The Pleasure Lord
220 I“m Coming To Your Rescue
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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220 I“m Coming To Your Rescue

It's a waste of time thinking about Nora's ability now. 

Alex needs to find a solution quickly in the given time. He can't use the excuse of the Demon Beast fights to stay inside the forest after the beasts stop fighting or else those two might get suspicious.

"Wait... The Demon Beast." Alex immediately thought of an idea and looked towards the location the vibrations were coming from.

Alex started to move again and rushed deeper into the forest.

After reaching the place, Alex saw why the four-armed Silverback gorilla issued such sorrowful roar. More than a dozen companions of the Silverback gorilla with dismembered bodies were lying across the ground. These gorillas were of smaller size compared to their leader and should have been ambushed when they were going back on the mountain after gathering some food.

The one to ambush them was right now defending itself from the attacks of the furious four-armed Silverback gorilla.


Two of the arms smashed on the carapace of the centipede-like Demon Beast but its shell was too hard which reduced much of the damage.

Alex had thought previously when he had come here before, that the Silverback gorilla and the centipede were in an alliance to fight the other two beasts but it seems their alliance was only a temporary thing. Now they are nothing but enemies that wants to rip each other's body.

Alex didn't see the two Demon Beast, the sea iguana, and the colorful crab. 

Oki! Oki! Oki!

The rest of the gorillas that survived the ambush were shouting from the middle of the mountain where they had built their caves.

The centipede's legs were long and dark greenish color. Its bite should be very poisonous and Alex could see why. The Silverback gorilla has been bitten once on its chest by the centipede. The area around the bite has turned purple causing the gorilla to have difficulty in breathing.

If the centipede can waste time then the result of the battle would fall in its favor.

Alex didn't want that, he immediately chose the right moment and fired some arrows.



The centipede deflected one arrow with the hard shell on its head but the other one destroyed one of its antenna which the Demon Beast uses to sense its surroundings. 

The Silverback gorilla was taken aback, but he didn't waste the opportunity and used his free arms to catch the mandibles of the centipede tightly. But his opponent was also not to be underestimated.

Taking Alex into account the centipede wrapped itself around the body of the gorilla piercing its sharp legs to form a grip on gorilla while only leaving its hard shell out in the open.

Alex's arrows wouldn't be able to breach its hard defense and the centipede can wait till the gorilla starts to paralyze because of the venom and maybe even die due to it. 

Alex wouldn't let its plan become successful so easily, he threw the bow inside his inventory and took out a sword.

With one of its antennae still working, the centipede could see Alex rushing towards it. It wrapped even tighter around the gorilla who couldn't use its full strength due to the poison.


The sword fell on the body of the centipede but it only left white marks on its back body. Alex was not satisfied, he once again changed his weapon and brought out a low-grade Black ranked Hammer. Blunt weapons usually work better than sharp weapons on these kinds of defense.

With the strength of a copper body, Alex smashed the hammer onto the back of the Centipede's head covered in a hard shell. 


The centipede felt a little disorientated. The hard shell on its head cracked and yellow pus-like substance starts flowing out of it. Its grip on the gorilla loosened automatically.

The Silverback gorilla was already half-paralyzed above his hip and couldn't, therefore, move his hands. Alex didn't give the centipede any time, he swings the hammer with all his strength on the same spot.

The centipede felt the danger but it was too late to move. 


Disgusting brain matter splashed all over the gorilla. Alex jumped backward so that he does not get dirty. 

The silverback gorilla was relieved to see its enemy die but it didn't lower his guard against Alex. 

He wanted to scare Alex by roaring at it but even his mouth has been paralyzed. The other gorillas were shouting while jumping up and down and beating their chest to intimidate Alex but they didn't come to rescue of its leader.

They were stupid. Someone that can kill the centipede should strong enough to kill them too. They just screamed while using their four arms to beat their chests.

Oki! Oki! Oki!

Also, the Silverback gorilla has ordered them to stay on the mountain before and not come down. 

But what those gorillas didn't know was that their leader has been paralyzed and cannot call them to help him.

To cure the Silverback gorilla of its paralysis state and the poison, Alex needed to feed it the Demon Beast core of the centipede which should have its antibody.

Alec walked to the body of the Centipede and carefully dug out the Demon Beast core from what was left of its head.

The Demon Beast Core of a Peak Stage Rank 1 beast could help Alex shorten his time to become a midstage Dantian Formation Realm Cultivator. Any other person would have become greedy to use the Demon Beast core on himself but Alex had to look at the long term goals.

He had to use this Beast core to cure the Silverback Four armed gorilla first.

The gorilla tried to move his legs when he saw Alex walking towards himself. Maybe he thought Alex was going take his beast core out too.

"Relax, I have come to your rescue since you have helped before. Eat this, it will solve the poison in your body." Peak Grade Demon Beast cannot understand human language but they are smart and can somewhat understand what the human was trying to say to them by his or her actions.


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