The Pleasure Lord
217 The Big Day - Part 2
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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217 The Big Day - Part 2

Unlike what he had thought, Trystan's junior sister had no trouble when she entered the city or while being watched by someone dark. The suspicion level on her was even lower than that of Trystan's. 

Maybe it was because she was a natural. Nora had completely transformed herself into that of a real young lady character from a small merchant family who has come outside in the real world to gain experience without the help of her family. Even her thoughts and body movement didn't show an ounce of her previous self.

Like a real puppet with commands already installed before, she moved across the streets to look for something interesting to buy. She even bought a batch of Sea type Demon Beast skins and meat. Her subordinates that she had hired for this journey transported the goods back to their rented ship.

"No, No, your rate is higher than the market price. I will lose money..."

"How much is charging for the tails of that twin tail carp fish Demon beast... Sell me two dozen, don't' forget to give a discount since I'm buying so much....asf

"... Ahaha! How can you say that?... You are prettier than me, aunty... "

The puppets lowered their suspicion on her down to the lowest level because they didn't find anything from her behavior. To check her background in detail, the puppets would have to go to her hometown which is not required with this level of suspicion and doubt. 

As the sun was nearing to the horizon in the west. Nora rented a room in an inn near the harbor to rest for the night.

But at that same time, whether it was shops or construction sites, they all stooped doing business for the day, the laborers were told to go home earlier than the normal time because they need to get ready and attend their young Lord's wedding which was set to happen tonight outside the city.

In the next two hours, most of the citizens got ready and started walking toward the eastern gate of the city. The site of the wedding was not too far. The old people were given free rides from their homes. 

The whole city almost became empty leaving only some very old people and their caretaker plus the soldiers on patrol duty who are coincidently had shifts changed and their duty was given to the Puppets by Alex.

Nora also went with the crowd of Merchants like her to watch the function. 

Trystan has also found her during the day but made no effort to contact her. Luckily, the soldiers were not stopping people like him that were not wearing good clothes. Everyone could come inside the grounds surrounded by wooden walls and decorated with flowers all over its length.


According to the customs of this world, Alex being the groom needs to ask permission from the bride's parents in front of the guest to marry their daughter or else ask their daughters directly if she does not have any relatives alive.

After the first step, the groom has to stand in front of the bride, if she gives the flower held in her hand to the groom then it mean she also accepts him.

An elder, usually people at the age of Granny Umba are called over to preside over the wedding. That elder than has to ask the groom and the bride once again if they accept each other as husband-wife.

Then he asks them to say their vows to each other before declaring them, husband and wife. There is no such thing as kissing the bride in front of the guest.

The groom has to put a tiara made of flowers above the bride's head. The wedding is then completed with loud applause and cheers.

The bride is taken then guided back to the house by the Grooms relative while the husband himself stays at the function to toast the guest before he can be allowed to leave for his chambers where the bride should be waiting for her. The wedding here was a mix of western and eastern cultures of the previous world.

Alex only added one more thing to the ceremony, which was the tradition of putting rings on your spouse's fourth finger of the left hand. 

 The guest finally saw Lord Alex and the other appearing on the stage built high so that everyone could see properly. 

The whole ground was lighted up using special stones that give off bright lights by itself. This is one of the stuff that Alex told his puppet to buy from the black market on the Belmont Subcontinent near the northeast area. It was very expensive since they can only be made with the combined effort of an Alchemist and an Inscription Master above Grade 1.

One stone sells for a thousand gold coins, and can only be bought by people of special status. even on the Black market, these stones are taken away immediately by subordinates of rich merchants and Nobles at a high price.

Alex had to take out fifteen thousand gold coins for just ten stones. But it was enough to brighten most part of the ground and the edges were supplemented by the torches.

Under the starstruck eyes of many young girls and wives, Alex walked slowly towards the parents of his three fiancee's. He looked extremely handsome and dashing while wearing red ceremonial robes that had a touch of eastern culture in its design that he directly copied from the earth. 


"Lord Alex..."

Young girls and some seasoned open-minded wives shouted their heartfelt thoughts upon seeing Alex.

"Oy... wake up. Some bring some water." A man shouted when he saw a girl in front of her fainting.

Such incidents happened all over the ground. The puppets tried their best t handle it carefully.

The girls were wearing deep red front and open back trail bridal gown with golden edges and delicate design embroidered carefully on the whole dress.

Of course, the design of their dresses was different from each other but they all the red and the golden color to match his own robes and the setting of the decorations around them.

They almost attracted the whole crowd's attention on themselves while garnering their praises and also envy from a vast majority of the female crowd.

The betrothal ceremony then started with Alex asking Master Clayton, Granny Umba for their daughters and granddaughter's hands in marriage.

Only after they nodded and opened a path for him did he walked in front of Ciera since she was the oldest.

Naturally, she gave him a red flower which signified he can take him to the elder to carry out the rest of the process. Alex then turned and walked in front of Siera who was dying to hand over the flower to him as soon as possible. Alex smiled recognizing her impatience at a glance which caused her to blush in embarrassment for being found out.

Sierra handed her flower to Alex.

The last one remaining was Selena. She smiled slightly before giving her own flower to Alex. 

Whether it was Jack, Meg, or anyone else, everyone clapped their hands to congratulate the groom.

Even Trystan and Nora clapped but the later had a twinkle in her eyes when she saw the wedding procession and the beautiful dresses of the brides. She almost forgot her mission at that time.


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