The Pleasure Lord
221 Six-Armed Ancestor!
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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221 Six-Armed Ancestor!

When Alex lifted the Demon Beast Core of the centipede with his hand as if giving it to the Siback back gorilla, the Demon beast understood his intention. But since he couldn't move his body, the gorilla could only make low growl.

Alex jumped onto its shoulder and threw the beast core inside the gorilla's mouth after opening it with his hands before jumping back to his previous place.

Oki! Oki! Oki!

The gorilla's on the mountain were getting restless for the safety of their leader.

It took some time but the Silverback gorilla was finally able to move its mouth. Soon, he was able to stand up.

But only idiots would believe that a Demon Beast will become their friends when you save their life. There were some exceptions when such kinds of cases happened.

Alex is not an idiot, nor has the Silverback four-armed gorilla thinks of Alex any differently than before the battle.

Four eyes met with each other, the gorilla roared and swing all of its four arms towards Alex to smash him into meat paste.

Alex smiled and grabbed those four arms in mid-air.

The ground below Alex cracked caused dust and debris of the land to rise in the air above but he successfully stopped the four arms of the Silverback gorilla. Just Alex wanted to hurl the Demon Beast above himself and bash it on the ground, he felt something wrong with the Demon Beast eyes.

The gorilla stopped moving his arms while his eyes became fixed on the two extra arms that sprouted from under armpits of the human.

Even the regular gorilla's on the mountain behind him stopped and looked at Alex's four arms dumbfoundedly.

The silverback gorilla took his hands back and looked at Alex's arms in confusion. 

"Oki Oki..." the Demon Beast spoke while pointing his palm-size finger at Alex's extra arms as if asking Alex about their authenticity. 

Alex couldn't make head or tails of the situation but he made a general guess. The gorillas should be thinking him of him as a distant relative of theirs or something like that. Alex knew that the hostility between them has not ended completely but it has only lowered a little bit.

Thinking of this Alex concentrated a little bit and sprouted another two arms with a little difficulty.

"Oki!... Oki Oki ... Okiki!" The silverback gorilla was again taken aback and jumped up and down like he had seen a wonder.

It then came a little bit closer to Alex and bowed his head down hesitantly. The other gorillas had already fallen on to their knees as if they were worshipping Alex as their ancestor or a god.

'What the hell am I even thinking?' Alex muttered under his breath as he thought of a very crazy idea. He raised his hands upwards causing the silverback gorilla to flinch a little bit back but ultimately it stayed in the same position while looking at Alex with some confusion.

Alex slowly extended his three left hands outward and placed it on the Demon Beast head.

Time seemed to have stopped for both of them, Alex didn't know what the gorilla was expecting out of him but he immediately started the process of Contracting Demon Beast. 

Alex sent a wave of his spiritual sense inside the beast head. There was some resistance but when his spiritual sense touched the Demon Beast core of the Silverback Gorilla, it was absorbed in a rapid speed. 

The Silverback Gorilla's expression became ecstatic as if he had found something very pleasant while Alex's face looked shocked. 

A silhouette of a four-arm gorilla vaguely materialized inside Alex's soul space.

Without wasting even a second, Alex started to imprint the Demon Beast contract on the body of that silhouette in his soul space with his spiritual sense.


After the completion of the contract, that shadow became clearer and transformed into the exact image of a Fourarmed Silverback Gorilla.

A connection was formed between the two immediately.

The gorilla then moved his body to hug Alex in his arms and then spun around in circles to express his joy.

"Stop!" Alex shouted hurriedly. He told his new companion to put him down immediately. He will not tolerate anyone to spin him around like this, it feels too childish. Also, the gorilla was covered in pus and meat of the Centipede. 

Alex was put down by the obedient Gorilla but he still couldn't stop 'Okiing' and beating his chest with his arms. Alex had to clean himself with a piece of cloth and water stored inside his inventory.

Plum revealed his body as came out of Alex's body to see its new friend. When the would connection between Alex and the Demin beast was made, plum also came to know about it.

Plum also liked playing with Fiona and Laila very much. Fortunately, plum could enter the Demon Beast space like Alex so it stayed there and played all day with the two baby snakes.


"Not right now, Plum. You will get to play with him later. He is a little bit injured right now. I have to heal his wound and then do something about those two enemies hiding inside the territory. you go back inside and play with Fiona and Laila."

"Plum!" The spirit beast's beady eyes looked a little dejected but it didn't go back inside instead it jumped on the shoulder of the Silverback Gorilla and started to expand and engulf the huge Demon Beast within itself.

"Oh, right I almost forgot, you can also fasten the healing of superficial wounds and cuts on the surface of the body. Thanks for the help"

The Silverback gorilla didn't move but his subordinates that were also his family jumped in horror. 

They thought their leader was being eaten by that unknown beast. 

"Oki(oh no... it eat... boss)"

"Okiki(Someone saves... Boss)"

"Oki Oki (You go fast...)"

"Oki! (Why me? You go... I watch out... the enemy)"

The last two gorillas almost fought with each other. Alex was able to understand what they were saying because the Silverback Gorila helped in translating to him their general words.


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