The Pleasure Lord
213 Nathan Nehmor
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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213 Nathan Nehmor

A new day arrived with a new dawn.

The early bird catches the worm. It's was an idiom that was famous in Alex's previous world. But this idiom was also followed by many people in this world even if they had no knowledge about the saying. 

The streets were full of people, mostly going out of the city or to their shops and places where they are employed. 

Ten days have passed since the announcement of the wedding by Alex.There are still five days remaining for the full moon but Jack and the others were busy preparing for the grand occasion. They wanted to make it memorable and very grand.

Lord would not ever invite civilians to his wedding but Alex invited everyone. So anyone could guess what kind of a crowd will gather on that day. 

One city could handle that many people and it will also make it congested since some of the residents from other cities and villages would also come to see the wedding.

A huge open space had been selected outside the city and the construction for the venue was going on in full form. Meg and the other ladies would also make rounds there to see the decorations put up by the elite soldiers.

They thought had these men who only knew how to fight and kill would not be able to complete such a delicate task but when the ladies came day after day they had to change their three views about these men.

The food consumption will also be huge therefore the puppets have already started gathering Demon Beast meat, mostly from the sea since they are much abundant than the ones on the island. Low-level fish the demon beast is easier to get since they swim near the surface of the sea.

High levels are harder to catch and Demon Beast of Rank 2 are very rare and the chances of encountering are very minimal, atleast the puppet has not yet found one.

The prices of alcohol, grains, and salt have risen sharply for the past few days on the other island because the puppets are buying them in bulk and transferring everything to the warehouse of the Seashell island. They were preparing everything for the wedding day. 


Steward Francis glanced at everyone within the hall who were just leaving after a round of meeting before it finally descended onto a white-clothed man that stood at the front on his right.

This person had long hair that was tied into a ponytail, a warm expression, and a trace of a smile hanging on the corners of his mouth.

He gave others a relaxed and carefree feeling. But only the steward knew the behind smile hid an angry beast, trying his best to restrain himself from destroying everything in his surroundings as he had done a few days ago.

The aura he emanated now was similar to a warm breeze, and it was extremely comfortable. but that was just fake front he putting in front of his vassals so that he can appear strong.

He was the Count of Nehmor, Nathan Nehmor!

At this moment, even Steward Francis's eyes couldn't help but reveal a trace of warmth when he looked at Nathan and saw the silhouette of the previous old Count, a leading figure of the rebellion that brought down the Silva Kingdom but unfortunately died fighting the previous King. Steward Francis said, "My Lord, what are orders?"

Nathan smiled and spoke casually. "General Marce and General Legonal are indispensable, right? Then we have to pay the ransom to that boy and bring them back safely here. we have to pay the ransom for the rest of our soldiers too, I don't dare to think about the consequences of not paying the ransom for them, a rebellion will await me if I ignored them. Buying back our ships are even more important, or naval strength will reduce by more than half."

"I understand, but out treasury will be hit hard if we were to satisfy the lion amount asked by Alex Mordrake." 

"Nothing we can do about that for now. Our neighbors are getting restless and have already started moving their forces near our borders. Bring them back as soon as possible and satisfy those barbarian for now."

"... I will carry out your orders... But Lord what about the last condition set by Alex Mordrake, if we accept it, we will be put in a backfoot."

"Oh?" Nathan seemed to be lost in thought.

"Accept it! The last condition is quite laughable if we think about it but also quite annoying. Accept it, for now, we don't have to worry about him for the time being." though Nathan said it casually, his teeth still made a gritting sound that only the steward could hear.

The last condition stated that the Count and his forces cannot attack the Seashell island for the next ten years unless they were attacked. This condition might look noting in the eyes of the civilians because there are many to circumvent it but using those means causes a great deal of loss to the reputation of the Count nonetheless. 

If Nathan wins then the civilians won't say anything about it but if he losses or even has an extended war where no one wins for a long time then the count won't be spared and will attract the dissatisfaction of his vassals since he was the one to provoke an unnecessary war while the other person wanted peace.

Steward Francis felt a little proud when he saw the Count accepting the loss with a calm mind and without losing his ability to make a sound judgment. He was happy to see that.

When the steward left, Nathan took a deep breath before releasing it into the air. A sneer formed on his lips, while his eyes showed a dangerous light. 

'Like hell, I would take this insult while sitting down. Just you wait for it, Alex Mordrake, I will be sending you a befitting gift on your wedding day' Nathan smiled wickedly as walked to his room. He took a beast skin and a brush from the desk to write something on it.

After that, he went to the window where an owl was already waiting for him. Nathan tied the letter to the leg of the owl and said something in the owl's ears before the bird took off.

"HAHAHA, I hope you like my gift, Alex Mordrake!" Nathan laughed like a maniac. He never showed this side even to his closest and trusted aide, Steward Francis. 

The owl flew for half a day before it spotted a broken inn in the middle of the forest that served the adventures and merchants passing by to go the other territories.

The owl flew behind the inn and directly went inside a room with its windows opened. 

"Oh? A request has been made... Nora, come here, it's your turn this time to take this request... its suitable for your first task." A middle-aged man wearing an apron said to the maid cleaning the floors of the corridors after read the whole letter.

"Ah... Finally, it's my turn. What's the location of the target?" The maid jumped in joy when she heard her name. She threw the broom aside rushed inside the room.


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