The Pleasure Lord
214 A Charming Assassin, Nora!
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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214 A Charming Assassin, Nora!

"Slow down, it's not far but the task is a little bit difficult for your first time, therefore, I will also be sending your senior brother with you who will only move when you either fail or die. Do you understand? Only after the completion of this task will you be eligible to get to become a full-time disciple of my organization"

"Yes!" the girl nodded her head vigorously. Her immature face couldn't hide the respect and adoration she had towards the organization standing behind her seniors.

Her bountiful chest bounced up and down as she took the beast skin from the middle-aged man wearing an apron of cook and hopped to her room before reading it with a smile.

"Assassination request from the Count of Nehmor. The target is... hehe, its easy peasy. Who can even resist my charm?" The girl made a sexy pose with her large chest out before undressing and changing her clothes. 

When she came out, her expression and personality had changed completely to that of a young lady from a powerful Merchant family.

A young man around twenty-five or twenty-six was waiting for her, wearing clothes that of a refugee. His face looked haggard and his body felt like it would fell down suddenly from not eating for a long time.

But the charming girl came forward bowed her head towards that man and said, "Senior Brother, please take care of me. It will be my first time."

The corner of his mouth twitched a little when she said that. It sounded so wrong but the young man's face remained cold because he knew behind that sweet face of that innocent-looking girl was a cold killing machine that didn't have any real feelings.

In their line of work, you cannot even trust your comrades because the competition was intense. But the relation between the two was that of a senior and junior, therefore, the young man was not afraid of getting backstabbed during the journey. 

"I will stay near you all the time. You are responsible for checking if the information given by the customer about the target is complete or not. If the threat is higher than you abort the mission, I will take care of the target afterward. If I become unsuccessful than another person will take our place." The young man said in a low voice, his sound only fell on the girl's ears.

If the information provided by the customer is wrong then they will charge double but still get the task completed. If the customer is not able to afford the fees that are charged with respect to the difficulty of completing the task, only then will they stop assassinating the target.

"I will listen to you, senior brother. Let's meet at the target site." Nora gave a sweet smile and the adventures passing by were mesmerized immediately.

The senior brother nodded and left without another word. The new recruit looked quite clumsy on the surface but she had a very hot body, therefore he didn't want to stand near her because it will only attract unnecessary attention from the passerby, which he doesn't want. 

His task is to stay in the shadow while Nora stays in the spotlight attracting everyone's attention to her fo the completion of the task.


"Alex, watch out!" An arrow suddenly flew towards Alex's head from the back at a fast speed. 

A third hand sprouted from Alex's back and grabbed the arrow when it was just a few centimeters away from piercing his head.

"Where were you aiming, idiot!" Tom shouted at Hank. They were practicing firing two arrows at the same time but the arrows had to make a curve and pierce the target from two directions that are difficult to dodge and defend. Hank misfired as one of his arrows made a sharp turn towards the place where Alex was lifting weights to train his body.

"Sorry! My fingers slipped. It's too difficult to master such a difficult skill. I don't even like archery." Hank explained but a fist fell on his head creating a small bump in its place.

"What did you say? You don't like archery?... then tell me what you like, I will train you in that." Donald snarled. He rubbed his fists as if wanting to smash another one on his son's head.

"No... I like archery very much. Who wants to get hurt in close combat? Only idiots do that." Hank said quickly. But another fist fell on his head. hank looked at his father with wronged expression, he didn't understand what he said wrong this time.

"You think I'm an idiot." Donald pointed towards his face. He excelled in close combat. 

"Oh... " Hank could only lower his head. He didn't want to say anything wrong now or else he would get hit on the head once again.

"Donald, that is enough. Hank doesn't like archery and he also does not have the talent to excel in this field. It's better if he concentrates in close combat." Jack came for Hank's rescue.

"Uncle Jack is right, I want to fight with my sword and not firing arrows from a distance like a coward."


"What did I do now?" Hank said meekly while rubbing the third bump appearing on his head.

"You called your Brother Alex, Meg, and Julie for practicing archery," Donald shouted again.

"Oh... I didn't mean that." Hank Immdietely shut his mouth after saying that. He regretted opening his mouth before.

"Uncle, it alright. Hank really has some talent in close combat and also has a physical body suitable for Body cultivation." Alex said. 

Hank had quite a bit of strength above his peers. His tolerance for pain is also quite good. 

If Hank can become a Body cultivator by achieving the Copper body Alex then his enemies would have difficultly in handling Hank.

"Hank, if you can endure immense pain than I will train you in Body cultivation. And try to find a body cultivation method after you can achieve the realm of the Copper body." Alex suggested. After achieving the copper body, a body cultivator can only advance if he has a cultivation techniques that focus on strengthen their body further.

Normal training will not have any effect afterward. Alex doesn't need such a kind of body cultivation technique because his unique cultivation technique takes care of strengthening his Body, Soul, and Dantian. 

"I want to become a body cultivator just like you. Therefore I can endure any pain that comes with the training." Hank said with a face of determination. 

"You can't even endure the pain caused by my fist, wanting to train in Body cultivation is not easy. By following Alex's exercises you can achieve the Copper body quite easily but afterward, even if you have the necessary body cultivation technique the pain caused by it will rise tremendously." Donald explained slowly. He didn't want his son to regret afterward. 

"I will not regret it. It's my choice, either I become successful or die trying." Hank said the words with great determination.



Donald felt a headache looking at his son's face. If only he was smart like his sister or Alex or even Tom then as a father, he will not have to worry about him.

"Alex, I can only leave the rest to you." Donald sighed. 

"Don't worry, Uncle, I believe in my brother. He will certainly make you proud." 


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