The Pleasure Lord
212 Ambition
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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212 Ambition

'He did it once again"

Theses words reverberated inside the minds of all the Island Lords. 

A huge feeling of danger and insecurity enveloped the minds of those Lords. They all summoned their advisors and generals to find a countermeasure against the Seashell Island Lord.

A few of them instead immediately sent their envoys to the Seashell island to discuss for a possible alliance or something that can make them allies, like a marriage pact. 

Alex refused such proposals almost immediately because he didn't want to marry someone out of political interest. Alex also didn't want to form any close relationship with those island lords because a tiger cannot make friendship with its prey.

Alex's ambition does not only ends within the border of the seashell island. To gain Currency, Merit, and the most important of all, Faith Points, Alex needs to gather a large number of people who can provide him with Faith Points on a daily basis so that his growth rate does not slow down and keep increasing as quickly as possible.

Alex, therefore, needs to provide these 'numerous people' a safe haven to live and prosper with him together.

That means Alex would need to increase the size of his territory in the future and keep on increasing it with the intention of taking over the whole world one day. That's what Alex had made his ambition.

To become the strongest and the most powerful person in the entire world, Alex will walk forward with the intention to take over the whole world but to take over the world, he will need to get stronger and stronger with the help of the Heavenly Treasure inside of him. Only that way can he reach his goal of becoming strongest while not leaving his friends and family behind.

Everything was related to one another.


A huge bonfire has been lit in the middle of the City square in front of the Mordrake family Manor. Today, around noon, the citizens saw a lot of trials and pirates getting beheaded for their heinous crimes or some pirate getting the sentence of imprisonment and punishment such as forced labor for a few years if their crimes were light.

Captain Torrento had the same ending. He was put on the execution stage at the last of everyone. With boo's and curses from the public, the executioner announced the crimes of the Lion Shark Pirate groups Captain one by one. Stones, buckets, and whatnot were thrown towards Torrento as he was on to his knees with his hands behind his back.

His eyes had already lost color and any hope to live. Not because Alex's soldiers tortured him using various means to find out the location of his hidden treasures or any other important things like his past relations with the Count of Nehmor. He looked like this because Alex came to talk with him yesterday night, and the things that he revealed was not something that he can withstand easily.

Whether it was about the identity of Blackbeard, the unknown pirate he was hunting down or the numerous plans that Alex made to bring his pirate group down was completely unbelievable to Torrento. He never thought in his life that a teenage boy would cause him to lose everything when he was so close to achieving his dreams. Rather than hatred, Torrento had a feeling of powerlessness spreading all over his body and mind.

Even when the executioner brought his curved ax down onto his neck, Torrento was looking at the ground and thinking where he had gone wrong in his life. A head flew out and fell on top of the pirate's heads making a small hill in front of the execution stage. Only the strong-hearted and people with deep resentment towards the pirates stayed to watch the whole execution from up close. 

The rest stayed far away and only cheered when they saw the executioner bringing his ax down to decapitate a pirate.

Around the evening of that day, the people came to the city square and built a huge bonfire to celebrate their Lord's victory. Each one of them brought something from their home to share with their friends, soldiers, and anyone who came there that night. Alex also opened the food warehouse and made his puppets to cook delicious meat and soup with some barrels of alcohol for the people to enjoy.

Around eight in the evening, when everyone had eaten something, Alex came out on to the terrace of his Manor with his family members to make an important announcement after he had discussed with his family.

"Everyone, please spare a moment of your time and listen to me," Alex shouted after amplifying his sound with the help of his Qi.

This caused everyone to stop what they were doing and started to pay attention to what Lord Alex wanted to say.

"First of all, let me congratulate every soldier who participated in the war to take down the pirates. With your help, I was able to catch all the pirates in one night. If not for you, the citizens of this island would have to stay under the threat of constant pirating by those sea thieves. I thank you all on behalf of every common civilian for risking your lives to protect us. Thank You." 

A huge sound of applause spread everywhere, the citizens looked towards the soldiers standing near them with kind and thankful eyes.

The soldiers instead felt very embarrassing since not all of them took part in the war. only the elite warriors under the direct command of Lord Alex had gone out this time. 

Alex announced a reward of two gold coins to each soldier(puppets) that took part in the subjugation of the pirates. He did that so easily because Alex didn't really need to reward his puppets with his own money.

It was all to win some goodwill from the citizens and also to increase the image of the army in front of them.

"Now before for the next announcement, I want to introduce some people to you all... This is Selena Cliff, and standing to her right are Ciera and her younger sister Siera, both of them are blood siblings. They are..." Alex slowly introduced the three of them to the people.

At first everyone one was confused because they didn't understand the need to introduce those girls since they already knew about them. A few could guess the reason but they were not sure if they were right until Alex really announced the reason at the end of the formal introduction.

"Why I introduced them to you all is because I consider everyone residing on this island as a part of my family, therefore, everyone please meet my fiancee's that I'm deeply in love with..." Alex paused for everyone to soak in the news before speaking again.

"On the next full moon, you are all invited to come to my wedding where I'm going to marry these beautiful ladies... together. Don't bring any gifts, I just want your blessing, that's is what I want the most on that day." Alex smiled after he shouted the last sentence.

The faces of Selena, Ciera, and Siera were crimson red. Anna was clapping her hands for them with the other family members without feeling jealous. Grandma Umba almost broke into tears of joy and happiness. Norman congratulated her since he was standing to her side. Violette was also clapping but she didn't know why her heart throbbed when she looked at Alex and the other girls standing together.

The whole city square burst into cheers and well wishes once again sounded after the announcement. 


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