other. Is he her secret bodyguard. But why would an assassin need a bodyguard? What the fuck is it so confusing? 


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